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Falcon BMS 4.35 - Pillars of Hercules

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Falcon BMS 4.35 - Pillars of Hercules
« en: 16 de Junio de 2021, 19:16:16 pm »
(for Falcon BMS 4.35U1)
F4Spain-Escuadrón111 are pleased to present: POH 0.8.4

"Pillars of Hercules Theater Beta 0.8.4"

Theater of the Iberian Peninsula, Canary Islands,Ses Illes Balears,
Ilha da Madeira, Região Autónoma dos Açores
and North Africa for Falcon BMS 4.35U1.

POH is a project that began on March 30, 2002, within the Escuadrón111 thanks to the initiative of Alberto G.M. Since then we have published different versions of the project. The most important was POH 0.8.0. This new version updates the Theater to the version of FAlcon BMS 4.35 U1 and implements a few innovations.

Full theater conversion from BMS 4.34 to BMS 4.35 standards.
Theater conversion from 4.35 to U1:
Edited weather.ini to match Zulu and Local times.
Fixed some text strings errors.
Fixed some mismatches lacking from past updates. (C-101 and AlphaJet nose gear)

The installer must be signaling as install folder to the "Data" folder inside your "Falcon BMS 4.35" folderUsually C:\Falcon BMS 4.35\DataWith installation it is also installed an uninstaller program named "unins000.exe" inside the next folder: Falcon BMS 4.35\Data\Add-On iberiaDownload is available at_
Pillars of Hercules 0.8.4

The F4Spain Team

PS: Our project has been and is being possible thanks to the direct and indirect support of so many people that the list would be endless. Your contribution is recognized in the closing credits.

No Center......No Party XD.

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