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Título: BMS 4.36 U1 OUT!!!!
Publicado por: fresco en 24 de Abril de 2022, 19:30:37 pm

Download:  https://www.falcon-bms.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/Falcon_BMS_4.36_Setup.torrent    Formato Torrent



General list of affected assets
Asset   Compatiblility
(4.35 -> 4.36)   Comments
Logbook   Yes   No changes in format. transfer possible
Falcon BMS.cfg   No   Please use Falcon BMS User.cfg for persistent changes
*.key files (keyboard and joysitcks)   No   added new keys and removed old
IVC Client   No   IVC configuration changes to support audio balance and more
RTT Remote   Yes   No changes
*.ini files in User folder   No   Not compatible
DeviceSorting.txt (joystick order)   Yes   Compatible
3D Database (Objects & Textures)   Limited   No changes in formats but many objects, textures and index were changed…
Falcon BMS Database   No   Features added that make XML files incompable
Campaign *.cam / *.tac / *.trn   No   format updated to 108 (use Mission commander to convert)
Weather *.fmap   No   Changes in weather depiction (could work but still)
Theater build assets (TerrData Terrain & Textures)   Yes   Theater format and assets are compatible
Sound Table   No   Too many changes
Cockpit Art   Yes   No changes in format
UI definition files   Limited   No changes in format (be careful with updates for new features)
Documentation   Limited   Checklists and Dash -1 from Falcon BMS 4.35 remain applicable (please check WIKI page)

3D Changelog
New / updated

- New details and fixes for all new airbases: RKNN - RJOI - RKJJ - RKJK - RKPK - RKPS - RKSM - RKSO - RKSW - RKTI - RKTN - RKTY - ZKTS – ZKUJ.
- New static assets for KTO
- New / updated ground units 3D assets (M901 ITV, 61-K Gun, M60A3, Skyguard Radar, MDK-2M, M117, BL-755, AS-34, M88A2, Gwanggaeto CLS, M109,
- New / updated plane skins or 3D models (Mirage F1, MQ-9 Reaper, Ka-52, F-4, F-16, A-50, Su-35, CH-53, B-52G, B-52H, OH-58D, U-2, J-20, Yak-38, C-17, F-104, WD-1, MV-22, IL-76/78, Jaguar A)
- New pylons and elements (LM-39, RPL-35 and RPL-201, R Su-35SK Hard AA, RPL-35-AA tank)
- New weapons (AGM-65E, AGM-65L, PL-15, YL-12, YL-14, AS-30L)
- F-16 Cockpits light panels updated for new light code
- New external lights added to compatible planes
- New Basket air refueling models and pods


- Cockpit fixes (M2000 all variants, AV-8B, F-18)
- F-16 Cockpits misc. updates (all variants)


- Old plane cockpits removed (F-22, F-14)
Data Changelog
Campaign / Tactical Engagement

- Validac.dat removed to be replaced by XML file (InvalidAcTypes.XML -> List of non-available plane types)
- TvT campaign refactored
- station+ils.dat updated
- Updated ATC sounds for some airbases (some airbases pronunciations have changed to match real life)
 -- Choongwon AB => Jungwon AB (RKTI)
 -- Chongju AB => Cheongju AB (RKTU)
 -- Kangnung AB => Gangneung AB (RKNN)
 -- Kimhae Airport => Gimhae Intl Airport (RKPK)
 -- Kimpo Airport => Gimpo Intl Airport (RKSS)
 -- Kunsan Airbase => Gunsan Airbase (RKJK)
 -- Kwangju AB => Gwangju AB (RKJJ)
 -- Nachodka AB => Uglovoye AB
 -- Taegu AB => Daegu AB (RKTN)
 -- Sachon AB => Sacheon AB (RKPS)
 -- Yechon AB => Yecheon AB (RKTY)
 -- Wonsan AB => Kalma Airport (ZKWS)
 -- Pyongtaek AB => Pyongtaek AAF (RKSG) - Named "A-511 Camp Humphreys" in Jeppesen and DOD.
 -- Shenyang Airbase => Shenyang Beiling Airbase
 -- Sunch'on Airbase => Sunchon Airbase (ZKSC)

- ATC file fixes
- Added and fixed multiple training missions
- Camo.cfg removed to be directly managed in cam / tac files
- New airbases in Japan/South Korea (Hiroshima, Incheon, Iwami, Muan, Tsushima, Yangyang)
- New terrain textures layers
- Fixed ZSU 23-4 ring in PPT.ini
- New PPT.ini entries
- Objectives names now saved in TE or campaign file (wch / idx files in campaign folder)
- Updated KTO weather maps (for 31 days instead of 17)
- Campaigns triggers fixed for: Win, Loose, Timeout, Stalemate
- Updated UI map


- New sounds for external elements (Chaff/Flare, AB, Gear, Wind, …)
- New cockpit callbacks (key file updated)
- Fixes for many ground and sea units radars and symbols
- Fixes on AG missiles and bombs data
- Database cleanup to free up slots
- HAD/HAS complete rework (symbols)
- Fixed WASP landings
- Many Planes loadouts corrected / adjusted
- Some flight models fixed / added (F1-CT, MQ-9, Su-35, Rafale C, F-104, MV-22, F-4, Jaguar A)
- Many missiles and weapons FM files updated
- New Afterburner detent click in cockpit (set g_bAfterburnerDetentClick)

Art / Effects
- New system (MFD + HUD) font
- Fixed Heat blur effect
- Improved burning effect
- Improved BLU-107 effects
Code Changelog

- Performance improvements
- Multiple stability fixes
- Multiple code « races » fixed (freeze and crash)
- Multiple BMS editor fixes and improvements
- Adding in avionic editor new MMC features
- Added capacity for more DX keys per device (g_nButtonsPerDevice : from 32 to 128)

- Customization of rotary switches:
  -- g_nIntuitiveSwitches  1 invert the switches norm for the left cockpit panel , which means for left panel , left click down , right up ; and right panel left up , right down...
  -- g_nIntuitiveSwitches  2 allows to invert totally that NORM for switches
g_nInvertRotaries  1 .
  -- Allow inversion of the norm for all rotaries which becomes then Left click anticlock-wise, right click clockwise
  -- Default is g_nInvertRotaries 0, g_nIntuitiveSwitches 0

- Adding a factor named g_f3DPitButtonDetectFactor to make the cockpit mouse anchoring a little more tunable to help when screen res is high and/or head trackers are set on higher rates etc.
- Change in g_bNoAiForHumanControlledSqd behavior

For human controlled squadron:

AI is now able to spawn, taxi and take off, however, they will abort and land immediately if no player has taken a seat after takeoff.

if a player is leaving an aircraft, AI will take over and bring back the aircraft to base (force RTB) and will not engage.

- Multiplayer Fog of war: (g_bFogOfWarSave)
If Set to 1, a client can save only the units of his team or allied, and the enemy spotted units

- ACMI improved (compilation vastly improved and size limit removed in UI)
- Tanker remains hosted on HOST instead of being handed over to clients during refuel in MP
- Added a “Falcon BMS User.cfg” that will supersede “Falcon BMS.cfg” parameters
- MP connectivity: (client can now specify a different port IPv4:port or IPv6:port for both BMS and IVC – BMS Host will need to set: g_nServerPort)
- g_CalibrationHg setting is now MP transferred.
- IVC updated (now supports 96 clients and UHF / VHF offset to right or left possible)
- RTT Remote update for optimizations
- New OFM ground handling code
- Possible to change loadout in UI if flights already in 3D (fix)
- Increased MP data block size transfer

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Muchas gracias, Fresco :pulgares:
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