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Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 23 de Enero de 2015, 16:37:58 pm
Hi everyone,

We’re approaching closer to the beta release of update 1.1 – as you can imagine things are pretty busy here at the moment! In this week’s dev update I will provide some more details of what is upcoming in the 1.1 release as well as a couple of new initiatives we’ve started for the game.

In last week’s newsletter we posted a screenshot of the new gas giant look and as a bit of a space geek I’m enjoying seeing the depth this adds to the atmosphere. We’ll expand the use of this technique to include the cloud layers on the terrestrial planets. As a double bonus not only does it improve the look of the planets but is quicker to render as well.

Each of the major updates will expand features and content and for the 1.1 release the headline addition is community goals. This feature provides a mechanism to allow players to work in conjunction to achieve common goals to affect a specific circumstance within a system. A good example of this is if a system degenerating into anarchy needs help restoring order. We can add two community goals for players to bring much needed supplies and to improve security by claiming bounties. These goals will be on a system level scale so will require concerted efforts from groups of players. We spoke to PC Gamer about this earlier this week and you can read the article here:


Another addition to the 1.1 update is decals for Pilots Federation ranks – these will be available as you attain ranks. As part of this change support for the Founders level decal will be included.

As I’ve previously mentioned these major updates provide an opportunity for us to include features that are deemed too risky or low priority for the minor releases like this week’s 1.06 release. An example of this is the disappearing holograms on landing pads which will be fixed in 1.1. Fixes and tweaks continue on the online front as well with the stalled queue issue causing updates to system state changes to be delayed has been fixed. Along with regular client releases we’ll continue to monitor and support issues with the online service.

To close this update I have two shout outs for new initiatives started on the forums. The first is the first step in the process of us examining support for third party apps. A thread has been created to capture the wishlist for an API for such apps which has already seen some great input. Join in the discussion here:


Player participation having a significant effect in the game universe has always been one of our core goals for the game and the various efforts that we’ve seen to push that system has been invaluable for us in identifying issues and changes that we can make to improve the system in the future. As part of that process we want to increase the integration of selected community news within the GalNet newsfeed. We’re particularly interested in player events. You can submit stories / events for consideration here:



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Publicado por: Skorp en 26 de Enero de 2015, 13:45:10 pm
Una de cifras  :cunao: (fusilado a cadetesdelespacio ;))

Efecto masivo

Tenemos una galaxia inmensa. Los jugadores han estado explorando ahí fuera nuestra recreación a gran escala de la Vía lactea desde el día del lanzamiento y juntos, han descubierto 615.475 sistemas previamente inexploradas de los 400 millones de sistemas de nuestra galaxia.


Los promedios son: 17.585 sistemas descubiertos por día, 732 por hora o 12 por minuto. ¡Muy bien hecho!

Pero pongámonos en contexto, con los sistemas de 400 mil millones de estrellas para explorar, la comunidad ha trazado sólo el 0,00015 por ciento de la galaxia. Digámoslo de otra manera: si seguís cartografiando sistemas al ritmo actual, tardaréis 150.895 años en mapear toda la Vía Láctea.

Pero con nuevos jugadores uniéndose cada día, esperamos tener toda la galaxia cartografiada antes del siglo 60.

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Publicado por: Jaker en 27 de Enero de 2015, 09:41:03 am
Hostias negras, y a mi que el escenario de EMF me parece grande... :despollao:
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Publicado por: Seasick en 27 de Enero de 2015, 21:12:54 pm
¡Cuanto espacio para transportar cacahuetes!  :cunao:
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Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 29 de Enero de 2015, 12:45:54 pm
Se preparan updates para los exploradores, los nuevos tipos de objetivos cooperativos, arreglos que hacian falta y la posibilidad de que eventos comunitarios salgan en las noticias de GarNet
Dev Update 29.01.2015
Hi everyone,

For this week’s dev update the focus is on the 1.1 update which will go into beta next week. First we have some good news for explorers. We’re adding the discovered by tag to the system map so when you view a body’s information you will see which commander first scanned and returned to sell the data for that body. Supplementing this we’re also adding information when you sell exploration data of the bodies contained within the exploration data being sold for a specific system. There’s also a change to enable selling exploration data a page at a time to help those who have been on long journeys of exploration!

In last week’s update I mentioned the community goals feature which will be added in the 1.1 update. Here we have two specific examples of what we will be doing with those goals. The first is a minor faction seeking to expand their military capability by constructing a capital ship (one of Farragut Battlecruisers or Majestic Interdictors) which is obviously a huge undertaking so they’ll require a lot of support and resources to successfully construct the warship. The commander who contributes the most to the construction will have the opportunity to name the ship. We’ll need to vet the name of course :-)

One of the other community goals will be a more involved process enabling the expansion into an unpopulated system. This will be a three stage process. The first step is for us and the DDF to establish a short list of candidate systems. The aim for this initial colony is to support further exploration and to act as a hub for other expansion in the region. Once we have the shortlist players will be invited to map the candidate systems and whichever system has the most data about it sold will be the target system. A community goal will then start to gather the resources needed to build an Ocellus starport that will be deployed in the chosen star system.

As well as the new features we’re continuing to fix and investigate issues, some fix highlights include improvements for AI docking and the docking computer, better handling of ship to ship collisions, balancing dumbfire missiles and shield cells and balancing of heat generation by weapons.

Last week I shouted out about the community news item thread and that is off to a good start with some stories already being used. If you have a community event in game or something newsworthy then you can submit it via this thread:



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Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 10 de Febrero de 2015, 16:14:28 pm
Elite 1.1 online

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Publicado por: Jaker en 10 de Febrero de 2015, 16:29:22 pm
Me comentaba Skorp que eran 2,5Gb de parche, así que viendo lo que tardó la última vez, me parece a mi que hoy no hay juego... lo dejaré descargando y a ver si está para mañana con suerte  :|
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Publicado por: Virusss en 10 de Febrero de 2015, 19:32:36 pm
Baja sumamente lento  :|
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Publicado por: Jaker en 10 de Febrero de 2015, 20:04:11 pm
A mi me ha tocado reinstalar, a media actualización se ha quedado jodida y vuelta a empezar, de cero... :muro:
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Publicado por: Skorp en 10 de Febrero de 2015, 21:55:03 pm
Mis pequeñas impresiones

Si descubro un sistema, aparece otro nombre.-...comprobado con 3 o 4 estrellas principales.

