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Falcon BMS 4.34 - Conflicto Islas Kuriles

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Falcon BMS 4.34 - Conflicto Islas Kuriles
« en: 18 de Diciembre de 2019, 08:59:25 am »
Link a Benchmarksims - Pacífico


Kurile Islands update to version 1.3

We are proud to release a fully updated single file version of 1.3. Big thanks to CCC for his database and many other fixes he made to the theatre. A readme has been added to inform users of the changes. Big thanks to Luke for his assistance as well. Finally, the new DB adds new aircraft. I have edited two of the newer cam files and included the F-35. New download link added. Important note, previous version 1.2 campaigns are not compatible with this version.

Gentlemen, I am proud to release Kuriles Conflict for 4.34. Kuriles was made possible by Luke777 who helped with the initial conversion, Jackal, whose beta testing discovered several bugs and Neystratiou for fixing the issues concerning airbases that have plagued Kuriles since its initial release.

Download link:

Installation instructions:

1} Extract Addon Kurile folder to desktop. Cut and paste Addon Kurile Folder to your X:\Falcon BMS 4.34\Data folder. X being the location of your Falcon installation disk.

2} Go to X:\Falcon BMS 4.34\Data\TerrData\TheaterDefinition. Open the theater.lst document with notepad and enter the following entry:

Add-On Kurile\TerrData\TheaterDefinition\Kurile.tdf

If you are uncomfortable with editing your theater.lst file, I have included such folder with the appropriate entrees for you to simply paste into the correct directory.

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