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Título: MOD Black ICE (HOI 4)
Publicado por: Silver_Dragon en 27 de Septiembre de 2016, 21:02:09 pm
Conversión completa del sistema de investigación, unidades y objetivos nacionales, ademas de otros cambios.

Black ICE HOI IV Version 1.05

Black ICE is a mod which aims to overhaul HOI IV in order to make a more immersive, historical, and challenging experience for the player. We aim to tread a fine line between historical accuracy and the game balance. The mod is primarily a single player vs AI build, however multiplayer is possible and balance will be worked on in future versions.

Version 1.0+ sets the ground work for more to come. We will add in content continuously either directly via the BICE team or through player input and additions. We welcome other modders and players to contribute work to BICE. If you see something you can do better let the BICE team know. At this stage of the mod development nothing is set in stone and the mod is just the bare skeleton for a future monster BICE.

Remove all other mods ! If you need to use other mods, do so at your own risk. We aim to overhaul the entire game so other mods will not be balanced or accommodated for in BICE. We are happy to incorporate other mods into BICE itself on occasion. However other mods will need to be made compatible to work with BICE. So if another mod doesn’t work or breaks BICE, it’s not our issue to fix.

Due to being version 1.04, not everything we have set up works 100% correctly or is balanced as yet. We could spend another 6 months doing that work. Or we could release it to you guys and let you give feedback, suggestions, and helping hands. So consider yourselves playtesters ! You might find an update breaks your save game. Sorry about that ! The alternative is to come back in 6 months when BICE updates are fewer. Right now you can probably expect an update at least once a week.

We don’t tend to mod using the 3D models and prefer counters. So apologies for the lack of 3D model work. We are open to modders who want to contribute new models for those who prefer them.

NATO counters are also preferred, however we will make an effort to keep none NATO counters functional.