Antes del micro update, dos Eagles interdiccionantes abatidas en sistemas anarquicos, 0 laureles a la buchaca  :evil:

En dos o tres sistemas anarquicos, que estaban antes sin descubrir, tres o cuatro intercciones....tres huia y una follá que me ha costado 32.000

O soy yo o ahora  la IA da más cera, mae mia, posible que los escudos aguanten menos
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Publicado por: Skorp en 10 de Febrero de 2015, 22:09:45 pm
Ah!  Voy a volver a por ellos XD
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Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 11 de Febrero de 2015, 16:10:04 pm
Nuevo update:

Hi everyone,

update 1.1.02 is incoming at 4pm GMT. The servers will be down for up to 30 minutes during the update. The following changes are in the update:

Client changes:

- Collision damage tweak - Restore the check that prevented multiple lumps of damage from the same collision. Also make the damage split based on mass slightly more exaggerated
- Stop point defence turrets from targetting their parent ship's missiles/mines
- Fix issue with multiple controllers enabled and not recognising them all
- Fix matchmaking issue for comms when UDP hole punching fails
- Fix disconnect issue when a resend message is lost (fails and retries getting out of sync)
- Remove some unneeded telemetry in supercruise - it was causing some stutters

Server changes:

- Commanders with at least one Elite rank should receive a 2.5% discount at all shipyards and outfitting shops
- Backers who backed at the Founder level or above should receive a 2.5% discount at all shipyards and outfitting shops
- Faction recovery time from Civil War has been significantly reduced


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Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 12 de Febrero de 2015, 16:04:18 pm
Hi everyone,

Thanks to your continued feedback, update 1.1.03 is scheduled for deployment at 4PM GMT today. The servers should be down for a short while (maximum of 30 minutes) to allow us to implement the changes. See the list of changes below:

-   Don’t crash if an invalid system token is accessed in cartographics store
-   Prevent crash if scanning and ship dies
-   Fix crash opening station services menu with invalid parameter
-   Fix case of station flipping and possibly causing mysterious player deaths near station entrance
-   Commanders completing a major faction rank-up mission who have already earned enough skill to reach another rank-up mission can now see that mission immediately, rather than having to complete a regular mission in between the rank-up missions
-   Fix ampersand appearing incorrectly in mission dialog panel
-   Better layout for when community goal tiers are close together in mission dialog
-   Fix missing lift audio
-   Fix bass in supercruise issue
-   Fix repeating docking computer alert audio
-   Fix very quiet landing gear audio
-   Fix exploration music cutting out unexpectedly and playing a new piece of music immediately after
-   Update NPC database
-   Various text fixes

Thanks again!
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Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 13 de Febrero de 2015, 18:13:50 pm
La FerDeLance para marzo, parece la versión mejorada de la Adder.
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Publicado por: Skorp en 13 de Febrero de 2015, 19:32:04 pm
Pues me he quedado sin poder saltar de sistemas, y no se por que :ein:

La confi que llevo:

(http://i724.photobucket.com/albums/ww241/algrameg67/Elite/13022015/Screenshot_0000_zpspd2sguyh.png) (http://s724.photobucket.com/user/algrameg67/media/Elite/13022015/Screenshot_0000_zpspd2sguyh.png.html)

Alguna idea?
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Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 13 de Febrero de 2015, 19:44:16 pm
El frame shift drive (el motor hiperespacial) es demasiado pequeño para la masa de la nave que llevas ¿vendiste el que venia de serie?
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Publicado por: Skorp en 13 de Febrero de 2015, 22:34:12 pm
Es que solo puedo comprar ya uno que vale 140 y pico mil laureles.. :|

Es posible que haya cambiado un D alto por un C bajo y esa sea la causa?
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Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 14 de Febrero de 2015, 00:34:09 am
es muy posible
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Publicado por: Virusss en 14 de Febrero de 2015, 07:11:43 am
Esto va viento en popa, ya tengo una cobra tuneada... y repartiendo estopa..

Y las ganancias van exponenciales casi.

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Publicado por: Skorp en 14 de Febrero de 2015, 08:01:13 am
Solucionado con el D4, :pulgares:

Ah y disculpa por ponerlo en este post  ;)
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Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 14 de Febrero de 2015, 18:40:36 pm
Update 1.1.04 de ayer

1.1.04 has gone live - the servers are up and running.

Client changes:

Bounty vouchers can be redeemed at any starport in a system that also contains the faction which issued the bounty.

Some Commanders are in systems that cannot currently be retrieved from the server database, which has been causing crashes when loading into the game. We're working to identify and repair the systems affected, which includes a change to automatically report the problem system and exit back to the main menu with a load failure message.

Audio for the Imperial Clipper more closely resembles the sound from the 1.07 release.

Improved localisation support for community goals (we're still working through some issues with Russian language support).

Fixed the 3rd decal not displaying properly on the Python.

Fixed a very rare crash triggered by limpets being destroyed.

Server changes

Added more checks for starsystems reported to crash the game. This interim measure will automatically attempt to restore access to that starsystem within 10 minutes of the crash being reported.

Improved logging for some rare failures when selling exploration data.
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Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 06 de Marzo de 2015, 13:54:26 pm
Update 1.1.06 disponible
Hi everyone,

update 1.1.06 is incoming at 15.30 GMT and the servers will be down for up to 30 minutes. The update contains the following changes:

- Don't crash if player dies as they enter hyperspace
- Don't allow landing gear to destroy a player ship when deployed
- Use the correct jurisdiction for determining fine for illegal goods
- Fix network issue with text channel being shut down prematurely
- Adjusted terraforming meta data on three systems to stop server errors
- Story and text updates


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Publicado por: Skorp en 06 de Marzo de 2015, 14:05:24 pm


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Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 06 de Marzo de 2015, 17:24:40 pm
ops  :callado:
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Publicado por: Skorp en 06 de Marzo de 2015, 20:54:50 pm

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Publicado por: Jaker en 10 de Marzo de 2015, 14:39:37 pm
Ya llegó la 1.2 YAHOOOO :animadora:

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Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 10 de Marzo de 2015, 14:53:04 pm
instalando....  :pulgares: (en cuanto esté disponible).
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Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 10 de Marzo de 2015, 16:24:40 pm
parece que esto va empezar a las 5 GMT
Not long now - ‪#‎EliteDangerous‬ Wings content update will be available for download at approximately 5PM GMT.
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Publicado por: Jaker en 11 de Marzo de 2015, 16:02:57 pm
La actualización que comentaba Virusss

Wings Update 1.2.01 Available

Hi everyone,

update 1.2.01 for Wings has been released and contains the following changes:

- Fix crash in ship engine system
- Add additional help to respawn players within the same instance as their wing
- Fix a cause of missing docking GUI
- Make sure that detailed surface scanners are displayed in the right module panel
- Reduce number of spawned AI in supercruise
- Fix FSD clouds never dying in Supercruise
- Fixes for broken Asp audio
- Flatten fuel cost to be the same for all ships
- Added default keybinding for nav lock (key_minus)
- Changed references of pause menu to game menu to try and prevent confusion that the game isn't actually paused
- Tweaks to some outfitting descriptions
- Commodity typo fixes


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Publicado por: Virusss en 11 de Marzo de 2015, 16:26:36 pm
Fue corto, a ver si probamos los wings esta noche :) :pulgares:
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Publicado por: Skorp en 11 de Marzo de 2015, 20:22:55 pm
Hasta el nardo de la T6.
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Publicado por: Jaker en 12 de Marzo de 2015, 15:28:14 pm
Wings Update 1.2.03

Hi everyone,

Update 1.2.03 is due to go live at 4pm - expect up to 30 minutes of server downtime to allow us to apply the update.

