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NYGM 2.3 Patch/Update

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NYGM 2.3 Patch/Update
« en: 03 de Diciembre de 2006, 11:21:35 am »
Para los que usan/usamos NWTG...


Since Observer and Teddy Baer remain in absentia, it falls to me to provide this update for NYGM 2.2. Size is 8.61 MBytes.

The update is provided in the form of an overlay that can be used by JSGME. The update is overlaid onto NYGM 2.2. Remove any other mods first. Install when your U-boat is in base. If in use, roll back SH3Commander before installation.

Note that the title screen will still show version "2.2", but the scrolling message on the main menu screen will now show "NYGM 2.3"

This patch has been released by me now partly due to the need to correct some omissions from 2.2, that were intended to be present but got overlooked. The other objective is to improve the feeble air power of the original SH3 aircraft still further. However, some other new items have also been included.

There is a short 'readme' as part of the update. It contains the following list of features:

1. New campaign files.
* Arctic convoys improved.
* No convoy anywhere has fewer than three escorts even early in war.
* Two new trans-Atlantic convoys simulated with permission from the German LSHIII mod.
* More traffic at Panama canal. Atlantic entrance of Panama canal is now marked with a port (‘Colon-Panama’).
* More unescorted ships, especially tankers, off the east coast of the USA from January to April 1942.
* British-escorts-style warships patrolling the oil terminals of Caracao and Port of Spain.
* Revised air bases, in part by correcting some positional errors from airbases in NYGM 2_2. Another special air base patrols the eastern part of the Bay of Biscay from 1 June 1944 to 31 December 1944.
* Radar-less Liberator ‘NR’ deployed so that you cannot always rely on your radar detectors during daylight when at sea.

2. More use of Anvart’s fabulous lighted ships.
Two of his new creations, arriving too late for NYGM 2_2, are now incorporated.

3. U-Snafu’s Flak Defence for U-boat Pens.
These are placed on most of the U-boat pens. Because of the way they are constructed, they will give ‘Aircraft seen’ messages in port.

4. Flotillas.cfg.
Minor changes to make patrol grids more appropriate.

5. Basic.cfg.
Errors corrected that prevented Types II and Types IX boat from getting ‘Bold’ decoy.

6. Sergbuto’s new released ships.
They will not (yet) be found in convoys, only as isolated ships.
These new ships as yet lack the NYGM slow-sinking-by-flooding model.
[Credits in documentation.]

7. SH3Patrol v1.6.
This should be placed in the folder ‘My Documents\SH3\data\cfg\’.
Refer to the main NYGM manual for instructions for use.

Released by Stiebler 2 December 2006.
Lo que se pueda, cuando se pueda y si se puede...


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