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« en: 20 de Octubre de 2014, 08:08:56 am »
Recuerdos me trae del Silent Hunter....:)

Hello my friends!!!

First of all i want to thanks for BMS and all moders for spending lots of time to give us wonderful models, textures, theatres...
So i want to share with you a small tool which help you actvating and disabling mods. Many of you guys who play IL-2 Sturmovik, Silent Hunter or World of Tanks will know this tool.
In my squadron we use this tool for few months without any problem. We have Aegan, Israel, Korea '80 theaters as jsgme packages (in near future i will ask devs for permissions to create public packages).

This tool is called JSGME (Jonesoft Generic Mod Enabler). This tool is very old but is brilliant in its simplicity. Basically -its just copying files from one place to other .

Ok so if you want to try i give you guys short manual how install and how use this tool.

1. First download package

then extract it to the main folder.

2. Then simply run JSGME4BMS tool (it should look like in the picture below).

3. To activate mods simply select mod and click ">" button.

Some mods may activate slowly or in worst case your system may report jsgme as"not responding". Do not be concerned by this message; JSGME is still working hard to enable or disable your mods. It depends on how big package will be activated.

4. Ok... JSGME have one and big advantage over manually copying files/mods. Look at the picture below....

In this case we have enabled (wonderful) mod Toms Korea which contains cloud textures. But if we want to enable another mod (another briliant textures by Nuno Santos) we will see warning.
If we click yes JSGME will copy this textures to hidden backup folder and overwrite "older" textures.

5. Now we have all mods activated. But if we want to disable Toms Korea (already overwrited) mod, we will see error message like this:

This a second advantage over manually copying files. Basically - jsgme remeber the order of activated mods. In this case ,if we want to deactivate Toms Korea first we must disable Clouds mod v7.

6. If you want to disable mod just click activated mod and hit "<" button if you want to disable all mods, you must click "<<" (you will get clean vanilla BMS), thats all .

If you want to manually move/copy files, use external installers or update BMS ( WHERE IS 4.33?? ) YOU MUST DISABLE ALL MODS !!!!

Next short manual is how to import mod:

1. Extract downloaded JSGME package ( anywhere you want ).

2. Run JSGME and click Tasks button and choose import mod from list

3. Now select the folder that contains your mod:

4.Folder will be moved to BMS mods folder.

5. Second and simply method is extract JSGME package to BMS mods folder. But:
Dont forget to check folders structure!!!

Extracted folder becomes your virtual BMS root directory.

More info is about this great tool is here:

JSGME mods list:

1. Runways and taxiways textures v1.0 HQ for Korea
Low quality for Korea:
Runways and taxiways textures v1.0 HQ for Aegean
Low quality for Aegean:
from this thread:
2. Korea Mega-pack 2012 1.2a
3.Hammers BMS Falcon BMS sound mod
4. Clouds textures v7.1 by Nuno Santos
from :

And i must thanks for permissions to:
Tom Catz
Nuno Santos

and also many thanks to:
BMS dev team and for all BMS fans, modders, vpilots.

As always i'm not responsible for any crashes you get , multiplayer connections etc. And please keep backup version of BMS to avoid multiplayer errors. .

Best regards from 16VTFS Stormriders !!!!

« Última modificación: 20 de Octubre de 2014, 08:15:59 am por Skorp »

No Center......No Party XD.

Enfoca cualquier situación problemática como lo haría un perro:
olfatea el problema y si no te lo puedes comer o follar, méate en ello y vete.



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« Respuesta #1 en: 20 de Octubre de 2014, 08:46:01 am »
No se ve ni una foto! :callado:



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« Respuesta #2 en: 20 de Octubre de 2014, 11:15:59 am »
Welcome to de dance floor....
Lo que se pueda, cuando se pueda y si se puede...



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« Respuesta #3 en: 15 de Febrero de 2015, 17:45:08 pm »
Nuestro compañero "ChuchoVerde" se ha currado una mini guía en lenguaje cervantino y además con fotos  :boing:
Si os interesa lo podéis ver aquí: