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Ardunio2DCS - Arduino Bridge Software

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Ardunio2DCS - Arduino Bridge Software
« en: 08 de Febrero de 2014, 10:18:43 am »
De prepara el Anduinos Bridge software v2 compatible con DCS: W, será compatible con Helios e iControl DCS
Those of you that have read my build thread ( will probably know that I am using Arduinos to control the input and output of my cockpit. From the start it has been my intention to share this software with everyone to give something back to this incredible community. I said that I would release the software int he last week but it has occurred to me that a number of people are interested and I want to release something I know works very reliably also now with 1.2.7 released I need to do some more testing. I am currently working on the instructions but here I present to you an introduction.

I will post updates on A2DCS here and soon I will be able to release it, soon being in the next week or even this weekend. I really want to get an idea of the interest and what features you want to see in it. I will try to update with more in depth looks at how it works and what A2DCS is capable of so for now that's it. Let me know what you want.



What is A2DCS?
A2DCS is freeware designed to allow you to use Arduino ( controllers to communicate between hardware such as switches, LEDs, rotary encoders, 7-segment displays and the flight simulator DCS World ( by Eagle Dynamics. It allows you to build anything from a few simple push switches to a full-blown home cockpit.

Why was A2DCS developed?
A2DCS was developed because I am building a full A-10C home cockpit and required a method to control the input and output from DCS World to my hardware. I decided to use Arduinos due to the flexibility they provided and the fact that they are relatively cheap when compared with other methods.

What aircraft does A2DCS work with?
Currently A2DCS only works with the A-10C module of DCS world but more aircraft may be added in the future.

How does A2DCS work?
A2DCS can be used in two different ways. Firstly it can be run on the same computer that is running DCS World or it can be run on a separate computer by TCP over a LAN connection. The latter option allows you reserve your main computer for DCS World to get the highest performance out of it.
You wire electrical components to an Arduino which is connected to a computer running A2DCS. It can then read and write on certain ports to manipulate the simulator and your hardware.

Will A2DCS work alongside other programs?
A2DCS has been tested alongside Helios ( and iControl DCS ( and it may work with other 3rd party software but has not been tested.

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