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[DCS] Operation ''Summer Rain'' Online Dynamic Campaing

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[DCS] Operation ''Summer Rain'' Online Dynamic Campaing
« en: 02 de Octubre de 2014, 08:53:13 am »
El site Anon6, prepara una campaña dinamica para DCS; World:
STARTING DATE : 23rd of October 2014
Starting time: 18:30 zulu (please show up 1/2 hour early)
Ending time : 21:30 zulu

Operation ''Summer Rain'' is a weekly PvP Online Dynamic Campaign designed for DCS World. With the experience of the previous events the goal of the new campaign is to provide a more dynamic and stable war environment to the participants.

The battlefield is once more located around the Caucasus mountains, with Blue and Red teams trying to get the upper hand by completing tasks that will influence the outcome.

Squadron & Pilot Registration:

*ANON6 is the home site for Operation Summer Rain.

**Operation Summer Rain is all about teamwork. We are accepting other community squadrons as a group to register for this campaign. Each squadron will be assigned to their own airbase and be provided with assets to cover all campaign roles. If you are an individual pilot not associated with a squad but love team play to complete mission tasks then we will be more than happy to find you a home for the duration of the campaign with one of our active squads. Please let us know if you need to be recruited to squad on your application form. All registrants must use a proper squad handle for their Enjin account and DCS handle during session play.

Mas información en el enlace al quote  ;)
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Re:[DCS] Operation ''Summer Rain'' Online Dynamic Campaing
« Respuesta #1 en: 02 de Octubre de 2014, 08:57:54 am »
Joder, así sí... estas cosas sí motivan  :pulgares:
Lo que se pueda, cuando se pueda y si se puede...