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F-16C/D Falcon Form

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F-16C/D Falcon Form
« en: 04 de Diciembre de 2011, 11:16:52 am »
Este form actualiza el de los Anexos de Harpoon y High Tyde  :pulgares:

F-16C/D Falcon Fighter

Man Rtng: see remarks
Damage Value: 20
Size/Signature: Small/Small
Bombsight: Advanced
Counterm: 2nd Gen D
Inflight Refuel: Y/B

APG-68, RWR. Block 50 aircraft equipped with podded ASQ-213 HARM
Targeting System in pod on inlet side. Provides ESM capability and range
data for HARM missiles.

Throttle Setting (Speed in knots)
Altitude Cruise Full Mil Reheat
Low: 533 650 791
Med: 533 693 974
High: 533 735 1158

Ceiling: 15240 meters
Engine Type: TF
Cruise Range: 1100 nm
Int Fuel: 3162 kg
Additional Fuel Fuel Wt. Range Add.
300 USG drop tank 925 kg 320 nm
370 USG Drop Tank 1140 kg 400 nm

Ordnance Loadouts:
Payload: 7574 kg

Off Guns: 1 M61A1 Vulcan 20mm w/511 rds (3.9)
-1x300 USG drop tank, 2x370 USG drop tanks, 6xAIM-9L
-1xB61 nuclear store, 2x370 USG drop tanks, 4xAIM-9L
-6xMk82/Mk20 Rockeye or 4xCBU-52/58/71/87/89 or 2xMk84, 2x370 USG, 4xAIM-9L/M, 1xALQ-131
-2x370 USG drop tanks, 4xAGM-65D Maverick, 2xAIM-9L
-4xAGM-45 Shrike or AGM-88 HARM, 1xALQ-131 ECM pod, 2xAIM-9L/M Sidewinder (Block 30/32, 50/52 aircraft only)
-2xAGM-45 Shrike or AGM-88 HARM, 1xALQ-131 ECM pod, 2x370 USG drop tanks, 4xAIM-9L/M Sidewinder (Block 30/32, 50/52 aircraft only)
-2xGBU-10 or 4xGBU-12, 1xALQ-131 ECM pod, 2x370 USG drop tanks, 2xAIM-9M Sidewinder, 2xAIM-120 AMRAAM (Block 40/42 aircraft only)
-4xGBU-30/32 or 4xCBU-103/104/105/107, 1xALQ-131 ECM pod, 2x370 USG drop tanks, 2xAIM-9M Sidewinder, 2xAIM-120 AMRAAM (2004)
-2xAGM-158 JASSM, 1xALQ-131 ECM pod, 2x370 USG drop tanks, 2xAIM-9MSidewinder, 2xAIM-120 AMRAAM (2005)

In Service: 1984
F-16D is two-seat version, has 680 kg less fuel, range 860 nm. Block 40/42 known unofficially as F-16CG, Block 50/52 as F-16CJ.
-1984: Block 25 aircraft have APG-68 radar, can carry AGM-65D Maverick. Man Rtng 4.5/2.5
-1987: Block 30/32: 3rd Gen D countermeasures, Can carry AIM- 120 AMRAAM, AGM-45 Shrike, AGM-88 HARM. Man Rtng 4.5/2.0.
-1988: Block 40/42 aircraft, can carry LANTIRN nav and target­ing pods on special inlet stations. Cannot be jettisoned. Man Rtng 4.0/1.5
-1988: Block 40/42 fitted with ALR-56M (3rd Gen ESM), ALE-47 (3rd Gen D). LANTIRN service entry delayed. Man Rtng 4.0/2.0
-1988: USAF and RNoAF aircraft modified with stealth features under Have Glass program. Coated canopies and mods to intakes to hide compressor blades. Mods made to all F-16C/D Block 40/42 and later in USAF service, all 150 RNoAF Block 15S -16A/B aircraft. Approx 50 Dutch Block 10 aircraft were not upgraded. Signature reduced to VSmall.
-1990: LANTIRN nav pod operational.
-1992: AIM-120 in service (replaces AIM-9 one for one).
-1992: LANTIRN operational
-1993: US Block 50, APG-68(v)5, fitted with ASQ-213 HARM Targeting System (HTS) when available. Can launch HARM based on other Block 50 or RC-135 Rivet Joint ESM, provides coverage in front 180°. Cannot use LANTIRN. AGM-65G added. Export Block 50 have option of LANTIRN and Harpoon. HTS not exported.
-Jun 94: ASQ-213 HTS pod operational.
-1996: CBU-97 in service, loadout as per Mk84 above.
-1998: Loadout for Allied Force 2 AIM-120, 2 AIM-9M, 2 GBU-12, 2 LAU-68, ALQ-131 ECM pod, LANTIRN pods.
-Oct 00: New software allows Block 50/52 aircraft to carry GBU-31 JDAM, AGM-154 JSOW. Can drop JSOW on radars detected by HTS. Can be substituted for Mk84.
-Feb 01: Block 39 USAF Reserve F-16C Block 30 aircraft fitted with Litening II pod on special inlet HP. Will also be fitted to Blocks 25/30/32.
-Jun 02: Block 40/42 fitted with GBU-31 JDAM, JSOW, WCMD, EGBU-27.
-Apr 03: Block 50 fitted to carry GBU-31 JDAM.
-Jun 03: Block 40/42/50/52 fitted to carry Litening ER pod on special inlet HP vice LANTIRN. Block 50/52 cannot carry HTS at the same time.
-Jul 03: Block 30 fitted to carry GBU-31 JDAM.
-Apr 04: Block 40/42/50/52 fitted with BRU-57 smart racks, each can carry 2 1000 lb smart weapons.
-Mid-2004: M3.3A+ software adds Link 16/MIDS to Block 50/52. Sniper-XR in service with ANG Block 30 and Block 50/52. Block 50/52 carries either HTS or Sniper-XR pod on inlet station.
-Oct 04: Helmet-Mounted Sight operational on Block 50.
-2004-05: M4 software adds AIM-9X and GBU-38
-2005 - 09: Block 40/42 adds Sniper XR vice LANTIRN, Link 16/ MIDS, JDAM, JASSM, HMS w AIM-9X.
-200?: Cleared for GBU-39 SDB. Carries clusters of four on UW2, loadout ALQ-131, 2 370 USG drop tanks, 2 AIM-120, 2 AIM-9M, Sniper targeting pods, 2 clusters of 4 GBU-39.
-2007: Block 50/52 can carry Sniper XR and HTS on same mission , HTS on port, Sniper on right. Can detect radars with HTS, and target with laser or GPS guided weapons.
-2007 - 12 : 280 Block 50/52 to be fitted with APG-68(v)9 with SAR mode. Can target GPS weapons by SAR or cue targeting pod.
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