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Leatherneck nos trae el Tomcat para DCS: World. Esperan que la primera beta esté disponible a finales de 2015. Vendrá con un pequeño teatro.

SWINOUJSCIE, POLAND - March 3rd 2015 - F-14A/B (A+) Tomcat coming to DCS World

Leatherneck Simulations, in association with The Fighter Collection and Eagle Dynamics are immensely proud to announce the development of the F-14 Tomcat for DCS World!

The F-14 Tomcat is a fourth-generation, twin tail, supersonic naval interceptor aircraft, developed for the United States' Navy VFX programme.
After it's debut flight in 1970, and subsequent fleet introduction in 1974, the F-14 became the primary fleet defense and air superiority fighter for the U.S. Navy.
The legend of the F-14 only grew after the hollywood smash-hit "Top Gun" - in which it was heavily featured.

Key Features of DCS: F-14A & B include:
Highly Accurate 6-DOF (Degrees of Freedom) Cockpit
Highly Accurate avionics and weapons system modelling - including the vaunted AWG-9 Radar system and AIM-54 Phoenix missiles.
AIM-54 Phoenix Simulation with a CFD based AFM
'JESTER AI' - A Proprietary AI System for fully voiced, dependable and smart RIO/WSO
Highly Accurate Flight Model - Based on Real Performance Data
Both -A and -B Model F-14's
Multiplayer Multicrew capability. Fly together as RIO and Pilot!
Animated Crew Members - Closely Integrated with JESTER AI
Highly Detailed External Model, Animations and Textures
Highly Accurate Aircraft System and Subsystem Modelling
One Free Theatre bundled with the Aircraft
Full, lengthy single-player campaign
Full Suite of Documentation, including game manual, quickstart guides, and more.
Fully voiced and interactive training missions, teaching you to fly and fight.
...and much, much more!
At Leatherneck Simulations we strongly believe in raising the bar. We have never been comfortable with adhering to the status quo.
Currently we hope to complete development and enter BETA testing on the first version of the F-14 by the end of 2015. Subject to significant change.

For the Development Team, the F-14 will represent the culmination of years of experience and dedication.
Our passion is only rivaled by our ambition and we are pushing ourselves to be better than ever before.

So strap in and enjoy the ride, and get ready to experience the definitive F-14 experience.

Leatherneck Simulations

NOTE: Due to an unexpected technical error in our website & subsequent down-time due to overloading the server, this is a limited, interim announcement.

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Mira que me gustan los renders ..:dios:
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¿El Tomcat?

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Glowing Ammram se ha unido a la fiesta, segun el, está trabajando en un video Trailer para el F-14 (la noticia llega desde su Facebook)

I am pleased to announce that I'll be working with Leatherneck Simulations and creating a trailer for the upcoming DCS: F-14!
Make sure you check them out over at https://www.facebook.com/leathernecksim

Here is an exclusive image (work in progress) for you guys.
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LN F-14 render cockpit update

Dear All,

First off, thank you all for your kind words of support and positive attitude to our announcement.
It is a great motivator to put in those long hours when you know you've got such a great community behind you.
Sincere gratitude from the entire team. Also a big thank you to those of you who have gone above and beyond to spread the news of our announcement.
While it's still relatively early in the development process, it's good to get some awareness out there right off the bat.

We've been kind of quiet lately, but not to worry; it is simply an effect of the large workload placed on each and every member of the team.
Ambitious plans require hard work and much of our focus lies on attaining planned development sprints.

Unfortunately, a byproduct of this is that many of your questions about the F-14 have gone unanswered. I've been gathering many of these and they will be answered in the FAQ section of our new F-14 site section coming next week.
Therein you will also find a lot of information on various features of the aircraft and our design goals for e.g. JESTER AI.

We're due for a monthly update, which will have some information about other developments and the MiG-21.
Thus, I'll be keeping this F-14 specific update fairly short.

Art Development

We're now essentially feature complete on both exterior and interior models for the F-14, including the majority of integration work and animations.
Thus, preparatory work for diffuse, specular and normal map texture creation has begun.

With the F-14, we're pioneering several new techniques based on the tried-and-tested industry standard sculpting and baking workflow.
We've already put this to good use for our other unreleased, in development aircraft, but we're hoping to take it that one step further for the F-14.
We hope we can further enhance the realism of both our exterior and interior textures and the initial results are very promising.

It's very exciting for us as artists to have the opportunity to apply years of accumulated knowledge to a project such as the F-14. We hope to capture every minutiae detail, down to the touched up lumps of paint.

Something many of you have concerns about is performance. We're taking a very pro-active stance on ensuring that performance is optimal at release this time around.
We very much wish to ensure that the F-14 will perfectly on the vast majority of systems, and approaching things more carefully from the beginning will make it easier for us to make adjustments in the future.

Attached below you can see some Work in Progress renders of the cockpit.
Do note that these images have flaws, so take them with a few pinches of salt.

Codebase Development

Not counting the Radar and HUD (two big systems in themselves), the Tomcat contains, by our count, roughly 67 Major systems, of which 37 are related to Flight and Flight Controls.
In addition to this, one must take into account the size and difficulty of both the JESTER AI system and the External Flight Model. Noting that the F-14 is a massively difficult undertaking is putting it mildly.

Currently, heavy focus lies on creation of the AICS (Inlet Control System), Hydraulic System and Electrical System.
These systems, together with the Engine and grouped control systems lay the basis for the construction of the swing-wing EFM that will capture the spirit and real performance of the F-14.

There is yet a long road ahead, and many difficult tasks to complete, but we have absolutely no reservations about our capabilities nor our choice of aircraft.

We look forward to sharing more progress with you soon.
Thank you for your support,

Leatherneck Simulations


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Nueva cabecera del grupo de Facebook de Leatherneck

Otro render del F-14A/B y pequeño update
Dragging our feet a little -- we're wrapping up some new sculpted artwork and finishing touches on the F-14 product page.
Thank you for your patience during the long publicly quiet period we've had over recent weeks.

We're not announcing any new products just yet, but will be telling you a little more about them and the technology involved. (Sorry to take the wind out of your sails there!)

We will be moving away from the monthly newsletter based updates and into smaller, more frequent updates as we move forward.

In the meanwhile;
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Leatherneck F-14 Update

Dear All,

It's been another busy period for the team entire team at Leatherneck. Not only in terms of development and progressing on our current stable of projects – but also with unfolding personal events.
Family deaths, day-job commitments and more have yielded a rather muted visible public presence.
Progress has not been impaired in any way; and we're very excited to move into the latter half of 2015.

A considerable amount of the teams' focus has been on projects other than the F-14, including the MiG-21bis.
While that may sound disappointing; it must be noted that several technologies developed for one of our other aircraft can directly be drawn upon to shorten the development time of the F-14.
Elements include e.g. HUD elements or Navigational implementations.
We've also spent an additional chunk of time on refinement of our internal tools, in particular a Flight Modeling Visualizer.

We will go into deeper depth on our other projects in an upcoming all- Leatherneck-encompassing newsletter, so for now; lets focus on the F-14.


