4th Perrus Squadron

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Ire añadiendo una serie de enlaces a medida que vayan apareciendo en el foro oficial de DCS:W

* Scripts:
-Artillery Enhancement (Añade radares de contrabateria / Spoters / Tactical Nukes / Mejoras unidades artilleria)

-Dynamic Medevac (añade misiones de Casevac al UH-1H)

-huey troop pickup/dropoff via radio command (añade despligue y recogida de tropas por comandos del menu de radio)

-Kneeboard exporter para todos los modulos (1.2.4)
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Efecto de fuego de supresión
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* Troposphere v1.0
Injector de tiempo atmosferico para DCS:W.
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- Transport Script (otra versión para el transporte de tropas en vehiculos y aparatos)

- Trafico Aereo aleatorio
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Otro script interesante, tropas desplegables (el script en la dirección web):
Dismount Script:
This small script allows to add a dismounted element to any ground unit. When the designated carrier unit stops, it will disembark the assigned element. When it continues moving, the dismounts will embark again on the carrier. Available dismounts include: MANPADS team, mortar team, rifle squad and ZU-23 AAA (the gun would be towed actually rather than being mounted).

Rifle squads have an extra functionality. Once they dismount, they will move to a position 100m in front of their carrier. If the carrier starts moving again and stay below 20 kph, the dismounted rifle squad will keep trying to move in front of their carrier. Once the carrier breaks 20 kph, the dismounted rifle squad will embark again.

Implementation is fairly easy. Run the script to initialize it, then run the following code line for each unit you want to assign a dismounted element:

AddDismounts("UnitName", "dm_type")
UnitName is the mission editor name of the unit (remember to take the unit name, not the group name; the name must be written with "").

dm_type is the dismounted element you want to add. Available options are: "MANPADS", "Mortar", "Rifle" or "ZU-23" (write it with "").

The script is quite simple. If a dismounted group is destroyed, it is not embarked again. But I did not track the individual dismounted units, so if a group looses some units, embarks and later disembarks again, it will be spawned in full strength again.

The MANPADS team is probably the most useful function of this script and in my opinion a quite cool addition  A moving convoy can have MANPADS loaded as cargo in some units. When the convoy is attacked, disperses and comes to a halt, the MANPADS dismount to defend against air attack.

The script could also be expanded quite easily with new dismount types should they become available (ATGM teams, automatic grenade launcher teams, heavy MG teams, towed artillery etc.).

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El creador del Dismount Script ha puesto una misión de prueba en el mismo enlace de arriba. En este se muestra un peloton de BTR-80s que desplega su infanteria al asalto delante de los transportes, mientras, una bateria de obuses de 120mm transportada en camiones se despliegua en su trasera para dar apoyo. Un equipo antiaereo Igla MANPAN le cubre.

Unas fotos

Aunque esto sea algo simple, si se mira con retrospectiva, este Script (y otros como el de Artillery Enhancement), pueden hacer ganar muchos enteros al CA. Algunos en el foro de ED han realizado asaltos a objetivos, y dan una gran inmersión a la jugabilidad.
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AFAC Script
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Versión 4.1 del Medvac Script
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Unos suecos han hecho un Script de Capture de Frag en DCS: W (archivos e info en el post)

Un video:
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Ala, alguien se ha montado un curso antisubmarino en DCS: World  :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=116135 (Script y como funciona en el mismo script)
Welcome cadet to the Black Sea Fleet Anti-Submarine Warfare Research and Training Center at Novorossiysk. In this training course you will learn the basics of heliborne anti-submarine warfare. This knowledge will prepare you for operational ASW missions which surely are to follow.

Features of this mission includ script based solutions for submerged submarines and the basic ASW equipment, such as sonobuoys, dipping sonar, MAD and air dropped torpedoes. The under-the-hood simulation of these aspects is brought to the player by text output, sounds and some special effects. This mission will provide an opportunity to quickly try out this new mission type in a training environment. More difficult, "true" submarine hunt missions will follow by me and as I hope by other mission designers.

While this mission is set up as a multiplayer coop, it is currently only cleared for singleplayer use. You can either start it as a normal SP mission and select your helicopter of choice (Mi-8 or UH-1) at the mission start, or play it by setting up your own server. I have tested the mission in multiplayer with friends and we have experienced repeated disconnects and loss of syncing. I assume that this is somehow caused by the script, possible by the server being overwhelmed with script data. At least it looks like that. The exact cause is not clear to me yet though, and I also think that the amount of data being handled by the script is not extraordinary big. Please feel free to test this in multiplayer, perhaps we can figure it out together. Again, playing alone, either SP or as the host, should be perfectly fine.

