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Flacon BMS 4.35

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Flacon BMS 4.35
« en: 22 de Diciembre de 2020, 15:57:06 pm »

Ladies and Gentlemen,

on behalf of the entire BMS development team, I am happy to announce that the latest iteration of the BillionSoft Falcon 4.0 total conversion modification - Benchmark Sims 4.35 - is available for you to enjoy as of RIGHT NOW!

BMS 4.35 requires a legit installation of a Falcon 4.0 (all older and newer versions are accepted alike, i.e. Microprose, Hasbro, GOG, Steam, Retroism). The check is performed both at setup time and every time you start BMS. If no valid installation is found, BMS will exit with a corresponding error message.

For those of you who are new to Falcon and still need a legacy Falcon 4.0 license, you're lucky, as there are various season sales going on right now (i.e. at the time of writing this post):


Note that this is NOT an exhaustive list of where to buy Falcon 4.0, it's just a list of retailers known to me (best effort) that offer sales/discounts right now, for your convenience. The list will not be updated.

This mod may not be used for any commercial purposes. Any such use may constitute a violation of the intellectual property of Billion Soft (Hong Kong) and the non-commercial Terms and Conditions under which Benchmark Sims make this mod available to you.

BMS 4.35 comes with a plethora of changes. As with each major BMS release, a full changelog would fill whole books. Instead, we've summarized the most important changes for you here:

Código: [Seleccionar]

- 4.35 is *not* an update to the former 4.34, but a new independent base installation
- 4.35 can co-exist with 4.34 on the same machine
— The build number string in the Falcon UI will read "4.35.0 (x64) Build 22548" for the base installation

BMS 4.35 Changelog Summary:

- DirectX 11 Upgrade
- Tactical Reference UI and Data Update
- Weather Control Improvement
- Zulu Time Integration
- Enhanced Flight Planning
- Updated 2D War
- Enhanced Fog Of War and Unit Detection (RECON/JSTAR)
- Improved Gameplay for KTO TvT Theater
- Revision of (AI) pilot names
- New Arresting System for emergency landings
- HTS and HARM improvements
- New multipage customizable kneeboards
- Full canopy control implementation
- Jet Fuel Starter 1+2 support
- Taxi-/Landing light update
- New Pilot Seat Adjustment
- New Anti-Ice Implementation
- Updated MFD fonts
- Enhanced Brakes + Hydraulic Systems
- Accurate Gear Implementation
- Better Aircraft Spawning and Despawning
- Improved Taxi, Lineup, Takeoff and Landing behavior (AI)
- ATC Overhaul (AI)
- Tanker AAR Update (AI)
- Carrier Enhancements (AI)
- RWR Realism Update
- New Pilot Death Situation
- SAM and AAA Operator Enhancement (AI)
- SAM Multi Targeting (AI)
- Enhanced Ship Self Defense Capability (AI)
- Anti Missile Intercept (AI)
- Better Aircraft Weapon Selection + Deployment (AI)
- Improved BVR Tactics (AI)
- More realistic pilot view and threat detection (AI)
- New Wind Turbine Facilities
- New Airbases
- New Features
- New Aircraft
- New Aircraft Skins
- New Ground Units
- New Naval Vessels
- Optimized LOD transition
- Improved Aircraft Destruction Model
- Moon Phases + Ephemeris
- Higher Atmosphere Upgrade
- Enhanced Smoke Duration for Destroyed Vehicles
- Updated switches on the F-18 cockpits
- Mirage 2000 cockpits improvements
- A-10 cockpit fixes
- New Sounds (internal + external)
- New HOTAS Callbacks
- RTTClient/RTTServer Update
- Hitbox Optimization
- Updated Flight Models (non F-16)
- Updated Key Files
- New Training Missions
- Documentation Update
- Enhanced Multiplayer Stability
- Hundreds of bug fixes, 3D and data improvements

Furthermore, as usual, the team has gone to great lengths to update the outstanding Falcon manuals. So once you installed 4.35, please check out the "documentation" section and the various manuals, you'll probably find all of your questions answered there.

Please check chapter 2 "Feature Overview" of the BMS 4.35 manual from page 8 to 9 in particular:

Código: [Seleccionar]
2. Feature Overview

2.1 F-16 System update

Many items were updated in the F-16 cockpit. The gear system has been totally rewritten with accurate
implementation of the alternate gear, down lock release, gear sequence and other system depending on gear
state. Canopy operations have been completely revised as well with proper operation of the spider and
warning lights. Anti-Ice system and Probe heat systems are now correctly implemented.
The Brake system has been reviewed as well with new implementation of the brake channels and anti-skid
systems. Supporting all these new features the FLCC has been revamped and is now a true quad redundant
channels which might fail individually and induce specific system failures.
Other details were updated as well such as Landing/taxi light implementation, seat adjust, new faults etc.

2.2 New airbase models

Some airbases were deleted, others added but the most striking factor will be the update of many airbases
from generic to realistic layout models. Most of the South Korea airbase are now looking quite close to their
real counterparts. The update is not only graphical, some airbases now feature a working arrestment system
with a cable allowing landing aircraft equipped with a hook to be stopped in case of brake failure.