See the full list of changes below:

- Fix crash in Hyperdrive, usually encountered when navlocked onto wingmen
- Fix for low level GUI crash loading into game
- Increased earnings from bounties
- Increased earnings from combat bonds
- Increased earnings from selling exploration data
- Refineries show up on the internal panel again and can be turned on/off
- Added shortcut key binding to open system map
- Fix issue stopping shield generators being repairable if fitted in some slots
- Fix issues with Fer-de-Lance scooping
- Stop toxic cargo damaging modules you cannot repair such as radiators or the cockpit, power plant is still corroded though!
- Fixed incorrect reference to mouse axes for headlook controls
- Fixed the onionhead paint job
- Freelook Y-axis disabled when Starport Services tab opens fixed
- Surface scanners also have a range, and should therefore have a range field in Outfitting Item Info
- Should now be able to switch back to Starport services menu if you check the comms panel whilst docked

Server side Changes:

- Decreased purchase costs of Vulture, FerDeLance and Federal Dropship
- Credited all Commanders who currently own a Vulture, FerDeLance or Dropship with the difference in prices for the ships and armour.
- Increased sale prices of exploration data
- Jameson Memorial in Shinrarta Dezhra now always stocks all ships and modules
- We always recommend Commanders carry enough credits to cover insurance costs, but if the worst does happen, maximum available debt levels have been increased to 600,000 credits. Fly safe, Commanders.
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Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 18 de Marzo de 2015, 13:26:36 pm
Update incoming...1.2.05

Hi everyone,

The Galaxy servers will be down from 2PM GMT for up to 30 minutes to allow us to update to Elite: Dangerous 1.2.05. See the full list of changes below:

-   Fix crash when sending a wing invite
-   Fix issue with starports being too far in deep space from their parent body
-   Increase hardware detection timeout to prevent crash on start
-   Fix stability issue when cancelling a wing invite
-   Fix for crash in physics system for ship hulls
-   Decrease chance for being scanned if you are in a low conspicuous rated ship – such as a Sidewinder
-   Target leads for projectile weapons missing in any other firegroup than 1 fixed
-   System Map now opens on correct star system
-   Fixed keyboard problem on Report Player Screen
-   Fix star visuals
-   Fix timeout issue with some wing invites not arriving
-   Added Pratchett's Disc starport
-   Network fix to make sure that a disconnected machine is also released
-   When listing modules - No longer show power priority on unpowered modules and make sure we show that priority for newly-bought module correctly
-   Fix broken Russian text for dormant bounties
-   Fix enabling wing beacon enabling voice comms as well
-   Fixed: the Onion Head paint job had no icon in the outfitting menu
-   Fix some errors in commodity descriptions

Server side changelog

- Fix friends location incorrectly showing 'Main Menu' when in a private group
- Fix data not propagating to wing members when scanning a body without a detailed surface scanner
- Fix a disconnect when entering outfitting screen

Thanks again.
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Publicado por: Jaker en 25 de Marzo de 2015, 14:19:52 pm
Wings Update 1.2.06 Incoming

Hi everyone,

The Galaxy servers will be down from 3PM GMT for up to 30 minutes to allow us to update to Elite: Dangerous 1.2.06. See the full list of changes below:

Client Changes:

- Stability fixes for wing invites in cases where invites get through but only exist for a second
- Stability fix for low level thread deadlock
- Crash fix and better error handling for TrackIR
- Fix crash caused by trying to get a system address from a name before it was ready
- Fixed all the inconsistent canopy health values
- Fix for ship internals no longer listed
- Move JEPOCHAL-G OUTPOST away from planet so it can be reached
- Move Castellan Station away from Lave 2 to prevent people not being able to supercruise away
- Fix erroneous (empty) messages about combat bonds
- Put in a clamp to eccentricity in the constructors of orbits
- Fix for auto generated news malformed string
- Fix typos in Leestian Evil Juice description

Server Changes:

- Unblock the queue of minor faction influence changes from missions ending in certain star systems
- Allow exploration data to be listed and sold for certain commanders
- Automated the start and end of faction states of war and election
- Minor factions in a conflict can only take influence from other factions in the same conflict
- Fix to allow Commanders to remove old Albino Mammoths from their cargo holds
- Fix to allow Commanders to reject invitations to join other Commanders' private groups
- Stock the last few remaining ships and modules at Jameson Memorial
- Clear out ships' refinery buckets when removing a refinery module

Thanks guys!

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Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 01 de Abril de 2015, 14:05:55 pm
Comentarios de la salida de MAC de elite dangerous y algunos datos del "PowerPlay". Interesante el tema de los drones en pirateria / Mineria y Ayuda de alas.

Hi everyone,

I realise the date and this isn't an April Fools post!

The big release for this week is the Mac beta. If you have beta access then you can access the Mac beta by downloading the launcher from the store in the downloadable products page. You then install the launcher and the game as normal. Any issues found in the Mac beta should be reported in the Mac beta area of the bug reports forums here:


General discussion on the Mac beta should take place in the Mac area of the forum here:


We’re also working on the Powerplay update which is shaping up to be the biggest update so far. We know you’re all excited to learn the details and there will be a big announcement in around three weeks’ time. I can say that it will include a new method of interaction in the galaxy.

As well as the big ticket items we’re also working on smaller, but still important additions and improvements. A major part of this is balancing the different roles further and part of this is expanding the drones system. Collection drones will be added and will prove useful for pirates needing to gather cargo in a hurry and also to improve mining efficiency. Players will also be able to transfer fuel using the fuel transfer drones so players can act as buddy tankers for each other.

The collection drones have two modes of operation. The first is a targeted mode where you select something to collect and fire the drone which then collects the cargo or mining chunk and returns it to the ship – make sure that your cargo door is open! This will consume the drone. There’s also an area collection mode so when fired without a target the drone will collect what it can within a radius before it expires.

Last week we released the latest minor update (1.2.06) for the game which contained various fixes and tweaks. Two of the changes impacted the background sim in particular and knowing how many of you enjoy delving into the simulation here are a some details on those changes. Minor factions enter conflict in a few ways such as overtaking a rival minor faction’s influence or reaches 70% but isn’t the controlling minor faction. So once a conflict is declared it then enters one of three states: civil war, war and election. The state is selected from the following criteria:

- Election: two minor factions of the same type that isn't criminal, regardless of home star system
- Civil War: two minor factions of different types or are both criminals, with the same home star system
- War: two minor factions of different types from different home star systems

The conflict ends when the maximum duration is reached or their influence levels move too far apart in the daily update. The victor will the try to take ownership of the loser’s most important starport in the system.


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Publicado por: Jaker en 09 de Abril de 2015, 15:16:43 pm
Dev Update - 09.04.2015

    Hi everyone,

    First, I want to thank everyone who helped make our game the number one bestseller on Steam, and to all our players who helped welcome new Commanders into the community. We’re working hard on the game, and it’s great for the team to see so much passion from players.