The Art team's primary focus has been on assuring proper integration with the F-14 codebase and DCS engine.
This is a particularly boring aspect of art asset development; albeit very necessary so as to allow the programming team to boundlessly progress.
Examples include defining clickable areas, animations and creating 2D bitmaps that will be drawn on various indicators and screens.
We've almost completely finished this process and thus the main focus will again shift to traditional artistry.

The biggest task ahead is texturing both the interior and exterior elements of the aircraft.
We're currently evaluating a few new sculpting-based techniques that we hope will yield incredible fidelity and texture depth.

(http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/F14UpdateThumbs/ClosedCat_03_Thumb.png) (http://"http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/ClosedCat_03.png") (http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/F14UpdateThumbs/ClosedCat_04_Thumb.png) (http://"http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/ClosedCat_04.jpg")

Our working version of the aircraft is still currently based around a -B model exterior and -A model interior.
However, work progresses on the -A exterior, starting with completion of the TF-30 engines and exhausts for the -A model tomcat.

More notable adjustments of the shape and equipment to fall in line with an -A are forthcoming.

(http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/F14UpdateThumbs/TF30_Thumb1.png)  (http://"http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/TF30_1.png")(http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/F14UpdateThumbs/TF30_Thumb3.png) (http://"http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/TF30_3.png")

Some of our sharp-eyed community members (you know who you are!) noticed various flaws in the initial renders we posted.
Sincere gratitude for your sharp eyes, and we've already rolled in some of these corrections.
Examples include widening the main engine intakes and canting the main gear.

As with all of our development, we adhere to a very iterative process and you should always consider anything shown to be Work in Progress.

Additionally, we've gone ahead and continued on sculpting our pilot and RIO models.
We're certainly paying very close attention to ensure a high level of detailing and accuracy.

We have plans for these models beyond the standard in-cockpit / external pilots you are currently used to; features that will hopefully significantly improve immersion.
You should expect this particular model to look practically identical in-game, as most of the detail will be baked down into normal and diffuse maps.

(http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/F14UpdateThumbs/PilotThumb.png) (http://"http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/Pilot_HP_Render.png")


After completion of the Hydraulic and some Electrical systems, the programming team has shifted focus to the development of the TF-30 and F-110 engines.
This particular task will require a significant amount of time to develop, as both engines have unique properties and a lot of interconnected dependencies that need to be recreated and tested.

Thus, elements of the AICS, Fuel System, Pilot Controls must all be in place before all elements of our new engine simulation can be recreated.
We are of course fully committed to ensuring that we model as many of the various characteristics and quirks of both engines.

Some of these quirks have massive impact on how you fly and fight in the aircraft, thus we must be certain that we get it completely right.
We hope that both reliance on documentation and SMEs will allow us to achieve this level of fidelity.

(http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/F14UpdateThumbs/ClosedCat_02_Thumb.png)  (http://"http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/ClosedCat_02.png")(http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/F14UpdateThumbs/ClosedCat_01_Thumb.png)  (http://"http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/ClosedCat_01.png")

Our FM simulation is highly dependent on all of the Engine and Flight Controls being completely in place, so as to ensure that all base parameters are correct before attempting to simulate the movement of the aircraft.
Of course, it goes without saying that every facet of the F-14's flight envelope will be modeled to the fullest extent possible.
Unlike what some of you fear, we are not limited in any way in what we can model or simulate, including more complex factors, such as variable geometry wing surfaces.

Once the engine and flight controls are in place, the team will move on to creating all auxiliary control system functionality.
This includes elements such as brakes, hooks, refueling probes, canopy jettison, and much more.


The F-14 Product Page is about to go live and is undergoing final tweaks.
It will contain a considerable amount of depth on various subjects, most of it however has already been covered in the forums.

The F-14 page is part of a wider website update which includes a new News section that will host our more frequent, unscheduled updates.


During and after our initial announcement, many of you had questions about various aspects of development and the planned module roadmap in general.
I've tried to gather as many of these as possible, but feel free to write more below and I will add as many as I possibly can.

Q: Which particular Airframe era will you be simulating?
We're still ironing out some specifics here; but we're aiming for a mid-to late 80s' airframe for the -A, and mid 90s' for the -B. Thus, some features such as the glove vanes will be disabled, while some advancements and improvements in the aircraft will be included.

Q: Are you sure about those Glove Vanes?
A: We'll be, at the very least, adding a visual option. It is possible that we will simulate the aerodynamic impact of the glove vanes further down the line.

Q: Will you be separating the -A and -B model Tomcats in the sim?
A: Indeed! It is also possible that one model will be released some time before the other.

Q: How much will it cost, and will both versions be sold together?
A: Details to be disclosed at a later time; but do not expect any kind of exorbitant or non-standard pricing.

Q: Where can I pre-order?
A: There is currently no pre-order or pledge package available.
It is likely that we'll be running a pre-order program at some point prior to release, however.

Q: Will Air-to-Ground Capability be included?
A: Yes; however the specific A2G and sensor capability that will be modeled is yet to be decided. You can note in the renders posted, that the BRU-32 bomb rack is mounted to the Phoenix pylons on the underside of the fuselage.

Q: Which Chin Sensor Pod will the Aircraft utilize?
A: TCS & ALQ-100 Antenna. The bullet fairing visual option will be included.

Q: Will Carrier Operations be included at Release?
A: We are networking together with our partners to ensure a complete package upon release, however the complex nature of the task at hand lends itself to a cautious approach in saying anything definitive.

Q: Will Multiplayer Multi-Crew be available at Release?
A: We hope to include this feature on release. We consider it an essential selling point of this module, and a personal dream of our own.

Q: What do you mean by the AIM-54 being based on a 'CFD' Simulation?
A: We will be using Computer Fluid Dynamics simulations to the fullest extent possible in order to ensure proper accuracy and fidelity of the AIM-54 Phoenix missile flight dynamics. While this particular missile is very difficult to sufficient documentation on; we are investing heavily into ensuring that our recreation of it is true to life.

Q: Will Night Vision be available?
A: Yes.

Q: What is JESTER AI, exactly?
A: It is a proprietary system that primarily simulates the RIO crew member. It will allow you to quickly and efficiently fly and fight in the F-14, while minimizing your workload. JESTER AI will be fully voiced and highly streamlined. The system will be designed to be moduler, and can thus be quickly adapted to other multi-seat aircraft in development.

Q: Will Multi-Seat licensing be a thing? (RIO Only License, etc.)
A: Possibly. We do like some of the ideas brought forward; but nothing definitive as of yet. It's more likely we'll stick to just a single license.

Q: Will Iranian Tomcats be included?
A: Yes! We have several Iranian liveries planned. We also plan to model the older MBU-5/P mask in use by the Iranian Air Force.

Q: Will you include a HGU-55 helmet option?
A: Not planned at this time.

Q: That looks like it has way too many polygons!
A: We learned our lesson with the rocky performance of the MiG-21 on release, and are taking care to keep performance at a significantly better level. Much of the detail you see is simply normal maps baked down from high-poly sculpts; thus, they already perform very well!

Q: Which theatre will be included with the F-14?
A: Very oceany. Very cold.
The F-14 Campaign will take place in this theatre.

Q: Why not GOOSE AI?
A: Goose is dead, man.

