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Falcon BMS 4.34 - Spain

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Falcon BMS 4.34 - Spain
« en: 18 de Diciembre de 2019, 09:09:49 am »
Link a Benchmarksims - Spain

Theater from the Iberian Peninsula, Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Madeira Island, Azores Islands and Northern Africa for Falcon BMS 4.33U4.

POH is a project that started on March 30th 2002, from within Escuadron111, thanks to AlbertoGM's initiative. Since then we have published different versions of the project.
Today, after one year since version 0.8.0 we publish POH 0.8.1 compatible with Falcon BMS 4.34.
Among the many novelties, it is worth mentioning, as the most important element, the conversion of POH compatible with BMS 4.34, new Spanish photorealistic databases and 3 campaigns.

Next, the complete list of improvements and novelties implemented in this latest version:

Full theater conversion from BMS 4.33 to BMS 4.34 standards.
Stock BMS 4.34 DB, file and folder structure used to convert the theater.
All POH dedicated objectives, squadrons, units, taskforces and other features were
added one by one over the stock BMS 4.34 structure to ensure full compatibility.

- New spanish photorealistic airbase - Los Llanos de Albacete (LEAB)
- New spanish photorealistic airbase - San Javier de Múrcia (LELC)
- New spanish photorealistic airbase - Zaragoza (LEZG)
- New portuguese photorealistic airbase - Montijo (LPMT)
- Some new features

3 campaigns included:
- Operation Exclave (Spain VS Morocco)
- The Sand War (Morocco VS Algeria)
- Real Thaw Exercise (Multinational Military Exercise in Portuguese territory)

- New Comms frequencies and NavAids by Nikos Eyfstratiou WIP (not included yet)

This version of POH is Betatesting and aims to test the performance of the theater in the new version of Falcon BMS 4.34. Likewise, the Navaids and frequencies are not definitive.

Any report, suggestion and idea will be welcome.

Thank you.

Download available at:

Pillars of Hercules 0.8.1

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F4Spain-Squadron111-201VFS-FALCÕES Team

PS: Our project has been possible thanks to direct and indirect support of many people that the list would be endless. Their contribution is recognized on the closing credits.

More information in the Squadron111 site: the subforum of Projects / F4Spain


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