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Falcon BMS 4.34 - Polar Vortex

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Falcon BMS 4.34 - Polar Vortex
« en: 18 de Diciembre de 2019, 09:14:14 am »
Link a Benchmarksims - Nordic

First things first, I want to thank:

Jan Has for granting me permission to use his models in this add on

Nikos for fixing 2 of the airbases

Jackal for extensively testing the campaigns and providing the TEs included with this add on

Echoes, Johku and Zantza for general testing of the add on

Here goes nothing.

This is the version of the NTO add on Polar Vortex for 4.34. The campaigns are exactly how you remember them in .33, so are the graphics (including some fixes), all converted to .34 standard.

There are a few things I haven't been able to fix yet. Here is the list:

When starting a campaign online the game name field has the text uninitialized and not <callsign>'s Game. The best solution I can offer is to manually type whatever text you like
in the Game Name field before clicking OK. This text is saved when the campaign is saved and will appear when the saved campaign is loaded again.

Click image for larger version.

Name:   uninit.PNG
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Size:   80.0 KB
ID:   38421

Now the good stuff.

As mentioned above all F-16 models are Jan's including pods, pylons, tanks and weapons.

All airbases have ATC frequencies: tower V/U, ground U, dep/app U and ATIS. The 2 airbases where the default squadron is based have an operations frequency (U1). Carriers have LSO U. I double checked
and could not find any duplicate frequency so there should not be any conflicts.

All BLUE side airbases, considering Lapland Fortress occupation map, have ATC files.

The add on is compatible with F4Wx_434, just select Nordic when you download the weather maps.

DB includes JAS39C, KA31, MiG29K, C130 Nor/Swe/Den, NH90 Nor/Swe/Fin, F35 A/B/C (not used in the campaigns), Saab340AEW.

I tried to make the loadouts as realistic as possible for the BLUE side aircraft including proper stores.

CAMO.cfg loads the correct skins for all squadrons where 2 or more skins are available.

Link to download, unzip in Falcon BMS 4.34\Data and run the installer.

Add-On NTO Polar Vortex v1.9

Mediafire link

Compatible with running campaigns.

Código: [Seleccionar]

NTO Polar Vortex v1.9

1. F16AM NO and F16AM DK adjusted loadout
2. M2000C added center tank and Mica EM/IR
3. Changed mech battalions type for the RED side, more modern equipment (available only in new campaign)
4. Changed some of mech battalions type for the BLUE side to balance changes on RED side (available only in new campaign)
5. Added victory conditions in DOCS folder

NTO Polar Vortex v1.8

1. Fixed Russian task force not engaging air threats

NTO Plaor Vortex v1.7

1. Fixed LOD issue for some of the models

Hope you will enjoy.


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No Center......No Party XD.

Enfoca cualquier situación problemática como lo haría un perro:
olfatea el problema y si no te lo puedes comer o follar, méate en ello y vete.


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