Q: Any possibility of an MP / COOP Campaign?
A: Not planned at this time; however, we do intend to support the F-14 with significant after-market content, especially taking into consideration the Straights of Hormuz theatre. It can be noted that the SP campaign can likely be easily edited to allow for more players.

Q: What should I do during my inevitable divorce?
A: More Fleet BARCAP.

Q: Will random failures and issues be modeled?
A: Yes! We have a slew of unique and new features planned here that should introduce some RPG-esque elements into your gameplay experience, should you wish it.

Q: Will JESTER AI be able to handle Piloting duties as well?
A: Likely to some very limited extent.

(http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/F14UpdateThumbs/TF30_Thumb2.png)  (http://"http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/TF30_2.png")

That is all for F-14 development at this point.
During the next month you should expect to see some strong visual progress on both exterior and interior textures.

We're very excited to move forward and to start seeing our vision come to life.


Leatherneck Simulations

Una de las quiestiones que me a dejado pensando.... tal vez un ¿"Dance to the Vampires"?
Q: Which theatre will be included with the F-14?
A: Very oceany. Very cold.
The F-14 Campaign will take place in this theatre.
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Q: Will Multiplayer Multi-Crew be available at Release?
A: We hope to include this feature on release. We consider it an essential selling point of this module, and a personal dream of our own.

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DCS... Multi-crew... Tomcat... o un Hornet-D.... nah, es mentira, no puede ser tan bonito....
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Nevada son los padres.
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Joer :despollao::despollao::despollao::despollao::despollao::despollao:
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Pagina web del F-14
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Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 01 de Abril de 2016, 10:16:36 am
Update Q1 del F-14 de Leatherneck


Dear All,

Welcome to Part 1 of our Q1 2016 update!

In both parts of this update; we're going to be focusing on development progress of DCS: F-14A & B.
These two updates will also be the last before we announce or other new projects. Woo!

MiG-21 Fixlist

Before we jump into the Kittykat; let's briefly return to the Fishbed.
We've been splitting our focus between new projects as well as continuously updating the MiG-21.

Below is the major item fixlist from the last couple of months-- including a few that are still pending to be released to a public build;

  • Corrected ASO-2 Randomly not working
  • R-55 & R-3S tone slave correction
  • Engine relight system lamp now lights up properly when launching missiles
  • Corrected various ASP issues (A2G range indicator, Aiming solutions) – WIP
  • Corrected BLC Gate RPM level
  • BLC now disengages at 400-420 km/h
  • Added joystick bindings for radio channel, radio on/off & radio volume
  • Added joystick bindings for NPP Course Set
  • Corrected initial position of the KPP
  • Corrected keyboard mappings for Afterburner (fix for afterburner not working unless assigned to axis)
  • Flight controls now affect hydraulic pressure
  • Added CAF/HRZ NATO livery (Thanks Matija Huzjak!)
  • Fixed mirrored stencils on wings
  • Fixed SPRD activation with button cover closed
  • Corrected moving pipper size limits
  • Corrected landing gear emergency extension
  • Corrected Oil Pressure indications
  • Corrected ADI/HSI test discreprancies
  • Added Nose cone extension with PO-750A Failure
  • Corrected Lock Target getting stuck with Target Lock On button
  • Adjusted maximum G Firing limits for R-3S
  • Corrected canopy ventilation handle functionality
  • Corrected various issues with the Fuel Indicator
  • SPS-141 Jammer Pod now works (again! Yay!)
  • S-5 Rockets now fire in appropriate order (If 4 launchers installed, only 2 fire at once)
  • Corrected brake pressure indicator
  • Fixed R55 & R3S tone slaved to radar
  • Head Ready and Lauch Authorized lights corrected
  • Corrected more instances of inverted radar symbols
  • Corrected KPP and NPP knob dependancies
  • Added joystick binding to Altimeter Pressure Set
  • Corrected animation of Emergency Transmitter Button
We'll have more information on various open MiG-21 issues, such as backer rewards, in pilot cockpit and other items ASAP.

MiG-21 Paintkit

The MiG-21 Paint kit is now available and can be found at the link below.

Apologies for the long time it's taken to get this to you all; but we wanted to
make sure the aircraft was final before torpedoing all of your hard work (and for those of you who made it without a kit, sorry anyways!)

The .PSDs are backwards compatible up to Photoshop CS6 (possibly lower, untested!)
Feel free to ask for assistance should you need it.

www.leatherneck-sim.com/DCS_LNS_MiG-21Bis_Official-Template.rar (http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/DCS_LNS_MiG-21Bis_Official-Template.rar)

F-14 Development Update Part I

We've just come off the first hard and fast development sprint and crunch on this project-- which are (unfortunately for our sanity and health) to become more frequent as we move towards the end of the year and the (drum roll) inevitable release.

The main focus of the art team still lies with projects other than the F-14; thus comparatively little demonstrable progress is found visually.
However, all components of the aircraft simulation itself are beginning to come together and form a more cohesive package.

(http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/March_Update/F-14_External_01_thumb.jpg)    (http://"http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/March_Update/F-14_External_01.jpg")     (http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/March_Update/F-14_External_02_thumb.jpg) (http://"http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/March_Update/F-14_External_02.jpg")

Primary focuses for the team currently remain with the flight model, associated systems (fuel, engines, controls and more) – but we've now also begun building some of the
visual systems for the aircraft. These include the Heads up Display (HUD), Vertical Display Indicator (VDI) and HSD (Horizontal Situation Display).

We're of course maintaining the same refresh rates and accuracy which the real devices possess. You may find it a bit jarring at first to use the basic F-14 HUD; which updates rather infrequently.
Of course, we'll be making sure all of these devices also look much closer to their counterparts, both in functionality, size as well as projection characteristics.

They're still very much work in progress, so don't mind any misaligned, mis-scaled or in other ways incorrect elements. We are very likely aware of it already.

Worth pointing out is that the cockpit on these images is nothing but a placeholder used to enable our programming staff to execute their work.
Once the cockpit is textured; we then do a full merge together with our codebase.

(http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/March_Update/Cockpit_01_thumb.jpg)       (http://"http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/March_Update/Cockpit_01.jpg")(http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/March_Update/Cockpit_02_thumb.jpg)  (http://"http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/March_Update/Cockpit_02.jpg")     (http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/March_Update/Cockpit_03_THUMB.jpg) (http://"http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/March_Update/Cockpit_03.jpg")

While these systems are still quite basic; they will begin to shape up in the next couple of months and be expanded to include all of their relevant modes (lots of inter connectivity here!)
We generally keep all of these types of visual systems, even gauges, and implement them at the very end.
The systems and flight modeling functionality that lies beneath it all, are far more complex and time consuming.[/INDENT]

[COLOR="darkred"]Flight Model[/COLOR]

[INDENT]Since the last update, we have implemented all of the aerodynamics tables we had previously digitized. We currently use around 60 000 data points in a total of about 80 tables for e.g. aerodynamics and control schedules. This gives us a very dynamic feel to the flight model. The Flight Model is already able to accurately replicate well known characteristics of the F-14 such as wing rock, dutch roll, and flat spins.

