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Guía para cazar recompensas en un RES

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Guía para cazar recompensas en un RES
« en: 01 de Abril de 2015, 08:24:53 am »

I tought I will share my experience with Bounty Hunting in RES zones, hope you will enjoy. Remember, if you are experienced Bounty Hunter then you problably know all things I try to explain below. Still, maybe you will learn something new .

Simple Guide to RES [Resource Extraction Site] Bounty Hunting

Table of contents:

    Why BH on RES zones?
    Finding a site
    RES BH equipment and loadout
    Recognizing pros and cons of a zone
    General tips and tactics

1. Why Bounty Hunting on RES zones?

    First of all I found BH in RES far more profitable than flying around in Navigation Beacons or USS/WSS/SSS. If you are lucky and follow this guide then you can make about 2-3 milion credits per hour! I have gathered that amount of credits in just under 3 hours:

The views are great on those asteroid fields

    System Defence Forces fly here all the time so its easier for newbies to come by and earn credits, those ships will often help you destroy wanted ships
    Usually there are no many or any players there so it's more safe than Navigation Beacons
    You can try your ship in combat here and/or get used to new weapons/tactics, learn to fight
    You can practice flying around asteroid field, just don't crash on one

2. Finding a site

    Open galaxy map
    Start looking around different systems, you are looking for one which has gas giant with asteroid field around it. Your best bet is to look inside Extraction sectors but gas giants can be anywhere.
    You found gas giant with asteroid belt? Very nice! Now select that gas giant and look at information tab, you need to know if it has good reserves of ores there, if it's depleted then avoid this place and look for one that has reserves, you will not find RES there anyway. Best is to find one with common, major or pristine reserves, like this one:

Now look if it has station nearby. The best situation is when that station is orbiting that gas giant, you can very quickly get there and rearm/repair/refuel . If it still nearby that gas giant then its good.

    If you completed all steps above then fly to this system and check how many RESs are there, how close nearby station is to those RESs. Best situation is when you find asteroid field with 3 or more RESs. 4 is very good.

Congrats! You just found good Bounty Hunting RES .

3. RES BH equipment and loadout

    Ship - I would recommend Viper, Cobra or Vulture with an emphasis on Vulture - that is in my opinion the best ship you can use for BH .
    Weapons - Definitely get laser based ones on your ship, preferably best class you can install. Laser because you will not have to fly back and forth to rearm, and it's very important to stay in RES as long as you can, you will read about that later on.
    Fixed or Gimballed? Well it depends on your skills and your ship agility. I would recommend Gimballed ones for start and when you will feel confident with fighting then switch to fixed ones - trust me, it's better to know how to fight with them.
    On my Vulture I have 2x fixed D3 Pulse Lasers right now and it's more than enough to beat every NPC ship that has bounty in RES .
    Shields - You will be fighting with big ships so get best ones you can install on your ship.
    Sensors - Install best ones cause more range you can scan = faster finding of wanted ships.
    Shield Cells - Can be useful in some situations with those Elite Anacondas .
    Power Plant and Power Distributor - You will be using laser weapons so again install best ones you can get.
    Kill Warrant Scanner - Install one with 2km range (class E), you will fly close to those wanted ships anyway so no point in wasting available power. Scan every wanted ship you plan to attack!

Anything more is purely optional and up to you . Now fly to that zone you just discovered and read next point.

4. Recognizing pros and cons of a zone

When flying into a RES you must know that you are entering an instance that is generated for you, or you enter instance of another player if there is any. Preferably get to a zone that has no players or switch to Solo/Private group mode. I prefer flying alone so it's purely up to you if you will be flying in wing or not. Most of the time flying alone = more credits per hour.
So you just entered your RES instance, you are propably 10-30 km away from current RES point, so start flying close to it, ships should start to show up.
Now this is important, from what I discovered there are 3 different types of wanted ship spawns that can happen, and when they happen then you only get that type of spawn as long as you stay in that RES. Engaging FSD and jumping to supercruise will reset RES instance and flying to same zone again can trigger another type of spawn. List of spawns I discovered are below:

    Small Ship spawn - it is when you only get small wanted ships (Sidewinder, Adder, Viper, Eagle, Cobra) - this is bad situation
    Big Ship spawn - it is when you only get big wanted ships (Clipper, Dropship, Python, Anaconda) - this is good situation
    Mixed spawn - it is when you get both above spawns - this is again bad situation

Very important info:
You are looking for situation, when first wanted ship you will scan will be from Big Ship spawn list! It can mean that you just got Big Ship spawn! Scan that one and engage him, then look for another wanted ship, it needs to be from Big Ships spawn list to be completely sure of this. Big ships yield most amount of credits. If it happens that you got small ships or mixed then quit to menu and enter game again or engage FSD and jump to other RES. Exiting to menu is way faster tho (kinda cheaty but this is how game works anyway).
When you recognize that you got Big Ship spawn then it is best and most profitable situation for you. All wanted ships that will fly to this zone will have bounty ranging from 50.000cr to 300.000cr! Avoid those Small Ship spawns at all costs, it is waste of your time!

5. General tips and tactics

    Don't enter RES when it's covered in dark, you will propably smash on that asteroid belt, they are very hard to spot in complete darkness, even with ship lights on. You can still raise gamma in graphics options but I would not recommend flying in darkness anyway.
    Always scan your target with KWS before you engage him, that way you can some times get 2x more bounty from him!
    Don't hunt in RES when there are other player already hunting, you will propably waste time as big ships tend to spawn in low numbers.
    Don't fly inside asteroid belt, instead, fly about 1.5km above it, that way your scanner will have more visibility as rocks lower scanner range (need to confirm that).
    When first entering RES, scan every miner ship you will encounter. That way you will know which ships to avoid scanning again.
    Current only for v1.2 of game: avoid scanning Type 6, Type 7, Type 9, Asps, generally all ships you will see mining, they are never wanted (sometimes they are wanted if they accidentally misfire on other ship).
    Check your Contacts tab every now and then for any new contacts, you are looking for not scanned ships from this list: Clipper, Dropship, Python, Anaconda. When one of it show up, it will be definitely wanted.
    Don't fly very close to RES point, instead fly in range of 15-20km from it, most of the time wanted ships spawn away from current RES point.
    When searching for target, put 4 pips in engine to fly around faster.
    When engaging any big ships, always select Power Generator subsystem to kill your target quicker, you will find yourself destroying Anacondas far quicker that way.
    Don't get yourself killed easily! Try not to smash on rocks or other ships, only use turbo boost when there is space in front of you. Also, when you see Master or higher ranked Anaconda then wait for local security to engage it first, remember that you don't have to finish that ship alone, just make most of damage or make finishing shot by yourself!
    When you cannot find any wanted ship then look around for shoots like here:

    They are definitely engaging some kind of big ship so engage turbo and go destroy him before they do! Next wanted ship will propably show up close to that one.
    Very often you will find wanted NPC ships drop their cargo as you engage them, do not collect this cargo as you will often be scanned by Security ships and it is better to not be scanned with illegal cargo onboard.
    Have fun! Some may like to trade, some may like to hunt, find what fits you most and gather fun from this game as I do .

6. Credits

This guide is applicable for version 1.2 of Elite: Dangerous. I will try to update that guide if something changes in next updates (and I think something will definitely change). All informations written above are just from my personal experience of flying in RES zones, so there may be some errors. I have killed over 1000 ships in RES and earned 30.000.000 credits in just few days so I think I have some experience with them .
If you have any suggestions or other tips then feel free to PM me and I will include them here!
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Re:Guía para cazar recompensas en un RES
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Re:Guía para cazar recompensas en un RES
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