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Falcon BMS 4.34 U2 - EMF

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Falcon BMS 4.34 U2 - EMF
« en: 09 de Febrero de 2020, 08:26:22 am »
East Mediterranean Front (EMF) v1.0.4
BMS 4.34 U2

*** Re-uploaded for 2nd time ***


1. Remove any previous EMF version.

2. Download EMF v1.0.4 from MediaFire. Unzip the file and place the Add-on emf folder into C:\Falcon BMS 4.34\Data. Place the EMF Settings.cfg wherever you want.

3. Go to C:\Falcon BMS 4.34\Data\TerrData\TheaterDefinition and open theater.lst with notepad. Add the following line: Add-On emf\theaterdefinition\emf.tdf


Código: [Seleccionar]

1.BMS 4.34 Update 1 & Update 2 compatible. All features mentioned in 4.34 U1 & U2 are included.
2.AMI Tornado IDS & ECR roles fixed.
3.PPT icons fixed.
4.Added JanHas LV4 HAF, PolAF, EPAF MLU & Aggressor BLK32 models.
5.Added JanHas LV4 Pods and Fuel Tanks models.
6.Kranea Target Range texture modification. Was too dark before.
7.LGTL (Kasteli) Box fixed.
8.Kastelorizo - Megisti improvements.
9.Iraklion Airport fixed.
10.Added fictional Maleme Target Range in Crete, per request.
11.Moved several airbases close to X0 - Y0 coordinates. Previously, the Tacan station was at X0,Y0.
12. Tile modifications at several Aegean islands and rocks.
13. Real Inventory of RDAF, BAF, RNLAF & RNoAF F-16s.
14. RDAF F-16 now uses PW220 engine.
15. Added GBU-50/B EPII in HAF inventory. Atm, it uses the GBU-10 3d model.
16. Photoreal terrain of Farmakonisi island.
17. Replaced THK 151 Filo "Wolf" with old 151 Filo "Tunc", based on recent Anatolian Eagle 2019 photos.
18. Improvements and modifications in Cyprus.
19. Added Pakistan (PAF) F-16C BLK52 & CFT models. These are Janhas LV3 skins.
20. Added Base Default templates .tac missions(Day & Night). They provide aerial traffic over Greece.
21. Modifications to Konya AB. Freqs have changed in order to accommodate future charts by neustratiou.
22. Customized SAM Sites tiles.
23. Customized Army Bases tiles.
24. Multiple customized tiles for Depots, Power Plants, Factories.
25. Multiple bug fixes and modifications.
26. Airbase improvements here and there.
27. Added Toyota improvished vehicles (NSTV) commonly used by 3rd world armies (Thnx Nove). In TE, you'll find it under Chinese equipment.
28. Further improvements in Libya (Thnx SpbGoro).
29. Modifications at Imvros island.
30. Added ILS CAT I to Souda AB (RWY 29 / 110.90). It became active in August 2019.
31. Added three (3) Campaigns. More to come.
32. Fixed elevation of coastlines.
33. Fixed M61 gun missing in instant action.
34. Fixed Aksaz and Foca Naval Bases.
35. Photoreal Souda Bay and LGSA (Souda AB) from Ikaros theater.
36. Added GSE Ground support vehicles at LGSA.
37. Added CATM-9M, CATM-2000, CATM-120C7 on HAF F-16s. They are loaded 20xCATM per station. Suitable for v.squads A-A training. The idea is that you enable "invulnerability" and then you can train in multiple A-A scenarios having multiple A-A missiles to launch.
38. Added TGM-65G on some HAF F-16s. They are loaded 20xTGM-65G per 3/7 station. They can be launched, but will not inflict any damage. On impact, a white smoke will be generated, just like BDU-33. (Suitable for v.squads A-G training).

PS: In case you have problems unzipping the file, use bandizip. It's free and good tool.

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