Another focus lately has been the advanced implementation of flight control logic like trimming, spoiler control and the AFCS. We currently model the pitch, yaw, and roll SAS systems of the AFCS, with the automatic carrier landing system and other auto pilot modes coming later. The SAS system not only stabilizes the airplane, but also augments, for example, the roll rate, allowing for faster maneuvering.

Last but not least, we have continued the work on the guts behind the simulation; like for instance our dynamics simulation system. Put simply, we've basically implemented a simulator within the simulator (inception.wav) that allows us to simulate physics and control logic in real time (for you control theory interested people we use state space systems and transfer functions for a lot of the autopilot and control modes).

We're glossing over a lot of smaller things that we’ve been working on-- (did someone say wing flex? Hello mass-spring-damper systems!) but suffice to say we’re all really excited about now having a flyable, high fidelity flight model in the simulator.

The next major focus area will be further improving the engine model, and we’re currently developing the underlying modeling strategy and data (e.g. various engine maps and logic)

(http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/March_Update/F-14_External_03_thum.jpg)   (http://"http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/March_Update/F-14_External_03.jpg")(http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/March_Update/F-14_External_04_thumb.jpg)  (http://"http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/March_Update/F-14_External_04.jpg") (http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/March_Update/F-14_External_05_thumb.jpg) (http://"http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/March_Update/F-14_External_05.jpg")

Model Iteration Pass

Our development process is built upon iteration upon iteration; as we consider this to be the best and easiest way to attain accurate and high quality results.

Earlier this year; we began the final revision pass on the F-14 interior and exterior models. Most of the focus ended up on the exterior; which was plagued with various inaccuracies and inconsistencies which needed to be solved.
Some of these still remain; but we're now much closer to a final model, that can be unwrapped and textured.

One of the biggest items on our list, was rebuilding the entire wing from the ground up; re-doing all of the linkages, hydraulics and control surfaces inside of the wing as well.

(http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/March_Update/Wing_01_thumb.jpg)   (http://"http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/March_Update/Wing_01.jpg")(http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/March_Update/Wing_02_thumb.jpg)  (http://"http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/March_Update/Wing_02.jpg") (http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/March_Update/Wing_03_thumb.jpg) (http://"http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/March_Update/Wing_03.jpg") 

All of the animations have also been redone and appropriately linked with their assigned hydraulic systems.
In the future, we'll also use bones to appropriately bend the sealant panels on the top and undersides of the wing root, as well as dynamically inflate and deflate the wing sealant bag.


Most of the fuselage and various other parts have been adjusted, the biggest changes have happened in the front fuselage section, including the entire canopy and crew compartment, as well as the vertical stabilizers.
The aircraft is now far more accurate – but there are several issues that need to be cleaned up (you can see the skewed fuselage hatches, for example)

(http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/March_Update/ModelAccuracy_01_thumb.jpg) (http://"http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/March_Update/ModelAccuracy_01.jpg")(http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/March_Update/ModelAccuracy_02_thumb.jpg)     (http://"http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/March_Update/ModelAccuracy_02.jpg")

We've also begun rigging and animating our pilot models for the F-14.
Of course we try to maintain parity in our rigs to be able to quickly transpose animations between all the pilots we create, be it for the Viggen, F-14 or Pacific aircraft in development.

The images below show the low polygon pilot without applied normalmaps, thus the flat look.

(http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/March_Update/Tomcat_Pilot_Rig_thumb.jpg) (http://"http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/March_Update/Tomcat_Pilot_Rig.jpg")(http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/March_Update/Tomcat_Pilot_Rig2_thumb.jpg)  (http://"http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/March_Update/Tomcat_Pilot_Rig2.jpg") (http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/March_Update/Tomcat_Pilot_Rig3_thumb.jpg)   (http://"http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/March_Update/Tomcat_Pilot_Rig3.jpg") 
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Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 01 de Abril de 2016, 10:39:04 am
Portaviones Forrestal Update

...cont due to image limit

Forrestal Class Carrier

A couple of weeks ago we began development of a Forrestal Class carrier to go with the F-14. We don't have any plans for this to be a payware module; and thus hope to include it either in the base simulator or bundled with the F-14 package itself.

We're aiming for a roughly mid 80s Forrestal Class carrier.
We don't currently plan on going into too much detail below deck, including the hangar deck; but that is subject to change.
Minimum carrier functionality and integration into the carrier operations of DCS itself is of course, a given!

It's still early days (a few weeks in, after all), but enjoy some renders below.
We have a number of techniques in mind to maximize texture and model fidelity while ensuring excellent performance; but as always-- we build our artwork to be downsized, rather than the other way around.

(http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/March_Update/Forrestal_02_thumb.jpg) (http://"http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/March_Update/Forrestal_02.jpg") (http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/March_Update/Forrestal_03_thumb.jpg) (http://"http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/March_Update/Forrestal_03.jpg")  (http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/March_Update/Forrestal_04b_thumb.jpg) (http://"http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/March_Update/Forrestal_04b.jpg")
(http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/March_Update/Forrestal_05_thumb.jpg) (http://"http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/March_Update/Forrestal_05.jpg")(http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/March_Update/Forrestal_06_thumb.jpg) (http://"http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/March_Update/Forrestal_06.jpg")   

We've also begun in creating all the required props, crew and other assets required for a full carrier complement.
The deck crew will of course wear appropriate equipment and colours for their assigned role.

We hope to add a library of animations to our deck crew as well; to keep the flight deck lively and interesting.

(http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/March_Update/PilotBust_thumb.jpg) (http://"http://www.leatherneck-sim.com/March_Update/PilotBust.jpg")

We'd like to thank all of you who contributed photos and research to help us build this storied class of carriers. Many thanks!

That's all for this part of the update!
Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for the second part coming up sometime during next week.

And as always, thanks for your support, patience and excitement!

Best Regards,
Leatherneck Simulations Team

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Primer vuelo en multiplayer con exito del F-14 de Leatherneck

First MP tests are complete!
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Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 04 de Abril de 2016, 00:06:35 am
Título: Re:Leatherneck: F-14A/A+/B
Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 10 de Abril de 2016, 12:02:41 pm
Buenos dias por Leatherneck
Título: Re:Leatherneck: F-14A/A+/B
Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 02 de Mayo de 2016, 10:20:17 am
Update del 2 de Mayo, progresos en el CV-70/1/2 Forrestal class y la tripulación de cubierta. Hay que tener en cuenta que comentan que la tripulación animada puede no estar para la salida del F-14, creo que porque requieren que ED implemente alguna cuestión sobre animaciones avanzadas (planeado por ED) y/o funcionalidad en buques.

Hi All,

Many thanks for all of your support and excitement for the last update and additional images we posted!
It's always exciting to share what we're working on; and pretty soon we'll be coming close to sharing years of hard work with you.

As we move into May; the team progresses into a hard, month long crunch on the AJS-37 Viggen project.
Refrain from drawing any conclusions from this cursory information- but we're excited about growing closer to completing our second product and follow up to the MiG-21bis.

