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F-5E Wing Wearser Dinamic Campaing

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F-5E Wing Wearser Dinamic Campaing
« en: 22 de Diciembre de 2017, 09:16:33 am »
Mbot nos trae otra de sus campañas dinamicas, esta ves en Nevada con los F-5E dando apoyo a los F-4E Phantom II en operaciones SEAD

Join the F-5E Tiger II of the 64th Fighter Weapons Squadron at Nellis AFB, Nevada and participate in a 1976 combat exercise to train Wild Weasel anti-SAM tactics in the Nellis Air Force Range. F-4E Phantom II of the 39th Tactical Fighter Training Squadron will train radar suppression with their AGM-45 Shrike missiles, while the Tigers provide the strike elements to knock out the missiles. It is a delicate business and coordination within the large packages is key, as the time window to hit the suppressed SAM batteries is limited.

This is a mini-dynamic campaign of just about 5 missions. It is basically an excerpt of some of the latter missions of the Desert Tiger 76 dynamic campaign. The purpose of this mini-campaign is to provide an easy entry to the DCE system for everyone that does not want to invest the time into a campaign spanning over too many missions. It concentrates on the interesting SAM attack missions so also those that did not progress deeply into Desert Tiger 76 have an easy opportunity to experience them. In addition, since the unit count and general scope of this campaign is greatly reduced, it will run a lot better for those with performance problems.

Even though this is a mini-campaign with only small number of aircraft and targets, it still boasting the usual dynamic campaign features such as resources and damage tracking and automatic mission generation. Single player and 4 player COOP (with the usual limitation inherent to DCS) is available.

Download V1.0

Installation instruction in Read Me.

The campaign uses a nice custom skin available here: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.c...files/2636020/
(default skin will be shown if custom skin is not downloaded)
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