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DCS: World - General / Re:DCS: World
« Último mensaje por Silver_Dragon en 15 de Septiembre de 2019, 22:26:00 pm »
4PS - Offtopic / Re:Pantallazos: Solo por diversión.
« Último mensaje por Tundra en 15 de Septiembre de 2019, 18:47:15 pm »
Misión CAP sobre un Caucaso nevado. 4 misiles Sparrow gastados, 3 Sidewinders y un montón de munición de cañón.

Llegando por la costa a Batumi

4PS - Offtopic / Re:¿Estais todos bien por ahi?
« Último mensaje por Tundra en 15 de Septiembre de 2019, 18:34:45 pm »
Por el centro casi todo bien, los mismo sitios que sufrieron daños a finales de agosto si han tenido problemas, otra vez.
FS / XPlane / P3D - General / Re:Microsoft Flight Simulator
« Último mensaje por Tundra en 15 de Septiembre de 2019, 13:54:45 pm »
Perdida y Spin...

Y mas info

vaya pintaca los vídeos :shock: :shock:
Euro Truck Simulator 2 - General / Re:ATS (American Truck Simulator)
« Último mensaje por Silver_Dragon en 15 de Septiembre de 2019, 12:21:07 pm »
Euro Truck Simulator 2 - General / Re:ETS2 Updates
« Último mensaje por Silver_Dragon en 15 de Septiembre de 2019, 12:19:36 pm »
FS / XPlane / P3D - General / Re:FSCaptain
« Último mensaje por Silver_Dragon en 15 de Septiembre de 2019, 12:10:54 pm »
Versión 1.81 disponible

Version 1.8.1 is un-officially released here in our forum as of today.  The website and retailers will be updated in the following days.

This version contains dozens of new options, dozens of bug fixes, and over 50 changes to make your ATP career more interesting!

The biggest change for 1.8.1 has been to offer support for FSDT's GSX and its ability to accept passenger counts for boarding and de-boarding.

If you're planning on flying 100 PAX on a jumbo jet that's able to handle four-times that amount... your FCDU will tell GSX exactly how many passengers there are!

If you start your GSX boarding before you start your FCDU loading (once you've set the new option HONOR_OTHER_GROUND_SERVICES=1), the FCDU will keep 'in-count' with the count of the GSX passengers. (We'll process a few ticks behind GSX since we count a passenger as boarded or de-boarded only after they have done so.)

The FCDU can also now detect the deicing fluid type that you ask GSX to apply, and we can calculate the correct Holdover Time from GSX's application.

In addition:

We've enabled "new airport IDs" as an optional switch.
Better handling of Prepar3D version 4's add-on system.
You can write Dispatch Releases (in TXT and HTML) to a dedicated location for remote viewing.
There are improved Cargo loads for PAX and Cargo-only flights.
Local Pressure can be set once you have been granted Approach Clearance by your airline - even if you're above the destination's Transition Level.
A special autosave can be written when you go IN, so you can pick up a multi-leg flight at a later real-world time by reloading your IN situation.

Plus there are two Early Adopter features that have been requested for quite some time:

One new Option - USE_ZULU_TIME - will have your FCDU judge Scheduled Departures and Arrivals against the UTC, and not Local Time.  This is intended to give those who want an unchanging time reference a taste of flying without worrying about what time zone is in use.
Another new Option - ENABLE_PERSONAL_OXYGEN - will allow airlines who are using Economic Mode to allow unpressurized aircraft to fly at any height with no danger to crew, PAX, or live cargo. You would still be limited in the vertical rate at which your aircraft moves, to avoid popping any eardrums.

These two features are in "late-beta" stages, and will likely change in future versions - all based on feedback from each and every Captain!

About Our Installers (and, why are there so many?)

There are six installers, but you likely only need one installer.  We support both new and update installs, in any type of Microsoft or Prepar3D simulator dating back to FS 2004.

First, decide if you are updating a recent version of FSCaptain, or starting anew.

The Full Installers are intended for those who have not tried FSCaptain before, or those who would like to update an older version. They contain every single file you'll need to start fresh with FSCaptain.
The Fixpack Installers are intended for those who have FSCaptain 1.8.0 or 1.8.1 Betas already installed. These Installers contain the main changes of this version - gauges, DLL & EXEs, updated documentation, (missing sounds from earlier releases - oops), and a set of updated Aircraft configuration and Load Map files supplied in ZIP format so they don't overwrite any modified Aircraft files you have.

