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Título: Golem Arcana
Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 03 de Octubre de 2013, 21:08:00 pm
De los mismos creadores de Shadowrun Return, Golem arcana es una especie de wargame de batallas de titanes que usan tecnologia de Ipad y similar para agilizar los turnos, me ha parecido interesante el KickStarter y lo he puesto por aqui, a ver como les va.

Golem Arcana combines miniatures with mobile technology to deliver a tabletop game that's easy to learn and fast to play.

We love tabletop miniatures games, but they can be a huge investment of time and effort. With so many games - both digital and physical - competing for our precious gaming time these days, it can be hard to commit to miniatures games that require hours upon hours of leafing through sourcebooks, measuring distances, and debating the rules. And while painted figures are cool, not everyone has the time or materials to paint an entire army of miniatures.

That’s why we're creating Golem Arcana - the digitally-enhanced miniatures game.

By integrating your touchscreen phone or tablet into the tabletop experience, Golem Arcana removes the busywork associated with miniatures games. Record-keeping is automatic. Important game information is all quickly searchable at your fingertips. Instant feedback is provided for movements and attacks, eliminating the need to refer to complex results tables. Skirmish scenarios can be completed in less than 45 minutes. Plus, all Golem Arcana figures come fully assembled and painted* so you can start playing right out of the box. You can forget the work and focus on strategy and fun.

Golem Arcana merges the energy of friends at a table, the engrossing tactics of a miniatures game, and the convenience of a computer game to create a unique new style of game that's fast and accessible without sacrificing depth of gameplay.

*If you want to paint your own figures, then check out the unpainted resin figures in the Optional Items Menu below.

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