We'll soon be stuck neck deep in the superficial polishing stage. :)

In the meanwhile; we continue to work hard on the F-14A / B as well as the accompanying CV-60/1/2 Forrestal class carrier.
We've completed modeling of our flight deck crew; and will be modifying this base to suit all of the various crew you'd find on a busy carrier flight deck.

Smell my finger

We've also already created the low poly version of this particular character; baked him down and rigged him.
Generally, all of our characters will appear just as detailed in the game as they do in these renders.


As mentioned in the last update, our goal is to try and include as many deck animations as we possibly can. Of course, it's quite possible that this particular feature will not launch together with the carrier or aircraft.
However, that has not stopped us taking our first steps with Motion Capture.

Here's a rough capture (pre-cleanup) of one of the many animation sequences we'll be looking to recreate


The past few weeks have been spent shaping the hull and major structures of the vessel, as well as more detailing on the island and associated components.

It's still early days; and while our team has had significant experience in modeling naval vessels in the past months- the Forrestal class is certainly a challenge.
We'll take another pass at our new base, make sure it is correct, and then move on to detailing the hull and major hull components.


In the last couple of weeks, we posted a few images and .gifs in various places around the forum.
On the off chance that some of you missed these; here they are again.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record- keep in mind that these are still very early. :)


We still have lots of cool F-14 related stuff coming up before we wrap things up and unveil the Viggen, but in the meanwhile, many thanks for reading this short update and for all of your support.


Thank you!

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Relaciones internacionales por LN  XD

Keeping up Foreign Relations is an important milestone in the development process!
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Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 11 de Junio de 2016, 16:22:30 pm
Mas por Leatherneck y el F-14

Carrier qualifications underway!

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Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 20 de Agosto de 2016, 23:50:56 pm
Desarrollo del modelo de vuelo de la AIM-54 Phoenix por Leatherneck para el F-14 Tomcat


Dear All,

For the F-14 project, we realized that we'll need to spend considerable time and effort with the development and research for the AIM-54 Phoenix missile.

Not only due to this weapons' unique place as a weapon designed specifically for the AWG-9 radar system, its' role as the tip of the spear of the USN air-to-air capability or even it's amazing range and performance-- but also to ensure that any advantages and disadvantages of the missile are accurately reproduced and respected.

It's quite likely that the AIM-54 will change the players' experience in the DCS multiplayer environment.
Thus, we consider it of the utmost importance to have a wide breadth of open and readily available research available to the community.

We have no horse in this race except for historical accuracy, and with Tom and Márton at our side, we're confident that we'll get as close as anyone ever has.
Please enjoy their initial development report on the AIM-54 below;

Basic Overview

Since the inception of the F-14 project, we have been working closely with Leatherneck to provide our expertise in providing the most accurate simulation for the AIM-54 that can be reasonably developed on a flight simulation game development budget. The iconic nature of the AIM-54 deserves this level of attention, especially due to its long range and advanced guidance systems; systems that were later incorporated into the AIM-120. It's also very important to maintain strict accordance with real life performance parameters, so that historical advantages and drawbacks are accurately simulated and have the appropriate effect on the multiplayer environment.

As it stands of writing, we are currently simulating drag effects at different velocities and altitudes to ensure accurate drag curves. This is perhaps the longest part of the process as each simulation takes hours to run. 

This simulation is based off of a 3D CAD model from which has been created based on reliable source material as well as high resolution imagery. The model has been imported into Fluent where a mesh creation, testing and validation process began and has now been completed.

Once all the simulations have been run, we are able to take this data and then use it to create velocity/time diagrams. These will be matched against literature estimates to revalidate the model.

Once established, we will then be able to write DCS code which will mirror the in-game missile’s performance to that which has been simulated. The final step is to then assist Leatherneck with their work in guidance and radar algorithms. The missile has the range it does, not just due to its huge motor, but also its advanced lofting profiles. These exist in the game at the moment, but will be significantly expanded, as their simplicity often leading to worse performance than level flight.


The first step in the process was to data mine as much as possible about the missile. Fortunately, due to its age and public interest, quite a bit of information is available. The most important information for us was the missile’s motor performance and dimensions, the latter being a relatively easy task if taken just from high resolution photographs.

As for the motor, there have been a lot of questions raised across the internet about the Mk-47 vs the Mk-60 motor, and which version of the AIM-54 received which- and why?

In summary, the first motor produced for the prototype was the Mk. 47, which yields 364lbs of propellant. The Mk-47 was produced from the mid- 1960’s up through and until ‘92.
In parallel, the Mk-60 motor was produced with 459lbs of propellant, obviously a much larger motor. However, due to rising costs, this motors' production was cancelled in 1978.

What this basically means is that the AIM-54A had the choice of either motor, and by the time that the AIM-54C was available in the late 70’s/early 80’s, the Mk-60 was no longer in production. The motors were not retired, however, and some were still in service in limited number. As the years progressed, the Mk-60 was removed from service as service life came to an end and the AIM-54C and C+ exclusively used the smaller Mk-47 motor.


As mentioned previously, the CAD model for the AIM-54 was created from reference material providing exact dimensions, with more specific details (e.g. angles, radiuses) taken from photographs.

We omitted details that would be otherwise masked by the resolution of the numerical mesh (small protrusions)

Figure 1. CAD Model used for the simulation


The simulation of the supersonic regimes was carried out using a density based solver with all compressibility effects and SST turbulence.

The mesh was created in a way so that it gives good shock resolution in the necessary velocity regions (M1-M4) and damps possible reflections from the boundaries. 
The mesh uses hexahedral cells to reduce computational costs and improve accuracy.

The preliminary simulations managed to reproduce all expected shockwave behaviour and interaction phenomena. Currently, we are testing the mesh to make sure it produces the necessary mesh density convergence.

After this step is complete, we can begin the accumulation of data based on the simulations.

Figure 2. Unstructed mesh with refined shock regions

Figure 3. Oblique compression and expansion waves along the missile

Figure 4. Shockwave interaction along the missile, the image shows constant pressure lines

Figure 5. Bow shocks at low supersonic velocity, the image shows the density distribution (lighter = higher density)

Future Developments

Once the simulations are complete and we are happy with their accuracy, we will create a DCS AIM-54 based on this data.
Iterative tests and benchmarks will be run at altitude to ensure that it meets the CFD modelling.

Once the missile matches like-for-like, we will begin to look at the guidance and lofting algorithms.
There are a number of sources that already provide clear examples of efficient intercept and guidance laws that include lofting, one such source is directly from the US Navy Academy, for the then new AIM-120A.

Beyond literary sources, there are SMEs' willing to share their own accounts and insights into how the weapon is employed, and what we’d expect to see at different launch parameters.

There will be a lot of work and co-operation together with Leatherneck to ensure that the missile is expanded past current DCS guidance parameters.
This is the second most challenging part of the AIM-54's development, but I am confident that together with the Leatherneck team, we’ll recreate this iconic weapon to the utmost realism and standards available outside of military contracts.

Many thanks to everyone for reading. The team is hard at work on all aspects of the simulation!

Thank you for your patience and support, always,

Leatherneck Simulations

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Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 16 de Septiembre de 2016, 23:08:20 pm
Bunyap muestra el F-14 de Leatherneck en DCS: World (version muy Pre-Alpha)

Segun Bunyap, el equipo que está desarrollando el F-14 es diferente al de AJS-37 Viggen y actualmente el equipo del F-14 está mas centrados en funcionalidad, mas que en entorno visual.

