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Título: MBDA Concept Vision 2011 "Perseus"
Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 29 de Junio de 2011, 18:26:38 pm
El concepto es de un misil multiproposito de ataque antibuque/antivehiculo/instalación, hipersonico, con capacidad de evasión y lanzamiento de cabezas multiples, presentado en el Paris Air Show, sera interesante conseguir mas información sobre el concepto.

MBDA Concept Vision 2011 "Perseus"
The official presentation of the long-range maritime multi-mission CVS401 Perseus weapon system takes place today at the Paris Air Show.

This system illustrates MBDA's vision for naval combat and land strikes from maritime platforms in 2030 and beyond. Its technical definition was built from MBDA employees' innovative capabilities as expressed through the 169 proposals that were received during the Concept Visions 2011 IDEA Challenge. The CVS401 Perseus weapon system concept is a synthesis of 14 key proposals formulated within the four nations that took part in the Challenge and the focus groups involving French and British operational forces. Assistance was also provided by a network of experts designated from within MBDA's Group Technical Direcorate.

If you have the chance to visit the stand at the Paris Air Show or, if not, in the next edition of Vector magazine, you will be able to discover the extraordinary possibilities that the competences of MBDA personnel offer us, along with the portfolio of technologies under development within the group and its industrial partners.

The Concept Visions project is a team of nine people, who worked for almost five months to pull together your ideas. "We have examined the 169 proposals one-by-one against an analysis grid based on eleven questions encompassing technical credibility, ambition, originality and operational relevance. At the conclusion of this examination, we selected approximately twenty ideas and then undertook a functional and operational analysis in order to build the most coherent vision possible. It was only when this synthesis had been validated that we looked again at our selection to identify the key contributing proposals resulting from the IDEA Challenge," stated Lionel Mazenq, the Concept Visions 2011 Project Manager.

14 proposals have been rewarded, including eight at Level 1 and one at Level 2. "On behalf of the Concept Visions 2011 project team, I would therefore like to congratulate the team from MBDA Germany, who won the Level 2 award, for their the PANDION concept (proposal no. 4399). Well done to Thomas Löb, Dieter Fasol, Detlev Offenbach, Siegfried Hora and Jürgen Engel," commented Lionel Mazenq.

The Concept Visions 2011project has proved that enthusiasm continues to flourish within MBDA and that innovation is truly in our genes.

Video en youtube, con musica del Modern Warfare I/II para darle ambientación...... incluso diria que el equipo de operaciones especiales me parece conocido  XD
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0SzyLXIh6A&feature=player_embedded (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0SzyLXIh6A&feature=player_embedded)

Me gustaria hacerle el Form para probarlo
Título: Re:MBDA Concept Vision 2011 "Perseus"
Publicado por: Toro1 en 29 de Junio de 2011, 20:21:48 pm
Pues a mí me recuerda muy mucho al misil Apache...

Título: Re:MBDA Concept Vision 2011 "Perseus"
Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 29 de Junio de 2011, 20:49:19 pm
No te extrañe que tenga algo de base, ya que son del mismo fabricante. aunque claro, el apache es subsonico y sin despliegue de cabezas multiples, solo submisiones