The script behind this mission is set up for easy modification and I hope it will spawn missions by other mission designers. The script is divided into a main script and a config script, which holds all the mission specific data. So only the config script needs to be adjusted for a new mission, while the main script can easily be replaced with subsequent updated versions. Please feel free to copy and adjust the mission as you like. I will also post the scripts in the Mission Builders' Corner of the forum once this mission has been out for a bit, as I am sure a broader player base will discover some bugs first.

Lastly I would like to mention that while I tried to make this heliborne ASW environment as authentic and realistic as possible within the limits of DCS, I am by no means an expert on the topic. I do not claim that the systems and tactics portrayed here are true to real life. Almost everything I learned about helicopter ASW comes from playing Dangerous Waters. So this mission is also meant as a tribute to the awesome simulation by Sonalysts. Some players might even recognize some of the sounds

Editado: Marcadores de Humo, Sonar calable, sonoboyas, MAD, Tormedos.... hur hur.
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Pues parece que el creador de la misión quiere seguir expandiendola  :pulgares:

I have some ideas for features that I would like to implement additionally. But after having spent quite a bit of time on the concept I wanted to release something which holds the basic equipment and see how well it is received by the community (and if there is even any interest in ASW). Features I would like to add are:

-Thermal layers
-Weapon presets
-"Virtual" depth charges for the Huey and "bomb-conversion" depth charges for the Mi-8 and the flyable fixed wing aircraft. The latter would converse a bomb into a depth charge by removing the in-game bomb shortly before impact and spawning a scripted depth charge in the water below.
-Surfacing of damaged subs.
-Random spawned wrecks on the seabed that trigger MAD.

I would like to expand the sonobuoys but here we quickly come to a limit of what can be done with text output and F10 user input. I decided to go with a simple omni-directional passive buoy which which provides pre-processed data (imagine a guy in the back working the station and giving you his assessment). I think it also supports gameplay as this buoy requires the use of other sensors to determine target position.

While of course the Mil Mi-14 and AB-212 served as inspiration for the script, I did not model any specific system. The torpedo is loosely based on the Mk-46 while sonobuoys, dipping sonar and MAD represent approximately the 1960s state of technology. I think this fits well to the level of data output that can be achieved with text, anything more modern would require integrated top-down view situation displays.
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El creador del curso ASW ha hecho que el sonar sumergible haga el contorno de la costa  :shock:

Well I couldn't figure out yet what's wrong with the weapon menu in MP. But at least I wrote something pretty cool today. Dipping sonar will now show the outline of the coast.

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ASW Training course update v2

The mission is now updated to version 2:


Here is the change log:

-Fixed disappearing menu bug
-Smoke Marker Buoys endurance changed from 20 min to 6 min
-Dipping sonar max. washout depth reduced from 30 m to 10 m
-MAD detection distance now also depends on sub depth
-MAD detection distance increased to 400m
-Added thermal layer
-Sonobuoys can be dropped deep or shallow
-Torpedo search cone now affected by depth difference between sub and torpedo
-Torpedo search depth can be preselected
-Dipping sonar now displayes the coastline
-FAB-250 and Mk-82 work like depth charges
-Mi-8 has FAB-250
-Added Su-25, Su-25T and A-10C
Depth plays a much bigger role after this update. I introduced a simple model for a thermal layer, which will cut active sonar detection range (both for dipping sonar and the torpedo homing head) by half. This will force you to search on both sides of the layer with your dipping sonar. The search depth for torpedoes can now be preselected in the F10 radiomenu and allows to have a torpedo search either above or below the layer. Sonobuoys are likewise affected by the layer, cross layer the received signal strength is reduced. To compensate, sonobuoys can be dropped in either a deep (400m) or shallow (50m) mode. This will determine to which depth the buoy will lower its receiver.

Submarine depth now also affects the MAD detection range (additionally to helo altitude, which was previously already implemented). A deep sub will show a weaker signal even if you are directly above it and might even outdive MAD detection altogether!

The torpedo search cone is now limited to +/- 30° in every dimension. If the torpedo searches at a depth that is offset too much from a sub, it will not detect it even if you dropped the weapon right on top of the target. One reason more to select the correct search depth for the weapon before launching it.