2.3 Weather updates

To support the F-16 system changes the BMS weather model has been updated to implement icing, runway
conditions. Other aspects have been updated or implemented: wake turbulence, (jet wash & wingtip vortices)

2.4 Database changes

The BMS database is going though constant updates and this version is no different.
Default teams have been increased to 7 rather than the previous 2. Unfortunately, that means compatibility
with earlier versions TE's is lost. TEs can be converted from previous versions to 4.35 with Mission
More 3D models for buildings, vehicles & aircraft have been introduced as well as many new textures.

2.5 Direct3D 11

The graphic engine has been updated to DirectX11. There are no striking visible changes yet but this was
necessary to prepare the future.

2.6 SEAD/DEAD update

The update of SAM systems started with 4.34 has been continuing in 4.35. More SAMs have their own
dedicated Search/Fire control radar, the tactics the AI SAMs will use have changed and to support these
changes the AGM-88 has been updated as well with new sub modes and a completely rewritten HAD
Some SAMs are now able to perform multi targeting and therefore might engage cruise missiles or missiles to
better defend themselves.

2.7 ZULU Time

BMS implements now ZULU time and all default times are ZULU unless LT or FT is mentioned. This change may
sound peculiar but allows correct implementation of the sunrise/sunset time, moon phases and star position
according to the chosen date of flight. Tiny details you might say but the night might not be as dark as ever
depending on the moon phases and that in turn will influence your NVG need. It was also very complicated to
plan using the sunrise or sunset during your flights, not anymore.

2.8 Tools

Tools have been updated to help manage many aspects of BMS 4.35:

• WDP: Weapon Delivery Planner:
• MC: Mission Commander:
• WC: Weather Commander:
• Korea Interactive Map for navigation in BMS KTO (including all charts):
• F4Wx – Real Weather Converter (see BMS forum for download link)
• RTT Client/Server is now the primary (and only) BMS way to extract the displays. The old system has
  been removed and needs to be replaced by RTT.

2.9 Documentation

The documentation suite has been updated to reflect the BMS 4.35 changes and is completely up to date:
• TO-BMS1F-16CM-1 (aka Dash-1) is about managing the F-16 as an aircraft.
• TO-BMS1F-16CM-34-1-1 (Dash-34) is about managing the F-16 as a weapon platform.
• The BMS TRAINING manual covers the 26 BMS training missions.
• The BMS COMMS and NAV book includes elements from the old Chart Tutorial (such as how to use the
  approach charts) and also covers the way users should interact with the ATC and use the radios.
• The BMS TECHNICAL manual is a detailed reference for those interested in customising or developing
  their BMS experience and gathers many single documents into one big technical publication.
• The BMS Naval Ops document is dedicated to carrier-based operations with relevant aircraft types.
• The charts have been completely updated for the new airbase models.
• The key files and other Input Device files have been maintained and documented for 4.35.

Here's some generic info that you probably want to be aware of:

The base 4.35 installation will take 8.92 GB of HDD space
For the Falcon BMS.exe and the Editor.exe, we only ship the 64bit version, the 32bit versions have been removed due to memory requirements
All other tools (IVC, RTT etc.) still have 32bit versions available, e.g. for use on other PCs
Windows 7 SP1 is the minimum supported OS version
Windows 7 SP1 requires the "platform update" (KB2670838) to be installed

Don't want to keep you waiting any longer... here it is:

A) The primary distribution method is by TORRENT, as always (please use THIS whenever possible):

   File: Falcon_BMS_4.35_Setup.torrent
   Size: 93.5 KB
 CRC-32: fd212860
    MD5: c4a7d31c217cf2612943dd19c1e90874
  SHA-1: 8996ad995d7e0ff89d7c68c71383aa7bddab3878
SHA-256: c031452b5aa723c2c88545ad01e4f78a635f21ad06a0c096cac625e75a2f249e

   Size: 2.32 GB
 CRC-32: 3b4bb8c9
    MD5: fdbb052517ef6282ae767485753d1c8a
  SHA-1: 016e742992df094f21749ae865b38a4c115d12ce
SHA-256: f0a26d69dd1e2676e6519a6e4887a90ecd7a36b1a369f5a221facda3aebac73a

B) As a secondary method, we offer direct download links (the torrent method above will be faster and you will support the community by seeding):


Please do NOT post alternate download mirrors in the forum if you want to offer a mirror. Give the torrent some time to get stable (won't take longer than a day). If you want to offer a mirror, please PM a moderator, they will take care about adding the links here.

The information in the forum, blogs, FAQs, articles etc. will be updated subsequently to reflect the new 4.35 capabilities and features.

A big THANK YOU to everyone in the BMS development team and to the gents from BILLION SOFT who made this release possible!

Now download and enjoy!

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Re:Flacon BMS 4.35
« Respuesta #1 en: 19 de Enero de 2021, 19:03:53 pm »

No Center......No Party XD.

Enfoca cualquier situación problemática como lo haría un perro:
olfatea el problema y si no te lo puedes comer o follar, méate en ello y vete.


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