This is early development footage of the DCS: F-14A/B Tomcat module being produced by Leatherneck Simulations:

Check here for the latest updates:

F-14 Tomcat Design Evolution:

One correction: The F-14 development team is completely separate from the Viggen team with programmers working on the Tomcat full time. It is only Cobra who is moving from one to another as I noted.

Update de Cobra
Dear All,

Bunyap was awesome enough to take the time and help us with releasing some very early carrier physics trapping and mechanics footage!

We've made a lot of progress over the past few weeks in implementing appropriate physics forces and other mechanics that allow for extremely accurate carrier trapping mechanics. This also brought with it a lot of work on the suspension of the aircraft.

Big thanks from the LN team to Bunyap and his awesome work to the community


Editado..... durante el video, había unos cuantos AJS-37 Viggen revoloteando por la zona :D
Título: Re:Leatherneck: F-14A/A+/B
Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 29 de Noviembre de 2016, 23:13:50 pm
Leatherneck nos confirma que el F-14 Tomcat se nos va a mediados / finales de 2017 en Hoggit. Aun asi, esperan que a principios del año que viene nos den mas información

Development is progressing very well, with a slight dip in production speed due to the impending Viggen release. Mid to late 2017 is looking very likely, but we’ll keep you well informed until then. A HUGE amount of FM and systems work has been developed in the background for this Aircraft, and we are really excited to show it all off starting very early next year.
Título: Re:Leatherneck: F-14A/A+/B
Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 02 de Abril de 2017, 18:50:23 pm

Y algunas imagenes...
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Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 28 de Abril de 2017, 19:51:36 pm
Del FB de HeatBlur

ANR-45 RWR funcional

y unas cuantas fotos del desarrollo del portaviones Forrestal y su "futura nueva linea de aparatos de la marina".......  ;)
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Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 14 de Mayo de 2017, 19:45:35 pm
Video del sistema ALCS en el F-14 Tomcat....

Título: Re:Leatherneck: F-14A/A+/B
Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 19 de Junio de 2017, 19:50:34 pm
Imagenes de uno de los "Chaquetas verdes" del personal de cubierta del Forrestal, a nivel LOD0, prioritarios junto al Portaviones para el F-14. El nivel de detallado ya roza lo enfermizo.


No contentos, nos ponen el mismo chaqueta verde en el motor de DCS World (Modelviewer, supongo).

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Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 27 de Agosto de 2017, 18:48:30 pm
Imagen de la cabina del RIO del F-14
Título: Re:Leatherneck: F-14A/A+/B
Publicado por: DReaper en 29 de Agosto de 2017, 16:31:20 pm
Eso significa que es multipuesto.  :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
Título: Re:Leatherneck: F-14A/A+/B
Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 29 de Agosto de 2017, 22:49:39 pm
Si señor, entra dentro de sus planes, ademas piensan hacer como en el UH-1H / Mi-8 y cambiar de puesto en caso de vuelo solitario o tambien el 'Jester IA' que nos puede hechar una mano con las funciones del RIO cual Goose.
Título: Re:Leatherneck: F-14A/A+/B
Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 30 de Agosto de 2017, 00:42:32 am
Primeras imagenes de la pantalla de radar del RIO
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Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 30 de Agosto de 2017, 20:32:24 pm
Video introductorio del F-14A Tompac por HeatBlur
Título: Re:Leatherneck: F-14A/A+/B
Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 04 de Septiembre de 2017, 21:55:39 pm
Articulo de MudSpike sobre el modelo de vuelo del Tomcat
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Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 01 de Noviembre de 2017, 16:37:39 pm
Efectos de vapor en el F-14

Do you even vape?

Very first, prototype pass at new wing vapour particle emitters created by Eagle Dynamics! We'll be adjusting and implementing this feature for both the Viggen and F-14.

In other vapoury and contraily news: The excessive canard vortices on the Viggen are now fixed! Vortices will also appear from the wings in high AoA flight as well as the canards themselves.
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Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 19 de Noviembre de 2017, 17:57:18 pm
Actualización de desarrollo del F-14 de HeatBlur, sistema  AWG-9, DDD, el TDI y la IA de Jester.
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Publicado por: Jaker en 20 de Noviembre de 2017, 08:33:53 am
Arrea... :callado: No me extraña que necesitasen un RIO para atender eso...
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Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 20 de Noviembre de 2017, 19:40:17 pm
Y musiquita del Tomcat por Meteor
Título: Re:Leatherneck: F-14A/A+/B
Publicado por: Seasick en 21 de Noviembre de 2017, 22:21:09 pm
Igualico que el Fleet Defender  :cunao:
Título: Re:Leatherneck: F-14A/A+/B
Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 19 de Diciembre de 2017, 16:20:01 pm
Noticias de navidad de HeatBlur, cobra se disculpa por no haber podido cumplir la fecha de lanzamiento del f-14, pero nos da detalles del desarrollo del F-14, las mejoras del AJS-37 Viggen y de los extras asociados.
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Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 12 de Febrero de 2018, 00:16:08 am
Pequeño mini-update de Heatblur y el F-14 Tomcat
A Recent multiplayer testing session

Dear All,

Since our last update just before Christmas; the team has been focusing on hitting several major milestones in the F-14 project. These are actually some of the last major milestones to be completed prior to early access release, and they primarily involve the completion of the new, rebuilt art assets, and their integration into the existing codebase and aircraft.

While our main development branch is still occuring on the “chromecat” - we’re now very close to completing our work on several major visual areas of the aircraft and merging these together. While this feels like it has been a long journey; we'll be clocking in at just under a year to build the most detailed rendition of an F-14 Tomcat ever created (and perhaps, any digital aircraft ever!)

This has required the full attention of all of our artist resources and has come at great cost - but there is nothing quite like a Tomcat, and we need to make sure that we do the best job that we can.

This process is not yet complete and will still take some time, but we’re very excited to show off what we’ve been working on and are pushing ourselves to the brink to get it done. Once this is complete, we can finally begin to record in-depth gameplay videos from the F-14. You should expect with great certainty for these to start dropping sometime in March. There is a ton to cover!

Late last month we’ve also announced the inclusion of LANTIRN into our F-14, making the Tomcat a formidable Bombcat. You will be able to use a full gamut of guided bombs to strike targets. Somewhat contrary to it’s initial role in the fleet, the F-14 is actually a very potent ground attack airplane, and flying strike packages in a coop scenario is incredibly fun. The Tomcat has plenty of range, and can carry a large payload, while remaining combat effective. No doubt, it will be one of the most capable aircraft in DCS on launch. We’ve always been committed to ensuring that our products are packed with value - and the LANTIRN being a part of the DCS F-14 is a move in the right direction for that to be the case.

We've also continued working very closely with our SMEs (F-14A, B and D pilots) to tweak the final elements of our flight modeling and control systems. Every time we iterate over a new build with our SMEs, we get closer to achieving satisfaction with both our SMEs and maintaining consistency with our data. We really can't understate how satisfied we are with what we've achieved with the F-14 flight model.

