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JAS 39C/D Gripen

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JAS 39C/D Gripen
« en: 04 de Diciembre de 2011, 11:40:00 am »
Form de la ultima version del caza sueco
JAS 39C/D Gripen Fighter

Man Rtng: 5.0/3.0
Damage Value: 19
Size/Signature: Small/VSmall
Bombsight: Advanced
Counterm: 3rd Gen D
Inflight Refuel: Y/P

PS-05/A Mk2 radar, RWR, TIDLS datalink

Throttle Setting (Speed in knots)
Altitude Cruise Full Mil Reheat
Low: 450 570 758
Med: 450 600 896
High: 450 630 1033

Ceiling: 15240 m
Engine Type: TF
Cruise Range: 885 nm
Internal Fuel: 2400 kg
Additional Fuel Fuel Wt. Range Add.
1135 L drop tank 910 kg 335 nm

Ordnance Loadouts:
Payload: 5300 kg
-In all loadouts: 2xAIM-9L Sidewinder on tip HP; Litening III on fuselage pylon
-1xDrop tank, 4xAIM-120B or 4xGBU-12 Paveway II
-1xDrop tank, 2xRBS 15F or 2xBk 90 or 2xGBU-12 Paveway II or 2xKEPD 350, 2xAIM-120B
-2xDrop tanks, 3xGBU-12 Paveway II
-3xDrop tanks, 2xAIM-120B or 2xGBU-12 Paveway II
-2xDrop tanks, 1xSPK-39 recon pod, 2xAIM-120B

In Service: 2004
EMP hardened, FBW controls. Engages 4xtgts at once with AMRAAM.
Maintenance requirements are 3/4 standard.
Reduced RCS - remains Vsmall signature with 6 AAM.
TIDLS (Tactical Infor­mation Data Link System) datalink can fire RSB 15F and provide midcourse AMRAAM based on TIDLS contacts.
Can be refuelled and rearmed in 10 minutes (fighter) or 20 minutes (attack).
JAS 39D not fitted with gun, reduced agility (Man Rtng: 4.5/2.5) and fuel (Cruise Range: 860 nm, 2335 kg fuel).

-Deliveries (JAS 39C/D): 50/14 new (Sep 02-Nov 08); 18/13 conversions (Nov 09-12). Strength: 53 (Apr 07), 45/13 (Sep 07). Losses: C Apr 07 Squadrons (20 a/c each): F17 Wing (Jan 04 and Jan 06); 2 Sqn/ F21 (Jan 05); 1 Sqn/F21 (Oct 06)
-Weapons: GBU-12 Paveway II, Litening III tgt pod (Oct 06 with F21); 8 SPK-39 recon pod (Sep 06 or mid 07; 2 each wing, 4 for SWAFRAP with F17); KEPD 350 (2012?), Meteor (2015)
-Jan 04: IOC
-Jan 07: FOC - F17 (air to air, recon roles), F21 (air to air, Litening III).
-14 Jan 08: Inflight refuelling trials completed. Cleared to refuel from C-135FR, KC-135 and KC-10.
-2008-09: Fitted with EWS 39 jammer (3rd Gen J).
-2009-10: Block 19 upgraded with 3rd Gen ESM, NATO IFF/com­ Cobra HMD with inbuilt NVG (training from Mar 09) and IRIS-T vice AIM-9L (250 msls delivered). Some fitted with standalone Link 16 for international operations.
-2009-11: Fitted with GPS guided bombs (use GBU-49 until more info available).
-2010-11: Radar updated to PS-05 Mk4 (adds Target ID, SAR mode can tgt GPS guided bombs in all weathers). Assume Block 20 upgrade including Rover CAS datalink.
-2012 on: SPK-39 to be fitted with datalink, IRLS and possibly DB-110/CL-295 LOROP. Radar possibly to AESA standard.
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