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Título: Pequeño fix para la cabina
Publicado por: Skorp en 20 de Septiembre de 2011, 19:45:20 pm
Jipiado a ESA_Abigor, del 5J´s...;)


Hey guys,

I just made a little fix to one of the cockpit textures (number 8002). If you take a look at the screenshot below you can see what I changed. Some of the metal switches looked a little bit too flat and, in my opinion, needed some occlusion to feel a little bit more tridimensional. I can't bake the real occlusion shader to the texture because I don't have the original 3D model of the cockpit so I manually painted it to get the same effect.

I wish I could have done this for other parts too (like the ALT REL red button or the knobs which also look very flat) but after trying I quickly realized that the UVs were not good enough for these parts (overlapping, too small or incomplete). I can fix these parts only if these UVs receive a better layout and more room on the texure. But I'm not sure if this can be done without the original 3D model.

Anyway, at least it worked for the metal switches (good UVs on these ones). You can download the new texture HERE (http://www.cleared-to-engage.com/public/8002.dds) (right click and save) and overwrite the old one located in Data/Terrdata/objects/KoreaObj. If you like the changes feel free to incorporate this texture in the next BMS update.



PS: I know, I know... Go back to FLARE! I just had to do this fix, it was bothering me too much!