    For those of you who already own Elite: Dangerous from our store and asked about getting the game in your Steam collection: we hear you and we’re looking into it. We can’t speak for other cases where the same question has come up, but turning EliteDangerous.com customers into Steam customers unfortunately isn't 100 percent our decision and isn’t free for us in the context of the game’s ongoing growth and development. It could take a few weeks to work through, but we hear your feedback and addressing it is a priority for all of us.

    For the Mac beta we’ve been receiving some excellent feedback, so as always, thanks to you all for that. A new Mac beta client will be released early next week.

    Looking further ahead we have the Powerplay update, the big announcement is still a couple of weeks away but I can reveal a bit more of what will form part of the wider update and that is a major overhaul for the missions system. This isn’t directly part of the new Powerplay feature, but does supplement it. We’ve been working on this since the game’s initial release to provide us with a mission system that will support the game as we keep adding new features and content and improve your experience with all missions.

    We’ve focused on a few clear goals for this revamp. The first is being able to provide a wider range of missions and in a method we can easily add to and increase variation within the mission type. We’re also adding the ability to select mission locations and targets (where applicable) in the galaxy and system map. Greater use of the player inbox will be used to support mission branches, making them easier to manage.

    One of the limitations of the current system is that missions tended to be a good option for starting players, but not so much for later on in the game. The overhaul will address this issue by making missions available for more experienced players as well as specific missions for higher ranks or status – such as being a Founder level member. The system will also expand the influence of reputation on missions to reward players who build a high reputation with minor factions.

    As with any major update we will take the opportunity to add some incidental improvements to the game. One such improvement is that the maximum loan value for ship rebuys will scale according to your Pilots Federation ranking, allowing a greater safety net as you progress through the game. For ship customisation you will also be able to fit more than one fuel tank to your ship – although this obviously takes up space you could have used on other modules!



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Publicado por: Jaker en 10 de Abril de 2015, 11:08:56 am
Elite: Dangerous 1.2.07 incoming

Hi everyone,

The galaxy servers will be down for 30 minutes from 11.30 am BST to allow us to update to Elite: Dangerous 1.2.07.

See the full list of changes below:

- Added vibrant paint jobs for all ships except Anaconda (available for purchase from the store soon)
- Crash fix for star system generation
- Fix for crash in TrackIR caused by the disconnect function incorrectly handling the case when the TrackIR is in an error state. Also applied the same fix to FreeTrack
- Adjusted terraforming meta data to prevent server error
- When getting close to a capital ship while neutral, it will warn you at ~1KM away and then turn hostile at a few hundred metres
- Treat capital ships like players for assigning kills
- Don’t allow NPCs to kill steal by them hitting the powerplant
- Prevent docking after the police 'notice' that a player is wanted. This is the same reaction with committing a violent crime near the station.
- Network fix to catch some messages delivery bugs
- Fix a case where a ship with damage regions and no shields could try to save a game before its defense data has been initialised, resulting in showing in the GUI as a ship that's unrepairable at 0% health
- Adfjusted Type 7 and Viper collision mesh to make them a bit harder to get stuck in the starport entrance cage
- Various text fixes

Server-side Changes:

- Decriminalise Limpets
- When changing station ownership after a conflict, always treat system controlling stations as more valuable than anything else
- Fix Commander Stats for selling level 2 and level 3 survey scans
- Various performance and reliability improvements

Thanks everyone.

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Publicado por: Jaker en 17 de Abril de 2015, 10:58:22 am
Dev Update - 16.04.2015

    Hi everyone,

    This week has seen the release of the latest Mac beta build. As always I’d like to thank everyone testing the build and providing feedback – it is much appreciated and please continue to do so! The Mac team are currently focused exclusively on the Mac build in isolation, but in a few weeks we’ll run a combined Mac and PC crossplay test. I’ll post more details on that as we approach that test.

    We’re only one week away from the Powerplay announcement, but in the meantime I have more ancillary goodness that will form part of the update alongside the new features. A couple of weeks ago I mentioned the new drones that are coming and I have one more to tell you about – the prospector drone. This can be fired off to investigate an asteroid and determine its metal/mineral composition. Like all of the other drones (and limpets) each unit occupies a cargo slot and requires an appropriate module to control the type. So you need a cargo hatch breaker module and a collection drone controller to deploy either of those types of drone. The drones are universal and it is up to the controller to determine the actions of the launched drone.

    While it does make some of the mining gameplay easier the main reason for adding the drones is to provide scalability for mining (in particular) thus making the larger ships more useful in that role. I also mentioned that there would be more love for mining beyond the new drones and here it is. Two new mining minerals are being added – painite and osmium. There will also be a bonus in created minerals or metals when mining at resource extraction sites. Beyond that we will have low and high intensity resource extraction sites. At low intensity sites there is lower output for mining, but also a heavier system authority presence and lower pirate presence. For the high intensity sites this is reversed, so is more dangerous with more pirates and less security, but also greater rewards for mining there.

    It’s not all about miners of course. Continuing from last week’s details on the new mission system there’s another change that I can tell you about. Currently targets for missions are found in USSs (Unidentified Signal Sources), this will remain the case for some targets, but others like assassination targets will have to be hunted down in supercruise before they can be taken out.



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Publicado por: Jaker en 21 de Abril de 2015, 10:51:40 am
Server side update at 11am - 21/04/15

    Hi everyone,

    The server update will go live this morning at 11 am. It has the following changes and a known issue.

    - Prevent being fined by the same authority more than once for carrying illegal goods near a station
    - Cap all bounties to 1 million credits per minor faction
    - Set all current bounties above 1 million credits to 1 million credits

    Known issue:

    When destroying another Commander's ship, the initial notification of any bounty awarded will incorrectly state the value if the bounty has been limited to 1 million credits. The correct value will be shown in the Transactions cockpit interface and when redeeming the bounty.

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Publicado por: Virusss en 21 de Abril de 2015, 12:21:14 pm
Yo lo voy a dejar una temporada, se me esta haciendo repetitivo, cuando le den caña al sistema de misiones vuelvo..
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Publicado por: Jaker en 23 de Abril de 2015, 11:57:18 am
Elite: Dangerous Newsletter #72: PowerPlay


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Publicado por: Virusss en 23 de Abril de 2015, 12:24:33 pm
Pues a lomejor lo retomo XD XD
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Publicado por: Skorp en 23 de Abril de 2015, 13:08:38 pm

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Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 23 de Abril de 2015, 15:14:10 pm
Me acabo de ver el newsletter, toma ladrillo, a ver si me lo leo y me aclaro de que va esto.  :confused2:
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Publicado por: Jaker en 30 de Abril de 2015, 11:30:16 am
Dev Update - 30.04.2015

    Hi everyone,

    This week has seen the release of the latest Mac beta build and an accompanying PC build (it’s 1.2.07, the same as the current released game, but running on a different server setup), so even if you don’t have a Mac you can help the beta out as we’re focusing on looking for any issues playing between Mac and PC. As always thanks for the feedback so far, it had been invaluable.

    In last week’s Powerplay AMA David mentioned that I would be doing a crime special covering the changes relating to crime in the Powerplay update. We’ve covered a few in previous dev updates, but I’ll collate them all here in one place for easy reference.

