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Nukleare Teilhabe

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Nukleare Teilhabe
« en: 19 de Noviembre de 2013, 18:00:18 pm »
Pues es una misión coperativa para seis jugadores en que UH-1H deben llevar cabezas nucleares a las unidades artilleras, y dar apoyo a las unidades de combate (tipico ataque ruso con un regimiento acorazado). Dos horas de misión. Por Mbot.
Nukleare Teilhabe, a UH-1H Huey coop mission for up to 6 players.

Nukleare Teilhabe; German = Nuclear sharing is a concept in NATO's policy of nuclear deterrence, which involves member countries without nuclear weapons of their own in the planning for the use of nuclear weapons by NATO, and in particular provides for the armed forces of these countries to be involved in delivering these weapons in the event of their use.

North German Plain 1988. Bad has come to worse and NATO authorizes the release of tactical nuclear weapons against attacking Soviet forces. The West German 1. Panzerdivision is facing a breakthrough attempt by the Soviet 3rd Shock Army. 1st Panzer intends to break up the assault before it can even materialize by shattering a hostile motor-rifle regiment in their assembly area with deep fire. Ten W48 nuclear artillery shells with a yield of 0.72 kt each have been allocated to this operation from the divisional stockpile. Hueys from the Transporthubschrauberregiment 10 will provide support by transporting these nuclear warheads from the special ammunition depot to the designated special ammunition firing battery; by reconnoitring the Soviet assembly areas and by inserting artillery forward observer teams behind enemy lines.

This mission features the Artillery Enhancement Script and includes forward observers that request artillery fire dynamically and autonomously, as well as nuclear artillery warheads. Loading and unloading of cargo and troops, and various status reports are available through the F10 radio menu.

Since this is a mission in a semi-historical high threat mechanized warfare environment, movement across the FLOT should be slow, deliberate and with great care. The opposing forces consist of a Soviet motor-rifle regiment in its historical order of battle, including most combat and combat support elements. Players that do not wish to fly in such a dangerous environment can limit themselves to the safer rear area transport task and call Tornado reconnaissance aircraft to generate the artillery targeting coordinates instead.

Since this mission features a complete enemy regiment with over 200 units, it might not be suited to weak computers and/or weak servers.

The mission does not feature a scoring system, time limits or any end conditions. A limited amount of unit movement has been set-up for the first 2 hours. Other than that, the mission is open ended.
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