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I've recently joined this fine community and was stoked to see all the mods and theaters available (even so quickly after 4.33 release). I'm a developer and was really interested in making my own theater. So I asked around, got some pretty short answers and a few nudges in the right direction. I decided to crack my knuckles and get to work. I tried all the tools and they all felt cumbersome to use. So I decided to write my own real quick.

Here is what I've come up with so far after a few weeks worth of work.



A GIS Tool for generating terrain and feature data.


    Plugin System (In Progress)
    Over 14 Providers of Data (Done)
    Multiple GIS Projection Support (Done)
    Super High Resolution Commercial Aerial Photography (Done)
    Map Tile Extractor (Done)
    Map Tile Mosaic'er (Done)
    3D Mesh Construction (DXF, 3DS, JSON, X, Collada) (In Progress)
    3D World View (In Progress)
    GIS Drawing Tools (In Progress)
    ArcGIS *.shp file support (Done)
    L2/O2 Reader/Writer (In Progress)
    Texture.bin Editor (In Progress)
    Hardware Accelerated Graphics (Done)
    Super Fast Caching System (Done)
    GIS Database Support (MySQL/MSSQL/PostgreSQL/Sqlite/Folder) (Done)
    Project Workspace Management (In Progress)
    GRIB Export (In Progress)
    World Weather Coverage (Cloud Coverage Done, Sat/IR Precip layer needs world data)
    Latest World AIRAC NavData (as of writing 1501) (Done, w/ auto updating capabilities for each cycle)
    Airport Diagrams, SID/STAR Charts, RNAV/DME Approaches/Departures (In Progress)
    VFR/IFR(H)/IFR(L) Charts (Done)
    BMS Database/TDF/CSV Integration (In Progress)

I want to include more direct BMS integration for creating an entire theater within Peregrine. That's going to take some time and some cooperation from fellow board members and project leads.
When I initially started asking around about it, some members were really helpful in pointing me towards websites etc that documented the data. Others felt that information was better kept secret. Thank you to those who answered my posts. Here's what I got so far.


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