    Fines will now take seven days before they mature into bounties, so giving you more time to clear them off.

    Active bounties are changing so that they are issued by minor factions only, even for systems owned by one of the three major factions. You won’t be able to pay these bounties for seven days. We’ll tweak the friendly fire to be a bit more forgiving and we can balance this number further if needed. We’ll also apply the friendly fire to hits on players in the same way they are for NPCs.

    Whenever you commit a new bounty offence in a jurisdiction where you already have an active bounty then the bounty value is increased and the timer reset to seven days. If you gain a fine in the same jurisdiction then the bounty value is increased, but the timer is not reset.

    An active bounty is resolved in one of the following ways: Firstly if a ship detects the bounty and destroys you then the bounty is claimed and removed. Secondly if your ship is destroyed, but the bounty is not detected then the following happens: The bounty becomes dormant and can only be detected by authority scans by agents of that jurisdiction and if detected will become an active bounty with a new seven day timer. If a dormant bounty is not detected within seven days then it is removed. If an active bounty is not claimed or made dormant within seven days then it will be cleared.

    Note that when a bounty is removed, for whatever reason, it is added as a legacy fine for the same amount and for the same jurisdiction. Legacy fines never expire and are automatically added to the rebuy cost if you restart in a station or outpost owned by that minor faction.

    We recently added caps to bounties per jurisdiction. These caps will remain although they do not apply to fines and legacy fines.

    During the Powerplay beta we’ll also trial a new crime of ramming at speed within no fire zones. If travelling at over 100 m/s and you collide with another ship within the no fire zone then it will be considered a crime. There has been some vigorous debate on this so it will be interesting to hear peoples’ thoughts on this once it’s in place.

    Something we’re looking at a bit futher down the line, but might not make the Powerplay update is the concept of interstellar bounties. These occur when fines and/or bounties for minor factions within a major faction cross a threshold then they are combined into an interstellar bounty. They work in the same way as normal bounties except that the jurisdiction is counted as the whole of the major faction. There will be legacy interstellar fines in a similar way to the legacy fines already described.

    One last piece of news for Powerplay before I sign off for this week and that is an improvement to how we cache shaders, especially for celestial objects like planets and stars, which is one of the causes for stutters that have been identified. We’ll continue to investigate other causes.



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Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 07 de Mayo de 2015, 10:04:46 am
Default Dev Update - 07.05.2015
Hi everyone,

I’ve had a few questions on this subject, so in this week’s dev update I will talk about cheating in game and the different approaches we’re taking to tackle the issue. First and foremost it is player feedback that helps us identify and then deal with cheating. This is especially true if a new method has been discovered to cheat in the game and that brings it to our attention to look into. Reporting cheats also means that we can conduct a thorough investigation of that player’s history to confirm if they have ever cheated or not.

We don’t just rely on player reports. We also have various tools that inform us of incidents of cheating. We’ll then review all incidents of cheating to ensure we take the correct course of action. In a few cases it can be that we identify a cheat that can’t be proven retrospectively but we can at least block and/or track the same behaviour for the future. We are constantly expanding the behaviours and markers that can be detected by the game and the servers.

We’re able to detect a variety of cheating instances which fall into these main areas: account trading, client hacking, bug exploits and player harassment or abuse. I’ve included account trading and harassment here because they follow a similar procedure to investigating cheating.

If we determine that a player has cheated (or some other proscribed action) then we have a range of measures that we can apply based on the seriousness of the action. For minor issues we can issue a warning, this is communicated to the player by customer support. Warnings are discretional only and not an automatic first step in the process. Indeed for serious issues we are likely to proceed immediately to the higher level penalties. We can also remove any quantifiable gains from the player if that is deemed appropriate.

We also have the concept of a shadow ban. A shadow ban will allow an player to continue playing Elite: Dangerous but will put them on a separate server that won’t affect any of our honest players; or the galaxy simulation. A player can be shadow banned for a day, a week or permanently depending on severity of the action and if the player repeatedly performs prohibited actions.

There is also the option for a permanent ban, this would only usually apply to account trading, severe harassment or abusive players.

You can help us react to incidents of cheating by remaining vigilant and help us by continuing to report players in game who you believe are cheating so we can investigate further.

On a lighter note, this week also saw the release of the latest Mac beta build with a some good performance improvements and stability fixes.


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Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 14 de Mayo de 2015, 20:15:25 pm
Default Dev Update - 14.05.2015
Hi everyone,

As you can imagine it’s another busy week here. We had the Mac release and are preparing for next week’s Powerplay beta.

With the Mac release we’re excited that the first of the new platforms has joined PC on our store and on Steam as well. The Mac development has aided the PC development as well with some of the optimisations working across both platforms. These changes will be included in the Powerplay update and will benefit lower spec machines in particular, but changes like the new shader caching can benefit high end machines as well. Mac development will now focus on keeping it in step with the PC release as well as continuing to look at specific issues as they arise.

The bulk of the team are pushing forward with next week’s Powerplay beta and as I’ve mentioned before the update is huge and while the new Powerplay feature is the headline component there are a host of other changes and additions as well. One significant change will be how turrets work in game:

Control: To help give players more control over when their turrets are firing, they now interact with fire groups. Turrets not in the currently active fire group will not track targets or attack (it doesn’t matter if they’re set to primary or secondary bindings). In addition, the Target Only mode is changing:

- When set to Target Only, turrets in the active fire group will track the target as before, but will not fire.
- Target Only weapons can be manually fired. When the player attempts to fire the weapon while it is tracking, the gun will start firing and will ‘latch’ on until you lose sensor contact with that target, switch fire groups or otherwise disable the weapon. Moving out of range or fire arc does not break the latch.

This means Target Only mode can now be used to initiate fights and attack illegal targets, but the pilot bears all responsibility for any crimes!

Turrets set to Fire At Will are no longer able to accidentally commit assault crimes. They will check if their target is legal before firing (or that it’s someone you’ve already assaulted) and do not fire at a target that would be a new crime, any ships hit accidentally by stray shots will not punish you for the hit.

There are some other improvements to how turrets react to targets moving and what causes them to wobble or lag behind. We think the changes will give a more interesting experience and allow turrets to be more accurate at range but possible to outmanoeuvre in a close fight. It should also add more variation between turrets, where smaller turrets are better able to track and hit fast moving ships.

We’ve also been reviewing the feedback from the addition of the reckless flying crime inside starport no fire zones. We are looking at changing this from the current implementation in the following ways:

- If the collision is shield damage only then no crime is committed.
- If hull damaged is caused then it is a fine.
- If a ship is destroyed then it is a bounty offence.

This change isn’t confirmed for the Powerplay update yet.

Another addition is pilots to the cockpit, so when you look at another ship you’ll see a pilot in the flight chair.