Multiplayer is a big focus for the F-14, and for the Tomcat and other future products, we've written custom networking code to ensure that the multiplayer experience is consistent and smooth. Flying and fighting in the F-14 together is incredibly fun and rewarding.
Multiplayer is not only important for the aircraft itself, but also for all of our included content. The F-14 will eventually receive two free, full campaigns - one for the F-14A and one for the F-14B, of which one the -B campaign is currently deep in production. We'll be adapting both of these campaigns to work in Co-operative - something which no doubt will be a ton of fun.

Concurrently, we’ve been organizing our future roadmap and plans. While our main focus during 2018 will be the full completion of the Viggen and polishing the F-14, we’ll be ramping up production on our future product roadmap as well. Jester AI, Navy assets, and other advanced, in-house technologies will be integral to ensuring that Heatblur products will be one of a kind moving forwards.

Fret not over the lull in updates - in this particular moment - silence is golden.

As always, thank you for the support!

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Actualización de los motores del Tomcat, por HeatBlur
The Tomcat has a new powerplant model!

While we’ve already undertaken the development of an engine model with the Viggen, we decided last year to completely redesign this portion of our simulation framework, in order to create an much more in-depth and realistic simulation of a turbofan engine. This will also help us in recreating the P&W TF-30 engines for the F-14A, as well as other turbofan, turbojet, or turboshaft engines for our future product lineup.

The F-14B is powered by two F110-GE-400 turbofan engines with variable exhaust nozzles and afterburner augmentation.They are dual-rotor engines consisting of a three-stage fan driven by a two stage, low-pressure turbine and a mechanically independent, aerodynamically balanced, nine-stage high-pressure compressor driven by a single-stage, air-cooled, high-pressure turbine. Engine operation is automatically regulated and maintained electrically by the augmenter fan temperature control unit and by throttle inputs to the main engine control.

This new F110 model has been built entirely from scratch, incorporating many new features and improving the accuracy and fidelity of the engine simulation. The following components of the engine have been modeled based on actual F110 engine data gathered from various sources:
Air Inlet Control System (AICS)
The primary job of the AICS is to provide quality airflow to the engine in sufficient quantities to prevent engine operation issues. This involves a reduction of the speed of air entering the engine’s fan/compressor face. During this process, incoming freestream airflow is slowed and compressed. As a result, ram temperatures and pressures entering the engine are increased. On the F-14 this is achieved primarily by a system of 3 moving ramps per side that are scheduled based on flight conditions. During supersonic flight, these ramps are scheduled to move in a way that creates multiple shockwaves to more efficiently compress incoming air than a conventional duct would. The efficiency of the inlet’s pressure recovery throughout the flight envelope has been captured from real F-14 flight test data for use in the Heatblur F-14. Considerations for ramp actuator malfunctions have been made, which can include thrust loss and reduced stability margin (i.e. higher potential for compressor stall) if the ramps are out of their scheduled positions (i.e. high speed with the ramps in their stowed position...don’t do this!).
Augmenter Fan Temperature Controller/Main Engine Control (AFTC/MEC)
The AFTC/MEC on the F-14 is similar to a FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control) in function. It schedules fuel to the engine and afterburner based on numerous inputs. It also provides limiting functions to prevent engine damage and reduce risk of compressor stalls. RPM, EGT, and acceleration/deceleration are all limited by the AFTC to ensure safe engine operation. Other AFTC functions include engine start control, asymmetric thrust limiting, automatic relight, and fault detection. Fault detection automatically switches the engine control to secondary mode in the event of core overspeed, fan speed signal loss and other abnormal conditions. The AFTC/MEC simulation on the Heatblur F-14 takes in probe temperatures and pressures from the AICS, Mach number, pilot throttle positions, fan and core rpms, and engine ignition status, and outputs demanded fuel valve positions. These valve positions correspond to fuel flows that will cause the engine’s core to accelerate or decelerate as demanded by the pilot. While the pilot can demand a certain core speed, the AFTC is also constantly monitoring other engine parameters, such as N2 RPM and EGT to ensure that engine design limits are not exceeded and engine damage does not occur. Essentially, the AFTC protects the engine from the pilot while trying its best to give the pilot what he/she demands. When AFTC failures occur, the AFTC/MEC model reverts to what is known as secondary mode, in which the MEC governs N2 speed based on throttle inputs, but protection features such as EGT limiting are no longer available. Be aware that engine stall margin is decreased slightly at low rpm in this mode.
Fuel Metering Unit (FMU)
The FMU consists of the system of valves and pumps responsible for carrying out AFTC fuel schedule demands. The AFTC outputs fuel valve position commands which in turn spray high pressure fuel into the combustor and afterburner when in use. The Heatblur F-14 model consists of a system of valves that open/close according to AFTC demands, as well as a shutoff valve for engine fires and automated shutdown commands coming from the AFTC. Failures such as stuck valves and clogged fuel filters may be implemented in the future.
Gas Generator (N2)
The gas generator is the heart of any turbomachinery. Its primary purpose is to provide hot, high pressure air to the combustor. This is done by reducing the speed and increasing the pressure/temperature of the incoming inlet air even further, which the F110 can do at a pressure ratio of in excess of 30:1. The gas generator on the F110 is driven by a single stage high pressure turbine. The gas generator simulation in the Heatblur F-14 is robust, with the speed and acceleration of the core determined by fuel flow from the FMU, the speed of air entering the engine, and the inertia of the core itself. The amount of fuel introduced into the flow by the FMU directly corresponds to changes in torque applied to the power turbine, which in-turn changes the compressor speed as it is connected to the same spool. Failures such as compressor stalls (core airflow disturbances) may affect core speed, as well as any failures of upstream components that affect the fuel flow, such as AFTC/MEC or FMU failures.
Fan (N1)
The fan on the F110 is driven by a two stage turbine, with a bypass duct that is mixed back in to the core flow in the afterburner section. The bypass ratio of the F110 is about 0.85. Low-bypass ratio turbofans such as the the F110 have the benefit of improved fuel economy at cruise speeds, while still maintaining very good high speed performance. This makes them excellent engines in fighter aircraft applications. The Heatblur F-14 fan simulation is driven as a function of core speed, with a given steady state core speed corresponding to a steady state fan speed. Any failures affecting the core will also affect fan speeds.
Combustor/Exhaust Gas Temperature Model
The combustor section of the F110 ensures that high pressure fuel flow is efficiently ignited, dramatically increasing the temperature and pressure of the gases before the flow is expanded through power turbine section. The Heatblur F-14 combustor/EGT simulation is dependent on the amount of fuel being introduced into the engine, which is determined by the AFTC/MEC and FMU models.
The afterburner on the F110 provides extra thrust by introducing additional fuel into the flow after the power turbine section. Fuel flow to the afterburner is controlled by the AFTC and AB Fuel Control (AFC), with its own set of high pressure fuel pumps that cycle fuel back to the engine boost pumps when afterburner is not in use. This ensures that high pressure AB fuel is available at all times to prevent thrust lags and surges when AB is initiated. The Heatblur F-14 afterburner simulation is purely dependent on available AB fuel flow and throttle position, with the extra thrust as a function of AB fuel flow and nozzle position. Failures to the AFTC/MEC, AB fuel pump failures, or exhaust nozzle failures will affect AB operation and performance. AB operation is inhibited when in AFTC/MEC secondary mode.
Starting System
The engine start system is a turbine powered either by a ground air/power cart or via a crossbleed start from the opposite engine. Ground power can achieve approximately 30% N2 before light-off. In our F-14 starter simulation, the ENG CRANK switches open pneumatic valves allowing the ground cart air to begin spool-up of the core. As the core spins up, the MEC primes the engine with fuel and provides ignition and fuel control up to 59% N2 RPM.
Variable Exhaust Nozzle
The variable exhaust nozzle is responsible for controlling the expansion of exhaust flow downstream of the afterburner section. Engine exhaust gases at higher thrust settings are discharged through the nozzle throat at sonic velocity and are accelerated to supersonic velocity by the controlled expansion of the gases. Varying nozzle throat area controls fan stall margin, which optimizes performance. The Heatblur F-14’s nozzle simulation is dependent on Mach number, altitude, throttle position, weight on wheels, engine oil pressure, and AB operation status. Failures in the nozzle will affect engine thrust and stability.

