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Título: 1.05 Changelog
Publicado por: Skorp en 04 de Enero de 2006, 07:31:43 am
No definitivo, estos son algunos de los "arreglos":

* CTD on maverick zoom with no mavericks loaded

* Ghost missile on wing when firing final missile (likely fix for buildings loaded on Hardpoints, and also some crashes)

* Force Feedback reenabled

* Further CTD on eject fixed.

* Fix Missile and Threat Volume knobs resetting themselves

* Fix Maverick CAT Config bug

* Fix Centerline Tank to be CATI config

* Fix to stop ACMI recording whenever any AI pilot ejects from the plane.

* Fix for Mig-23 icon showing as mig21 icon

* Fix for Mig-29SM, Mig-21-93 and SU-33 turning into mig21

* Adjustments on CAP roles so Mig-21 gets fewer CAP missions compared to Mig-29

* 2D cockpit corrections

* Fix issue where logbook for Viper callsign was being overwritten after patching

* Fix issue where the AS-30L flame model showed as a SU27 (whoops)

* Fix inconsistent HUD symbology for weapons in certain scenarios (AIM-120 showing AIM-9 info)

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