Looking beyond Powerplay and for localisation we are keen to expand the game into many new languages and want to do so in such a way that the translation is of good quality and fits that of the game and its fiction. So we will shortly be trialling working with the community to create game translations with the addition of Spanish language support. If that trial is successful then we’ll be looking at using the method to include more languages in the future. You can see the announcement for the trial here:



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Publicado por: Jaker en 21 de Mayo de 2015, 16:14:37 pm
Dev Update - 21.05.2015

    Hi everyone,

    I know you are all waiting patiently for the Powerplay beta to start and I can confirm that we’ll release the beta on Tuesday 26th May. As I’ve previously mentioned the update is huge and affects all aspects of the game, so we’ll continue working through the bank holiday to prepare for Tuesday’s release. Considering the scale of changes we’re calling on everyone who has beta access to make sure they dive in and help test this update.

    Following up on a few of the items from previous updates I can also confirm that the extra time means that the collision law changes I talked about last week will be included in the Powerplay update. In another follow up our customer service team now have some additional tools to help tackle cheating. This week people have been banned for cheating at community goals and for account trading. One person was also banned for spamming the game servers with a vast number of spurious requests. Thanks for all of your feedback on this issue and please continue to report any incidents that you encounter.

    The trial for community driven translations for Spanish has started and thanks to everyone who is getting involved with this. Assuming that it goes well then we will be looking to expand this to other languages. Translations for the currently supported languages will be updated and incorporating much of the feedback we have received.

    I can reveal some more changes that will be in the Powerplay update, the first of which are the new notifications when you are promoted to the next rank in the Pilots Federation – although I had to reset my save to test that one! Mining values on asteroids are now stored on a Commander basis so you cannot mine a mined out resource. And for a different type of mining – mines will now do Thermic as well as explosive damage and so making them a bit more effective.

    As with all of our updates there’s a considerable number of fixes and tweaks including some stability fixes for the Mac and PC versions. The black hole effect was missing in certain systems - this has now been fixed. The docking computer will now work at outposts. We’ve also made shields persist into supercruise so you can no longer gain an instant recharge by skipping into supercruise and then back into the fight.

    Finally, as a sneak peek on one of the two new ships, the base Imperial Courier is a reasonably quick ship (Speed 277) with a modest jump distance of 7.81 light years. It costs just over twice as much as the Lakon Type 6. It has three medium hardpoints with 4 utility hardpoints and as standard 12 tonnes cargo capacity.



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Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 25 de Mayo de 2015, 23:14:03 pm
el Facebook de Elite Dangerous pone que la beta de PowerPlay empieza mañana  :pulgares:

The ‪#‎EliteDangerous‬ Powerplay beta starts tomorrow. How are you getting ready for the full release?
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Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 26 de Mayo de 2015, 15:34:41 pm
ya hay changelog de la beta (es tanto que se me pasa de los 20000 caractares  XD)

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Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 28 de Mayo de 2015, 12:40:32 pm
Dev Update - 28.05.2015
Hi everyone,

The Powerplay beta was released this week on both PC and Mac and it’s great to see people playing it and providing feedback. This update has a huge number of changes and the feedback has been rolling in and a big thanks to everyone who have submitted comments and issues. Obviously the star of the show is Powerplay and it’s a big beast so keep playing it and letting us know what you encounter. I’m sure many of you will join me in helping Archon Delaine’s rampage across human space!

Another big change is the mission system, so much is new that any incomplete missions you have in progress at the time of the update will be removed from your mission list when the update goes live to the public. You will not be penalised for not completing them, but also won’t be rewarded, so complete them before then if they matter to you. This is expected to be next week, but will depend on what feedback comes in and what changes need to be made. Once the date is firm we’ll let you know.

We had intended to update the game to support the latest Oculus SDK release, as part of our ongoing support for virtual reality. However this latest SDK breaks the game. We’re working with Oculus to try and resolve this and will let you know when there is news on that. In the meantime we will continue to support the previous SDK release and will be including some specific fixes during the beta, for example making sure that the Powerplay map renders correctly to both eyes.

The implementation of the 90% money back/10% charge for selling back used modules and weapons has proved to be a popular discussion! It was always the intention that you shouldn't be able to swap parts of your ship for free and the way most of us here play the game is to own several ships for differing roles – I tend not to sell any of my ships and spec them out for different roles. It is clear that some of you take a different approach to how you set up your ships and that is exactly what a beta is for – to gain feedback on changes. So we’ll take the comments onboard from all sides of the discussion and make a call on this before the end of beta. After all this sort of thing is what beta is for.

There is one last new feature to be added before the beta is finished and that is the updated Newsfeeds. The GalNet news in Station Services will supply local news items only, but the new cockpit user interface is being added so that global news items can be accessed at any time, anywhere. These news items can now even include links to take you to the relevant system for the news item.


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Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 29 de Mayo de 2015, 20:26:37 pm
Empiezan a poner cara a los personajes de Powerplay

Princess Aisling Duval as she will appear in Powerplay. Coming soon to all #EliteDangerous players.

Con ojos asi, ¿donde hay que firmar?
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Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 05 de Junio de 2015, 14:49:04 pm
Elite dangerous Powerplay trailer
Título: Re:Elite Dangerous Updates
Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 05 de Junio de 2015, 18:02:30 pm
Powerplay Training parte 1
Título: Re:Elite Dangerous Updates
Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 05 de Junio de 2015, 19:39:05 pm
Powerplay ya es release:



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Publicado por: Jaker en 06 de Junio de 2015, 19:38:31 pm
Pero ya se puede jugar?
Título: Re:Elite Dangerous Updates
Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 06 de Junio de 2015, 20:47:55 pm
Desde ayer. (05/06)
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Publicado por: Jaker en 08 de Junio de 2015, 14:13:44 pm
Server update - 30 mins downtime expected

    Hi everyone,

    The servers will be down for approximately 30 minutes from 3PM BST. The following fixes are included:

    - Better error handling for missing server resource to prevent crash
    - Improved handling of cases where servers don’t provide full commander data
    - Balance pass on commodity bonuses from Powers to prevent excessive stacking (TBC)
    - Various Powerplay text and data fixes

    - Fix the display value of discounted insurance costs
    - Fix unreasonable changes in Federal and Empire military ranks when completing missions

    Thanks for your patience during the down time.

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Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 08 de Junio de 2015, 17:54:23 pm
Video 2 Preparación para la Expansion:
Título: Re:Elite Dangerous Updates
Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 09 de Junio de 2015, 13:12:17 pm
Powerplay: Expansion

Powerplay: Control
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Publicado por: Jaker en 12 de Junio de 2015, 11:56:50 am
Dev Update - 11.06.2015

    Hi everyone,

    The Powerplay update is now out in the wild and it’s great to see large numbers of players backing their chosen powers – although I am a little disappointed that more of you haven’t backed Archon Delaine! It is interesting to see the various strategies and schemes people are employing to support their power or sabotage the opposition.

    We encountered some server issues over the weekend although as with any release we ensured that there was sufficient coverage, which was the same as if we’d released in the week. However we do appreciate that any downtime especially as busy times can be frustrating. The most pressing of which were tackled by the team covering the release. Like any major release we’re continuing to address the remaining issues with server and client releases this week. Keep an eye out for the change logs for more information. We’ve also received a mass of useful data which we’ll use to perform balance tweaks with these minor updates. Of course we’re also evaluating feedback and discussion and making changes where needed.