All this makes determining the submarine depth quite important. The bad news is, it is impossible to determine the exact submarine depth! Like almost everything in ASW, getting target depth involves looking at all the sensor data available and then making the best guess possible

FAB-250 and Mk-82 can now be used like depth charges. Instead of exploding on the surface, these bombs now enter the water, descend to a depth that can be preselected in the F10 radiomenu and explode underwater. They have a rather generous kill radius of 25 m. Wiki talks about a kill radius of about 6 m, but I have increased it to compensate the fact that my subs are only point objects. I haven't used them much yet, but they seem to be pretty useless. I guess there is a reason why the major navies went for nuclear depth charges  Still I think they are a fun little addition. The first one that kills a sub with a depth charge unassisted by Show Truth wins a virtual bottle of Scotch! You will truly be the first one ever, I haven't done it yet

Additionally I added the Su-25, Su-25T and A-10C to the mission. This is not meant too seriously, just to get a little taste of Viking style fixed-wing sub hunting.
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Mi-8MTV2 and UH-1H anti-submarine warfare coop mission for 1 to 6 players.

Originally Posted by Briefing
Anapa Naval Airbase, 1700h

60 minutes ago, the Ligh Anti-Submarine Ship Kasimov had intermittent contact with a snorkeling diesel-electric submarine 15 km south of the entrance to the Strait of Kerch. Upon further investigation by the Kazimov the sub broke contact and vanished. We assume this is a Turkish submarine which will try to pass the Strait of Kerch and enter the Sea of Azov.

The helicopters of the 872nd Independent Anti-Submarine Helicopter Regiment based at Anapa are tasked to block the Strait of Kerch and sink the hostile submarine before it reaches the Sea of Azov. The enemy is expected to enter the strait within the next hour and complete the passage before 20:00h.

Sonar conditions are average with an expected sonobuoy detection range of 2000 m. A thermal layer is expected at a depth between 80 and 120 m. Bottom depth in the strait is 200 m.

Expect civil and military surface traffic in the Strait of Kerch. All submerged contacts are declared hostile.

For an introduction into anti-submarine warfare refer to the ASW Training Course.
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The ASW Script adds script based submerged submarines and anti-submarine warfare equipment such as sonobuoys, dipping sonar, MAD, depth charges and torpedoes. For a more detailed introduction and discussion of the features look here:

ASW Training Course

I am posting the script here for everyone to build their own anti-submarine warfare missions. I gave extra care for easy adaption and integration into your own missions. The script is divided into the main script and a configuration script. Only the configuration script needs do be adjusted to the needs of your mission (amount of ASW aircraft, amount of submarines etc.). The options of the configuration script are hopefully self explaining. If the main script is adjusted in the future, you hopefully only need to exchange the main script without any readjustment needed of your own config script.

It is important that the config script is run before the main script.

The ASW Script comes with some additional sound samples. Extract the attached ASW_Script_Sounds.zip, then add the sound files into you .miz mission file. Several of the sounds come from the game Dangerous Waters, so thanks to Sonalysts.

Something important to remember when you add your own scripting to the mission. The sensor output screens utilize the trigger.action.outTextForGroup command and will occupy the text output 100% of the time when active. If you want to add your own text outputs, use the custom functions TextToAll() or TextToGroup(). These functions can display multiple text outputs simultaneously.

TextToAll(text string, duration number, priority number)
TextToGroup(groupID number, text string, duration number, priority number)

Priority is the order in which messages are displayed, with 1 at the top and higher numbers below. Priority 1 is used for the sensor output screens, so use 2 or higher for your own text output.

Have fun and I hope to see many new ASW missions soon
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Mbot trabaja en un detection Script:

I am currently working on a script that intends to improve the visual detection model of AI ground units. The idea is that you apply a script to a ground unit that will run on top of the AI's hard coded detection model and controls the engagement of script-detected targets via controlling the unit's ROE. Obviously once the script has detected a target and allows to open fire, the AI will engage any target it sees via the hard coded detection model, irrespective if this target has been detected within the script. It's not pretty, but it's the best thing we can currently do with scripts.

Factors affecting probability of aircraft detection I intend to implement include:
-line of sight
-angular velocity
-terrain/sky background
-relative bearing from observer (front, side, back)
-time of day
-abstraction of ground clutter masking (since DCS has no true vegetation)

Writing the overall script has been fairly easy and quick. All the factors above are already captured by the script. Now I am working on how exactly these will affect the probability and this becomes quite challenging. I was never really good in probability mathematics and am hitting a brick wall here.

The way the script works is that each second, the area (radius 10 km) around every designated observer unit is checked for aircraft and helicopter. The above factors determine a probability of detection if the target is truly detected within each search cycle (which repeats every second).

