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Título: En proceso......East Mediterranean Front overview.
Publicado por: Skorp en 24 de Enero de 2005, 16:03:36 pm

El taetro aqui abajo puesto es el East Mediterenean Front Theatre.

Los links de debajo si son para el Anatolian Theatre, por si alguno quereis ehcar una mano.

Disculpad el error.

east mediterranean front overview

Spanning over 24 counties and over 3 continets, the east mediterranean front could be classified as
one of the most challenging falcon 4 theater operations ever attempted. In an attempt to recreate the ultimo
in flying combat simulation experience the eastmedfront team has undertaken the task of accurately depicting
4 campains, each one with its unique tactical characteristics.
In the center stage the Aegean Sea stand out as an focal point in aireal combat tactical stimulation.
Viper Vs Viper, Phantom Vs Phantom, Western Arment faces a threat on it own ground.
On the North a replication of the Balkans Theater,
On the East the Isrealy Theater
Finaly an attempted to replicate the Crimean Theater.

Link a la Web (http://eastmedfront.com/)



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