    There are some issues still being investigated such as the new res sites not populating as expected, and wear and tear costs. The Powerplay update included some fixes for micro-stuttering and stuttering seen on some people’s machines, however while these fixes have helped in many cases, it still affects others so we are still looking into other causes.

    It appears that some people aren’t sure about whether to get involved in Powerplay and while we hope that you do (most of the players active since release have signed up for a power) like many parts of the game it’s up to you. You don’t have to sign up for a power and can continue to operate as an independent pilot, or continue backing specific minor factions (which can also feed back into Powerplay). Powers have area effects for the regions they control, so it can be a benefit to operate in certain areas even if you haven’t backed the powers. Of course the reverse is also true, but in either case there is a shifting geography of states and changes which enhances the map of the galaxy.

    As part of development we’re always looking to improve existing systems and one system that has received a behind the scenes update has been the web service for exploration scans. An optimisation has been added to the server to improve the look up times when calculating the value of scans. This optimisation is applied to new data generated with the Powerplay (1.3) release, so selling your data for scans after this time will benefit. Scans before this time don’t benefit though. Naturally we target such changes where they have the greatest impact and currently exploration data is the largest block of data that we store for the game, so this made it the natural target.

    Over the past week we’ve shadow banned a number of players for cheating with community goals.

    Next week brings E3 and various parts of the team have been working hard to support our announcements and presence at this show. We’re quite excited for what will be shown!



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Publicado por: Jaker en 16 de Junio de 2015, 13:07:42 pm
Powerplay Update 1.3.04 Incoming

    Hi everyone,

    Powerplay update 1.3.04 is incoming at around 11:30am (BST).

    Client change log:
    - Fixed hard lock caused by galaxy map search
    - Fixed memory leak in drone component after an authority transfer
    - Fixed AI crash between two ships
    - Fixed Mac crash in stellar forge
    - Fixed drone crash caused by asteroid ID uncertainty
    - Fixed low skilled ships appearing in RES points and conflict zones
    - Various stellar forge server optimisations
    - Fixed off by 1 error when displaying which systems will be prepared
    - Mac: Updated GL Sampler and Texture checks to be more explicit
    - Added overhead field to power overview page
    - Fixed some network spew when connecting to server
    - Various text fixes

    Server change log:
    - Fixed no fines or bounties being imposed for crimes committed in Pranav Antal’s control systems
    - Fixed rating benefits for increased bounty and bond values
    - Various exploration data reliability improvements
    - Fixed trading modifiers for Edmund Mahon
    - Fixed powerplay effects on smuggling crimes
    - Fixed decals and integrity repair costs for Imperial Courier

    Mission fixes:
    - Mining missions now request Platinum not Palladium.
    - Variant massacre missions changed to use the same system generation as the main template.
    - Alternate Assassination missions no longer have timelimits of 0h 0m.
    - Various text fixes
    - 'Standard' and Rank Massacre missions will no longer give war/military targets.
    - Rank missions should no longer give other faction rank as reward.
    - Altruism missions now check for total cargo space, not current free space. This allows players to take missions when carrying cargo in their bay as long as the mission requirement doesn't exceed their total cargo capacity.


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Publicado por: Virusss en 16 de Junio de 2015, 15:17:28 pm
tienes un FSD tipo 3...
Título: Re:Elite Dangerous Updates
Publicado por: Jaker en 16 de Junio de 2015, 15:37:58 pm
Pues en la Python creo que llevo un 6B, creo... ¿por?
Título: Re:Elite Dangerous Updates
Publicado por: Virusss en 16 de Junio de 2015, 19:21:54 pm
Ida de pinza nivel, pagina 1 XD XD XD XD
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Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 18 de Junio de 2015, 11:35:58 am
Default Powerplay Update 1.3.05 Incoming
Hi everyone,

Powerplay update 1.3.05 is incoming and due to arrive around 12:00pm (BST).

Client change log:

Localization strings updated
Fixed various missing text strings
Commodity text fixes
Retain a discounted hull value when rebuying a ship after dying
Fixed 'back button' sound not always playing
Fixed Powerplay Scenario generation bugs
Fix for crash with drone authority transfer

Server change log:

Applied Senator Patreus' weapons discount to the Powerplay unique weapon modules
For very high faction reputations, changed decay to apply only to major factions instead of only minor factions
Remove some incorrect first discoveries with a zero credit bonus in certain cases when a body has already been discovered by another Commander
Fixed certain star systems' exploration data so they again display the first Commander who discovered a body

Mission fixes:

Fixed various mission text strings
Fixed slave delivery mission text
Assassination text/contract consistency fix
Fixed issue with substitution of NPC pilot names in mission strings
Fixed Elite missions having two rank requirements
Make permit missions require allied reputation
Founder and Elite missions are no longer restricted to Empire space
Make delivery missions remove correct amount of cargo
Balanced the chance of an NPC messenger spawning across relevant mission types
Handing in required cargo quantity completes Ranked Collect missions as expected
Fix to give correct rewards
Rewards updated for Elite/Founder Missions
Massacre Conflict target numbers now scale
Removed redundant TimeLeft element from Abandon Branch on ship panel ('0H 0M' left)

Mac specific:

Fix for crashes reported from 'StarTextureGenComponent::ReadVectorField()'
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Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 02 de Julio de 2015, 17:41:47 pm
DEV UPDATE (02/07/2015)

Hi everyone,

The E3 team seem to have brought the weather back with them and we’re enjoying some rare sunshine here in the UK! A new point release for Powerplay (1.3.07) is coming early next week, which addresses various issues – including a hot topic for pirates by increasing the limit on dumped cargo canisters in deep space. As always we’ll continue to look into outstanding issues – in particular we’re investigating some abnormal stuttering on some people’s machines.

As announced at E3 we have a new game mode coming to Elite: Dangerous with CQC Championship. This multiplayer arena style combat uses specialised ships for quick dip in and out combat. The ships in CQC Championship are separate from the ships you own in the main game and there is no penalty for destruction in the same way as in the main game. Naturally this mode will feed into the main game and we’re considering it as another career role that players can take part in. Within CQC Championship there are two paths of progression.

The first is integral to CQC Championship itself and provides a ladder of upgrades and prestige as you rise through the ranks. Players earn experience by completing various actions in matches (such as kills or assists) and so progressing through the ranks. Different ranks will unlock ships, equipment and abilities and once the top rank is reached then it is possible to wrap around to further increase your status.

The second and parallel path connects with the main game with its equivalent of the Pilots Federation ranks. Players can also earn credits with the matches which are then available in the main game. As it is structured event outside of the normal flow of play it makes it easy to partake and a boon for explorers who are often thousands of light years away from civilization!

As I mentioned in my last update the development of the Xbox version provides a range of benefits for the PC and Mac build beyond the addition of CQC Championship. We are currently planning a trunk release for the PC and Mac version which contains the many optimisations, fixes and improvements from the Xbox development before the Xbox release. As already announced CQC Championship will release on Xbox One first and will come to PC and Mac in a free update later on. Note that this build isn’t the announcement that David has already mentioned that is coming at Gamescom. I’d love to be the one announcing that as it’s pretty cool!