We’re still working on completing our engine simulation. In particular some of the remaining items to be completed pre and post early access include the:

Engine Oil System
Bleed Air Draw Effects
Generator Load Effects
AICS Anti-Ice and Icing Effects
AFTC/MEC Secondary Mode Effects
Reduced Arrestment Thrust System (RATS)
Asymmetric Thrust Limiting
Afterburner Ignition System
Throttle Control Modes (Approach Power Compensator already complete)
Windmill and Cross-start failures and effects
Battle Damage Effects
FOD Effects

This new engine modeling will serve as a robust and deep base for all of our future jet aircraft simulation. An accurate recreation of the aircraft’s powerplant and all of the follow on effects is important, as it allows us to more accurately depict common F-14 flight characteristics, failure states and especially dangerous situations arising from engine related issues. These effects will become even more apparent as we simulate the TF-30 engines as found in the F-14A. Be gentle with those throttles!

Below are a couple of exports from our engine diagnostic interface. The descriptions above each column describe the conditions in which the snapshot of data was taken in.

Click to enlarge

Thanks for reading!
Heatblur Simulations F-14 Team
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Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 26 de Febrero de 2018, 14:42:23 pm
Entrevista de HeatBlur en Two More Weeks, entre los comentarios tenemos:
- F-14 plan de lanzamiento para 2018
- Implementación realista del misil aire - aire AGN-130 Phoenix
- F-14B vendrá primero, le seguirá la versión A y después una versión iraní.
- El F-14B tendrá capacidad de lanzamiento de bombas guiadas por laser, todas la bombas de precisión, bombas tontas y cohetes aire - tierra.
- Capacidad de uso del Link 4, tambien vendrá con unidades IA como el portaviones Forrestal, otros buques, y varias asistencias "secretas" que van ha hacer el modulo del F-14 uno de los mas pesados de DCS World (se especulan si unidades IAs para completar los grupos de portaviones y unidades adversarias, pero no hay nada confirmado al respecto, y podría tambien verse unidades terrestres.

Se espera que HeatBlur saque un video en profundidad explicando los sistemas del Tomcat a finales de Marzo de 2018

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Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 01 de Abril de 2018, 12:01:52 pm
Update del F-14 tomcac por HeatBlur

Y unos cuantos videos:

Y por fin aparece Jester
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Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 09 de Abril de 2018, 17:17:40 pm
Sistema INS del F-14 por HeatBlur
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Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 06 de Octubre de 2018, 10:51:45 am
No digo mas...  XD
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Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 07 de Octubre de 2018, 11:49:50 am
ED ha añadido imagenes a su pagina web del F-14 de HeatBlur
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Publicado por: DReaper en 07 de Octubre de 2018, 17:39:05 pm
Si lo hacen con la mitad de mimo y soporte que tiene el Viggen, es compra segura.  :pulgares:
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Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 07 de Octubre de 2018, 20:45:09 pm
Título: Re:Leatherneck: F-14A/A+/B
Publicado por: Tundra en 08 de Octubre de 2018, 09:30:43 am

 :pajillero: :pajillero: :pajillero:
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Nuevo video
Título: Re:Leatherneck: F-14A/A+/B
Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 01 de Febrero de 2019, 10:02:44 am
Imagen del A-6/KA-6 IA en desarrollo
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Publicado por: Skorp en 02 de Febrero de 2019, 09:27:25 am
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Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 02 de Febrero de 2019, 11:40:37 am
Heatblur añade unas paginas al piernografo del tomcat, similar a la utilidad LSO que había en Flight simulator.
a ver si es compatible con el futuro puesto de LSO en el modulo de portaviones de ED.

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Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 10 de Febrero de 2019, 12:59:53 pm
Imagen de la cabina del RIO (oficial de interceptación radar), usarla va a ser todo un desafio.
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Publicado por: DReaper en 10 de Febrero de 2019, 15:19:49 pm
Circuit breakers y más circuit breakers!

La verdad es que heatlblur son de lo mejorcito.
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Heatblur a comentado que los señuelos planeadores AMD-141 TADS se unen al contenido retrasado (junto a la tripulación de cubierta, portaviones Forrestal, etc), debido a que están usando el mismo sistema creado por ED y esperan a que haya implementación para ser añadido en el Tomcat.
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La fecha de salida del Tomcat se aproxima
Hi Everyone,

End of winter is rapidly approaching - and we’re proud to say that we’re now feature complete and in RC-type build status. What that means is that we’ve completed implementation of everything that we consider necessary for early access release, and are now focused on ironing out any remaining major or game breaking issues. We’ve launched the manual to great feedback (thanks to everyone who helped out and who has reported issues since!) and the only remaining step for us now is to get the aircraft in your hands.

Over the past two weekends, we’ve ran two large stress tests with 30+ Tomcats on a single server. These have allowed us to debug various issues across a more dense multiplayer environment. The expansion of the testing team to include many more people has also been very helpful in establishing what needs revision and work.

We’re eager to share with you the launch day of the F-14, pending ED’s final approval. We hope this will happen within the next few days.

Also in the coming days, we’ll be going through what to expect from the F-14 Early Access, what our roadmap is for it’s final release (-A, Campaigns, other missing features, etc.) and projected timescales. Hopefully these will give you a good idea of what you’ll be flying on day one, as well as what the future holds for our F-14 project. The F-14 won’t be perfect when we launch, but we intend to show you just how committed we are to quality and our product in the days following release. Expect to be impressed.

More than anything, thank you for your support. It’s what keeps us going on long, dark, coffee-fueled nights. We’re looking forward to breathing a little post launch and as we settle into our Tomcat journey together.

Team Heatblur
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Arranque del F-14 desde la cabina del piloto por HeatBlur
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Salida en acceso anticipado del F-14 de Heatblur el 13 de Marzo de 2019
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Publicado por: Tundra en 02 de Marzo de 2019, 12:08:44 pm
uyysss qué bien  :pulgares:
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Trailer de salida del F-14 (para el miercoles que viene)