Now the base data for the probability of detection I am collecting from various research papers comes in a format like this:


The aircraft approaches the observer (at a speed specified in the research method, here 400 kts) and the probability that the target is detected at a given range increases as the aircraft is closing. Now how do I transfer this data to a form that is usable by my script? My probabilities are applied every second again, while here a single probability somehow rises with closing distance. The probabilities for my script need somehow need to be a lot smaller, since they are repeated quickly (A 33% probability of detection will on average lead to a certain detection within 3 seconds). I know I can somehow use this real world data, but I am not sure how to apply it. Does anyone have a better understanding of this?

In case you are interested, here are is some of the research on visual detection I found:
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Detection Script por MBot (archivos de ejemplo y lua en el enlace)

Detection Script Released

DCS is currently featuring a rather simplistic visual detection model for ground units with instantaneous detection on good visual conditions. This makes air defense system that depend on visual target acquisition, such as MANPADS, SA-9/13 or Chaparral, overly effective by effectively not modeling their biggest weakness. The Detection Script aims to improve this situation by over imposing a custom written visual detection model over selected groups of ground units. This custom visual detection model controls the weapon hold/free status of the group and therefore inhibits the engagement of a target until it is determined as being visually detected by more realistic standards. The Detection Script visual detection is based on a probability model, adjusted by multiple situation depended factors, and tuned according the real world US Army test data wherever available.
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IADScript por Grimles (archivos de misión y ejemplo en el post correspondiente del foro de ED)


PD: sigue fallando algo al poner el texto en quote que no deja publicarlo.
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Alguien puede probar esta misión.... esta en ruso, pero por lo que he podido traducir, es una misión en la que los grupos de tierra tienen una IA que detecta a los enemigos, los reporta, esperan apoyo aereo e incluso dirigen la artilleria contra ellos. La misión parece que requiere MSF_beta_1.0.2 (http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=96572)


Video: http://youtu.be/t3KhBqeSCGM Los enemigos son detectados en el minuto 2:00, y como se ve, avisan por radio y se paran hasta que hagamos el trabajo "sucio".
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Autonomous CAP y CGI Script:
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Estaría bien proceder a la EDICIÓN del título de este hilo. Es que joder, duele verlo. No sé si esto es ser un poco talibán, pero vamos...habiendo la palabra correcta y tal, y tiene las mismas pulsaciones...
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Dynamic Ground Controlled Intercept (and divertable) script
GCI/Divertable script


by RagnarDa 2013/2014

Anticipating the release of the MiG-21 soon I am releasing this update now. This is a script that I started more than a year ago that simulates the commanding of air assets to defend a region against enemy air intruders. It simulates the radar coverage of different radar stations (EWR, AWACS, SAMs, ships or visual) and when it detects an enemy aircraft it spawns a interceptor flight (fighters) that are continually steered towards an optimal interception point, as long as the radars can see the enemy target. Radar simulation includes line-of-sight, ground interference and doppler-shift detection. Note that it is possible to shake off an incoming fighter group by speeding up, diving behind a mountain (or notching) and then changing direction as the fighters will now look for you at the location you where supposed to be at if you hadn't changed course. It is also possible to configure the fighters to only use their radar (or not at all) once they are in a firing position which means that when you see the numbers on the RWR you are only a second or two from being shot at. The mission profile of the interceptors is also configurable so you can have “look-up/shoot-up”-only capable fighters (like MiG-21) fly a low-high-low profile in which they will attack from below or you can have “look-down/shoot-down” capable fighters (like MiG-25) fly a high-low-high profile in which they will hunt and attack you from high altitude. You can also have the player as an interceptor in which the player will be instructed to fly towards the target using text in the upper right corner of the screen.

Another feature of the script is the “divertables” that is demonstrated in this video:


Note that the bomber decided to go home once the player has stayed on his wing for a while. This feature is also possible to use without the GCI-instructions, and only use default in-game AWACS or LotATC for example.

* All instructions for the script are included in the script itself *

Note that I am keeping all my scripts from now on GitHub.

DOWNLOAD LINK: https://github.com/RagnarDa/DCS-Mission-Scripts/tree/master/GCI
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v4 de MIST disponible (en el post del foro de ED):

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Complete Transport and Logistics Deployment - CTLD compatible con DCS: W 1.5 (Requiere MIST actualizado)


CSAR Script v1.5 actualizado para DCS: W 1.5 (Requiere MIST actualizado)


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Nueva versión del Dynamic Medevac Script

Autonomous CAP and GCI AI fighter script RC5

Complete Transport and Logistics Deployment - CTLD

C4ISR Script.
Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance

EWRS - Early Warning Radar Script