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Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 16 de Julio de 2015, 12:31:22 pm

DEV UPDATE (16/07/2015)
Hi everyone,

Last weekend was Lavecon and a group of us went there and a good time was had by all! We enjoyed meeting the fans and discussing the game both in the panel’s Q&A and one to one as we mingled. A big thank you to Karen and her team for organising the event and to everyone who made us feel welcome. We had so much fun that this update has a bit of a Lavecon theme :-)

The next major PC/Mac release (which was 1.4) is now headlined CQC Championship and will be released within as short a window as possible after the Xbox release. We’re looking at weeks, rather than months as has been speculated.

As with all of our major updates there is more than just the headline feature. There will be new ships, one of which we announced at Lavecon – the Imperial Eagle. This new ship is more of an interceptor than the original Eagle with better straight line speed and less manoeuvrability. It also sports a medium hardpoint as well as two small ones, giving it a bit more of a punch than its counterpart.

Something else that came up in conversation with fans is how vulnerable the Anaconda is to having its powerplant shot out. We’re going to change how taking out the powerplant works in the CQC update. There will still be a very small chance of powerplant destruction blowing up the ship, but it will also suffer module malfunctions like the other modules. Specifically it will lose power and will need to be rebooted. For the Anaconda we’re also making it a bit harder to hit the powerplant.

Player groups was something that came up quite a bit in conversation at Lavecon and in relation to powerplay as well. During the run up to Powerplay’s release we talked about how a player sponsored minor faction can rise to become a power. We’ve been working on the process for this and will be talking about it in more detail next week. For players already supporting a minor faction in game they will be eligible.

The Elite: Dangerous team have never been bigger, and we’re working long hours and weekends to have our major announcement ready in time for Gamescom. It’s something we’ve be building to for a long time and something we can’t wait to reveal. You’ll hear all about that when Gamescom opens to the press on August 5th.


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Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 17 de Julio de 2015, 20:21:03 pm
Del facebook de Elite Dangerous, dos imagenes del F63  Condor

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Elite: Horizons, primera expansión para Elite Dangerous llegará a final de año.


Hello, Commanders

This morning we’re announcing Elite Dangerous: Horizons – another full season of major gameplay expansions for Elite Dangerous, beginning later this year with ‘Planetary Landings’.

I’ve been fascinated by the exploration of space since I was young, and especially with the almost unimaginable scales involved. Going down to the surfaces of planets was a key part of my dreams of exploration, and soon we'll realise that dream in Elite Dangerous.

We're beginning with airless, rocky worlds – places where a great deal of new gameplay can take place. These are planet-sized sandbox environments, with all sorts of things to discover hidden on them. You'll find surface starports, crashed ships, mineral deposits, hidden bases and more.

These worlds are gigantic, and - like the open galaxy - you'll be able to go anywhere. You'll be able to fly over the surface in low orbit and choose your spot to land, you'll be able to venture out in your Surface Recon Vehicle and hurtle across the surface at high speed. You'll be able to sneak around or go in all guns blazing. The nimble SRV is tiny compared to your ship, and is virtually invisible on a long range scanner – ship-based weapons will find it very hard to hold a lock on them, but airborne and ground-based players can explore the same worlds together, so watch the skies!

As I’ve said already, I’ve wanted to do surface landings in Elite Dangerous for quite a while now – and we have been planning how best to do it since the Kickstarter. Elite Dangerous: Horizons is the first stage and a huge step. The quality people expect is, as always, very high, and the team have done a great job hitting that benchmark. These worlds will feel real and meaningfully unique.

You’ll read about some of the exciting things you’ll find on surfaces this week in the press and on our Community blog, but Planetary Landings is just the start. Elite Dangerous: Horizons is a full season of content extending into 2016, introducing new features and gameplay in each major expansion. As with Season One, this season of expansions is not just about planet surfaces, but other major features are coming too.

Of course support will continue for Elite Dangerous even outside of Elite Dangerous: Horizons, and we’re keeping the community together. All Elite Dangerous and Elite Dangerous: Horizons players will share the same galaxy together and you’ll retain all your progress whenever you choose to join our new season of expansions.

Elite Dangerous: Horizons will be available to pre-order on our store today, and I’m very happy to announce all existing Elite Dangerous players will receive a 25 percent loyalty discount off the Horizons retail price. Existing players will also unlock the exclusive Cobra Mk IV ship in Elite Dangerous: Horizons. The Cobra Mk IV will be available in the game only to players who joined us in the first year – forever. It’s our ‘thank you’ for your faith in the game, and you’ll see more of the Cobra Mk IV in Friday’s Peek Of The Week.

Due to popular demand, we’ve also decided to bring back for a limited time the lifetime expansion pass. It should appear in our store later today.

We’re committed to seeing Elite Dangerous grow the right way, and we hope you’ll join us planetside as we embark upon the exploration of our galaxy’s undiscovered worlds together. We have a great team, and I believe Elite Dangerous: Horizons will bring players closer than ever to the dream of touching other worlds.

There will be lots of questions, I know! Elite Dangerous’ Lead Designer Sandro Sammarco and I will be taking your questions in this afternoon’s livestream at 16:00 CEST, so please visit twitch.tv/elitedangerous for that.

The Community team will do their best to answer your questions about the ongoing evolution of Elite Dangerous on our forums, and tune in to our Twitch stream throughout the week for more on Elite Dangerous for Xbox One, Elite Dangerous 1.4: CQC for PC and Mac, and Elite Dangerous: Horizons.

Thank you for playing, and Right On, Commander!

David Braben

Y el Teaser
Elite Dangerous: Horizons is a new season of major gameplay expansions for Elite Dangerous, beginning with Planetary Landings across the Elite Dangerous galaxy.

Elite Dangerous: Horizons will continue to introduce new features and gameplay as the season continues into 2016, enriching the Elite Dangerous experience with new activities and new ways to play.

• Elite Dangerous: Horizons – A new season of expansions for Elite Dangerous, starting Holiday 2015 on PC.
• Planetary Landings – Elite Dangerous: Horizons launches with the eagerly-awaited planetary landings on countless 1:1 scale worlds.
• Game-Changing Content – Map uncharted worlds, dogfight in canyons, discover items and events you’ll only find on world surfaces.
• Driving on Planets – Embark on surface expeditions in all-terrain Surface Roving Vehicles (SRVs).
• Play with Friends – Share the experience above and on the ground in Wings, and participate in Powerplay and story events in unique ways.
• A Whole Season Of Expansions – Regular major updates included in the single purchase.
• One Elite: Dangerous Community – All Elite Dangerous players will continue to benefit from ongoing improvements.
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Video del CQC
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Video de la EGX mostrando las mejoras que vendrán en el futuro y en la nueva expansión:
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Contenido de la 2.2 (Guardians) (demasiado extenso para postearlo).

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Gracias majo  :pulgares:
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¡Chavaaal!  :shock:
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2.3 Commanders Lanzado:

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Ojo, multicrew.
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