Now that you know if you want a Full or Fixpack Installer, just pick the Installer that fits your simulator:

FS9/FS2004 Installers are only meant to be used with those simulators. This model of FSCaptain lacks the ability to use SimConnect.
SimConnect-32 (aka, SC-32) Installers are meant to be used for FSX, FSX-SE, as well as Prepar3D versions 2 & 3. This model of FSCaptain uses 32-bit SimConnect.
SimConnect-64 (aka, SC-64) Installers are only meant to be used for Prepar3D version 4. This model of FSCaptain uses 64-bit SimConnect.

These Installers will install FSCaptain navdata elements taken from Aerosoft's NavDataPro AIRAC 1808.  If you have a current subscription to navdata for FSCaptain, please update (or refresh) your navdata after our installation.

Is there Any More that I have to Read?

Each Installer download has an obvious README file (README-9 for FS9 and README-32 & -64 for the SimConnect versions), but also a READ ME BEFORE INSTALLING file. This file is customized for each Installer... mentioning items which may be new to your installation.

The READMEs also expound on the need to FULLY BACKUP any current FSCaptain installation before installing!! It doesn't cost more than a few seconds of CPU and drive access time... but it could save your flight sim career in the meanwhile!

Is that it??

Sure, that's enough reading for now!  :)

When you have downloaded the right Installer for you, unzip it and review the README files, and welcome to the world of FSCaptain 1.8.1.

Happy Flying with ACME!
FS / XPlane / P3D - General / Re:Ultimate Traffic II
« Último mensaje por Silver_Dragon en 15 de Septiembre de 2019, 12:00:17 pm »
Planes para actualizaciónes en el UTL

We thank everyone for being patient during the UTLive development process. The following is our current roadmap for UTLive and PowerPack.

In reviewing PowerPack and new features that we feel are important, we came to the determination that the features of PowerPack are best incorporated into the actual product itself (especially as UTLive has a multi-page interface). The new edition of Ultimate Traffic Live will be version 2.0. Incorporating PowerPack into the user interface (UI) also allows more efficient development as it allows for a tighter codebase and functions can be reused more easily.

UTLive 2.0 will have quite a large number of exciting features and design changes. Version 2 is a free upgrade for all version 1 customers.

User Interface -  Redesigned for v2:

Statistics are redesigned and much easier to lookup airlines, airports, or aircraft types.
The Route Map will now be on demand from the Statistics screen.
Settings screens are more intuitive and easier to use
Integration of Powerpack directly into the UI
Modify the dataset for airports, aircraft, and airline information.
Share modifications with the UTLive community.
Import new or created flight schedules and share them.
Share repaints/aircraft that you have permission to use with the community.
Moved the simulated aircraft map and status board to the live FS environment. Running the simulation connected to the  live simulator makes much more sense.
Easier assignment of aircraft repaints.
In-Simulator  Modifications and Additions for v2:

Flight Plans for all scheduled traffic has been modified.  New more accurate routing for departing traffic and simplification of arrivals to account for FS control of arrivals have been implemented.
Modified Status Board, more screen, less bezel, ability to go full screen for multi-monitor users.
World View Map from the original UI can be displayed and will show a mix of UT simulated aircraft and live FS aircraft.  No GA on map unless it is live.
More accurate simulation of weather or maintenance delays on flights.
More airline liveries available out of the box (the recent livery pack will be incorporated into the main installer).
We are well into development of this new version. Barring any unforeseen issues that could cause delays, we are scheduled to enter beta testing in approximately 1 month. As announced previously in this forum, Tom has been dealing with a very difficult situation with his wife’s health issues and the time requirements in dealing with this have been tremendous. Although Flight1 is working  closely with Tom on development, unforeseen issues may cause delays. We will post progress reports here in this forum.  Also note that many of the above features are already incorporated into the project, however features are subject to change during the development process (as well as new features added that are not listed here).

FS / XPlane / P3D - General / Re:EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) de AivlaSoft
« Último mensaje por Silver_Dragon en 15 de Septiembre de 2019, 11:57:09 am »
Versión 2.1 disponible (versión FSX y P3D)
FS / XPlane / P3D - General / Re:FS2Crew
« Último mensaje por Silver_Dragon en 15 de Septiembre de 2019, 11:51:58 am »
Ultimate Ground crew X por FS2Crew en release candidate y a punto de gold
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