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OF - Naldo abandona Golbalfalcon temporalmente

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OF - Naldo abandona Golbalfalcon temporalmente
« en: 18 de Abril de 2007, 13:12:23 pm »
Debido a temas falimilares:

Due to RL and other outside factors the forum will be closed in the next week or so.

I believe we have done a good job of helping guys getting up and running with OF, and sorted just about everyones problems out.

I am sorry to do this, and sorry to everyone and a huge thanks to u guys for helping out here.
We have a good community of guys here that actually helped each other.
Without the politics etc that happens.

As for 4.5, I personally soon, will not have time to carry it on.
All the work that has been done so far, will go to the guys who have done it and then up to them to release whatever, as they see fit.

Me personally I am a member at the 52nd VFW and hope to fly there at least once a week and if anyone needs anythink U can contact me there.

Armitage se hace cargo del chiringuito y se está estudiando que hacer con todas las mejoras del parche 4.5

Ok guys, I have spoken with Naldo at length about this and I have agreed to take care of the Global Falcon site for him, at least for the next few months. The Team Speak server will also remain in operation.

Naldo has some things he needs to sort out in his life and he needs some time off to do that, so in the mean time I will run with the forums and try and keep this community going as best I can, and if Naldo is ready to return again later then hopefully we will all still be around to welcome him back!

I will have to speak to Naldo and the guys that have been working so hard on the 4.5 patch to see what we can do there and we will let you know what decisions have been reached and how things will work.

There will be a few thing up in the air until I can get everything sorted out but please bear with me till then.

Suerte a Naldo en lo que sea....:pulgares.

Saludos 8)

No Center......No Party XD.

Enfoca cualquier situación problemática como lo haría un perro:
olfatea el problema y si no te lo puedes comer o follar, méate en ello y vete.


Hosting De Calidad desde 4,95 euros

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