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Falcon BMS 4.34 - Spain - POH 0.8.3

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Falcon BMS 4.34 - Spain - POH 0.8.3
« en: 18 de Diciembre de 2019, 09:09:49 am »
Link a Benchmarksims - Spain

F4Spain-Squadron111 are pleased to present: POH 0.8.3 for Falcon BMS 4.34

"Pillars of Hercules Theater Beta 0.8.3":Theater of the Iberian Peninsula, Canary Islands, Ses Illes Balears, Ilha da Madeira, Região Autónoma dos Açores and North Africa for Falcon BMS 4.34U4.

POH is a project that began on March 30, 2002, within the Squad111 thanks to the initiative of Alberto G.M. Since then we have published different versions of the project. The most important was POH 0.8.0. This new version updates the Theater to the version of FAlcon BMS 4.34 U4 and implements new innovations.

Full theater conversion from BMS 4.33 to BMS 4.34 standards.
Theater conversion from 4.34 U2 to U4:
New Comms frequencies and NavAids by Nikos Eyfstratiou
Fix of PAKs and tri. New flavour of te_new.tac. Original old one is under name of te_newOriginal_RC3.tac.bak
Art/resource/credits.idx & .rsc, SIM/radar/generic.dat and TerrData/Object/FALCON4_PDX.XML to meet changes form U2 to U3.
Added pylon weaponry changes to Harrier AV8+ EdA (Added new custom Pylons for this plane in database)
Changed weaponry of RMAF F16s to add SNIPER POD, and other weaponry they can use. Database SSD and HARDPOINT tables (Their own new records for this)
Changed IFF codes and added their own .dat files for this: to EdA's EF18 and Harriers (Sim\Acdata:f18aEdA.dat, f18dEdA.dat, f18aEdA.dat, av8b+EdA.dat) ->Also changed actypes.lst to include thos .dat.
Edited 3D database TerrData/Object/KoreaObj.lod to edit the hitbox of the 3d model hangar HAS-LEAB with CT 3701 to avoid an airplane explosion when spawning or entering the hangar.
Edited Art/TacEng/tac_bld/te_flight.scf to quote out line number 136 to eliminate alphabetic sorting.It conflicts with trying to assing a squadron to the closest possible airbase to the new flight created. Instead in proposes the first alphabetic airbase when adding a new flight quite away from any airbase.
Edited database TerrData/Object/FALCON4_SSD.XML to eliminate last record. It jumped from the prior one,and this jump made a warning pop up on Mission Commander. Since this last register was not used it has been removed.
Edited Campaign/te_new.tac,, and and IBERIA.idx and IBERIA.wch to change the name of Martil Naval Port to M'DIq Naval Port in Morocco.
Added new stock features present in all folders. Full review comparing all files within all folders. Art files etc.
Fixed some mismatches lacking from past updates. (HALT clock, some small editing of UI, other minor stuff).

The download is available at:

Pillars of Hercules 0.8.3

Código: [Seleccionar]
Torrent file:

The F4Spain Team

PS: Our project has been and is being possible thanks to the direct and indirect support of so many people that the list would be endless. Your contribution is recognized in the closing credits.
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