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Il-2 Parche 4.12 Release

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Il-2 Parche 4.12 Release
« en: 18 de Junio de 2013, 09:39:19 am »
jolin vivito y coleando  :shock:
Dear IL-2 fans.

On behalf of 1C:Maddox Games and Daidalos Team, we are pleased to present you the patch 4.12.

The development of 4.12 patch took us once again much longer time to complete than expected. Our main focus this time was on delivering some of the most requested features plus AI & mission building improvements. Development was started by gathering a list of most requested features from several forums and trying to figure out what we can implement with our small team. This time we also included some visual improvements (in form of effects, textures & UI changes) instead of the usual simulation & realism tweaks only. And of course the patch would not be complete without few new flyable & AI planes. All of them our dear favorites that we've hoped to fly for the past decade or so. For example the Curtiss Hawk-75 external model was delivered to Maddox Games almost exactly ten years ago by a member of our team. Now ten years later it is time for the cockpit. So you can expect to see Beaufort cockpit in 2023 (or in two weeks).

As with the previous patches we would like to ask the IL-2 community members to please report any relevant issues or errors we did not catch through our beta testing process. We will open new 4.12 debugging threads soon.

Of course you can also use our DT email for the bug reports:

We would like to thank all those who made their mirror servers available for the 4.12 patch download. Please note that Mission4Today download links are available for its registered members only.

4.12 English/International version:


4.12 Russian version:


Russian readme:

4.12 Dedicated Server:


More mirrors will be added soon.

Il-2 Sturmovik: 1946



The current version 4.12 is not compatible with the previous versions of the flight simulator when playing over the network (Online). Both the server and client must have the appropriate versions in order to connect.

Attention: Version 4.12 is only for a merged 1946 version of the simulator of the proper version (FB+AEP+PF).

Add-On Installation Instructions (Please read carefully)

The Il-2 1946 add-on v.4.12 installs only over v.4.11.1 and v.4.11

In order to install this add-on, run the exe file and follow the on-screen instructions.

Please note that this add-on is impossible to install over stand alone Pacific Fighters.

Content of 4.12

Main Features
·   AI changes.
·   Widescreen UI (user interface)
·   Wider field of vision for widescreen resolutions
·   Mach drag
·   Scoring system changes
·   Open interface for sounds
·   New visual effects
New Flyable Planes
·   B5N2
·   Hawk 75A-3
·   Hawk 75A-4
·   Ki-45 Kai Ko
·   Ki-45 Kai Otsu
·   Ki-45 Kai Hei
·   Ki-45 Kai Tei
·   SB 2M-100A
New AI Planes
·   Beaufort I
·   Beaufort I late
·   Beaufort II
·   Do 217 M-1
·   Wellington III
·   Mohawk IV

New ground units
·   German submarine VIIB
·   German submarine IXB

Other small Changes & Improvements
·   New weapon loadouts for US planes
·   P-38J cockpit repainted
·   Added Misc settings UI
·   New textures for several buildings
·   Russian tanks with multiple turrets (T-28 & T-35) can shoot with each gun independently.
·   New landing gear failures
·   Adjustable reticle brightness
·   Added new key for opening & closing bomb bay doors
·   Added new option in tracks selection UI for disabling icons in track playback
·   Added new joystick axis for mixture
·   Added Air Force selection to FMB aircraft window
·   Added yellow & blue runway lights
·   Adjusted the white navigation light so it doesn't get bigger than the red & green when viewed from far away
·   Added a new view key that cycles through only stationary cameras
·   Changed radio station icons so that they are rendered in minimap & briefing if the army color is neutral or matches player's army
·   Changed HUD log so that bomb sight, ToKG & nav. beacons related info is always printed even if NoHudLog=1
·   User BMP skins enabled for stationary planes
·   Added full screen map with adjustable transparency level
·   Added red night light for maps when plane is flown at night and cockpit lights are on
·   Changed old padlock difficulty option into two separate padlock options. Padlock air & padlock ground
·   Bombsight added to D3A1 Val
·   Added conf.ini option NoMissionInfoHud=1 under [game]. This will hide the "Mission completed" and similar messaged from HUD
·   Added conf.ini option NoKillInfoHud=1 under [game]. This will hide the "Enemy/friendly xxx destroyed" messages from HUD
·   Added conf.ini option SaveTrk=0 under [game]. This will disable automatic in-flight data storing for TRK tracks and reduce memory consumption. TRK cannot be saved after the mission
·   Enabled ship padlocking
·   Fixed spawn points problem on Midway sea base
·   Fixed R-5 stationary plane ski orientation
·   Fixed R-5 ground attack bug with certain weapons
·   Adjusted IL-2 controls damage & toughness
·   Fixed Fulmar's landing gear shock absorber movement
·   Fixed IL-4 artificial horizon instrument movement
·   Adjusted FM length parameters of Bf 109s F to K to 8.94 meters (F-2 to G-6) and 9.02 meters (G-6 Late to K-4), respectively
·   Fixed bug that caused speed bar settings to reset back to default instead of using saved value
·   Flight model changes for P-36 series, P-40 series, SB-2 series, B5N, Me-163
·   Tweaked burning engine damage model. Single engined planes are not going to explode completely and multi engined planes like P-38 are no longer immune to engine fires
·   Fixed Ki-43 I & II smoothing bug in external 3D model
·   Fixed Ki-43 II wing tip hook position
·   Added radiator animation to He-111 series
·   Fixed bug in stationary plane spawning & DF mission that could spawn player to wrong position
·   Fixed I-16 Zveno texture bug
·   Fixed M2A1 105mm howitzer wrong pivot point
·   Plus other small fixes

Please note that all new conf.ini options can be also adjust from the new Misc setting menu.
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