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Combat Mission Battle for Normandy: "Market Garden"

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Combat Mission Battle for Normandy: "Market Garden"
« en: 16 de Agosto de 2013, 16:11:55 pm »

Announcing Combat Mission Battle for Normandy: "Market Garden"

Combat Mission: Market Garden depicts allied Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery's September 1944 dash across Holland in a daring gambit to leap the Rhine river and enter the heartland of Germany itself. Fielding U.S., British and Polish forces, Operation Market Garden was meant to be the lightning stroke which would end the war that year. It included the largest airborne operation seen to that day or since. Market Garden ended in tragedy, though, when the allies failed to capture their final objective, the Rhine river bridge at Arnhem. It was, in the famous words of Lt. General Fredrick "Boy" Browning, a bridge too far.

CM: Market Garden allows the player to recreate Monty's desperate struggles to reach and cross the Rhine in Holland. It is an expansion module to Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy and requires the base game in order to play, upgraded to 2.0! No other modules are required.

New, larger bridges!

For the first time, CM:Market Garden offers detailed, historical, to-scale models of the bridges involved in the Market Garden battles:

Arnhem bridge
Arnhem railroad bridge
Eindhoven bridge
Nijmegen bridge

Along with generic large bridges for creating your own fictional battles:

Canal bridge
Angled bridge
Round bridge

New buildings!

New urban buildings, modeled after buildings near the Arnhem and Nijmegen bridges; and windmills!

New map tools!

New editor elevation tools, and a new terrain type: dirt footpaths

New Scenarios!

Ranging from tiny to huge and with a varied mix of forces, 14+ standalone scenarios focus on the new units, weapons and vehicles found in the module.

Master Maps!

The 7 "master maps" are huge maps, historically accurate, detailed and thoroughly researched, depicting the main areas around the bridges where most of the fighting happened:

Johana Hoeve
Arnhem Road Bridge
Oosterhout ( north of Nijmegen)
West Nijmegen

These master maps will help scenario designers in creating their own scenarios without the burden of having to create the maps from scratch. The maps can be cut to encompass smaller areas for individual battles.

Two Campaigns: Allied and German

September 17, 1944. Holland.
15 missions.

September 19, 1944. Holland.
6 missions.

New Units and Equipment!

Combat Mission Battle for Normandy: "Market Garden" will be available for Download, Mail Delivery or both Download & Mail later this summer, exclusively from!

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