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AddOns Installer para FF3

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AddOns Installer para FF3
« en: 03 de Febrero de 2005, 15:50:37 pm »
Es como el OCI, aquel ejecutable que instalaba Falcon4 al completo con un sólo click, pero este sirve para los AddOns (escenarios, cabinas, etc). En principio sólo para FreeFalcon.


no ..the link you give is for IUC 1.02 it is not addon installer it is a one click installer for FF3 + hotfix + HFFM + launcher + L2 elevator etc..

AOI is in BETA stage for installing cockpits, theaters etc in one click also...

the link is there :

For finding supported add ons this is here :

AOI is designed for working with IUC 1.02 , anyway it can be used with FF3 install.

the procedure is that one : put AOI.exe and all the addons in the same folder and launch AOI ...then you will understand

for any questions, problems etc with AOI it is here :

don't hesitate to post in english, buigs, desires etc ...

Beware, this is a Beta , so it may imply to dance again in case of severe problem ...

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