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Update 1.1.05

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Update 1.1.05
« en: 19 de Febrero de 2015, 16:28:59 pm »
Hi everyone,

The servers will be going down at 4PM GMT today (19.02.15) for a short amount of time, to allow us to update to 1.1.05. Thanks everyone for all your feedback on the latest build. See the full change log below:

- Fix crash with ring values being incorrect
- New partially constructed station added to New Yembo
- Added Goldrush station to LAWD 26
- Increase comms timeout to allow for slower connections
- Added talk channel logging to help identify issues with people not being able to chat
- Additional network key tests to help identify mismatched keys (connection failing)
- Station defences beefed up and not confused by chaff
- Changed system name ‘Bodb Djedi’ to ‘Bodedi’
- Update to friendly fire values. An increase across the board it's now possible, for example, to hit a non-targeted ship with multiple (up to 3) double small pulse laser hits before it turns aggressive
- Fix incorrect French number format
- Fix missing Russian characters
- You can no longer destroy ships by taking out their docking computer

Server-side changes:

- Fix issue that was not always issuing fines when ships were scanned whilst carrying prohibited cargo
- Ships that were stored in Starports that changed into Outposts at 1.1 have been moved to the closest Starport with a shipyard
- Fix a rare issue that was not always granting first discovery credit to every stellar body when selling exploration data for certain types of star system


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