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[DW] LwAmi v3.11

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[DW] LwAmi v3.11
« en: 07 de Julio de 2011, 11:56:03 am »
Sacado de SUBSIM aqui

Nueva versión, 127.21 Mb de tamaño... :shock:

(If you have an earlier LwAmi Mod already installed)
- Deactivate the LwAmi Mod and all associated packages from within the JSGME Enabler
- Delete the LwAmi Mod and all associated packages from the /Mods folder

(Start here if you do a fresh install or once you have deleted all the old LwAmi Stuff)
- Unzip the package.
- Copy and overwrite the JSGME.exe to your DW folder.
- Move everything within the unzipped /Mods folder into the DW/Mods folder
- Go to Mods/LWAMI Mod/Filetools and run InstallStuff.bat
- Activate the LwAmi Mod and every associated package you like via the JSGME Mod Tool

Make sure to only activate one of the Splash Screens.

New In Version 3.11

• Torpedo base PSLs have been reduced in most cases, especially for modern electric torpedoes.
• The torpedo sound-speed relationship has been steepened—meaning that setting a torpedo below its maximum speed will significantly increase its stealth.
• Passive torpedo seeker performance has been improved, but not to the point that they were at in stock DW. They are now very effective against surface ships—especially combined with the stealth and range benefits of being run slower. Submarines are generally not at risk unless they are very noisy.
• Sonar profiles have been completely redone to make classification easier and more realistic. See section 1.1.4.
• The Kilo-Improved’s MGK-400EM (cylindrical and conformal) sonar has been upgraded slightly. This sonar has also been installed on China’s Project 877EKM Kilos.
• Mines, other than bottom mines, that did not have a visual signature were given one, which will allow ships and aircraft to spot them on the surface. Aircraft might see them in shallow water if they’re close enough.
• Visual sensor performance has been increased so that (in clear weather) it is equivalent to what a human player can achieve at the FFG’s lookout station.
• Aircraft now have two visual sensors; one for detecting submerged submarines, another for everything else (without the former’s range penalty).
• The MH-60 will now drop sonobuoys when set to the Sonobuoy Search tactic in the mission editor.
• Fixed-wing aircraft will fly into the ground much less often. They will also not attack surface targets with their guns, as that was the cause of their CFITs.
• Lots of new models (including DARPA ACTUV imports!) and platforms!

Credits and Acknowledgments
Original Mod Authors: Luftwolf and Amizaur
3.09 - 3.11 Mod Team: TLAM Strike, Molon Labe, OneShot

• A big thank you to the SCX team, several of whom have allowed us the privilege of keeping their work alive by using their models
• to Kegetys for providing his Font and Texture Mods
• to Sakura for his fixes to oil rigs and downed pilot beacon idea
• to Fer De Boer for the COMSAT concept
• to Hitman for his improved Kilo periscope and binoc reticules
• to Finiteless, Ludger, and Jsteed for all their modding contributions over the years, without which DW modding as we know it would not be possible
• to Ludger for DWEdit, which was used for all database modding
• to Bellman, Molon Labe, and TLAM Strike for extensive testing during development of several LWAMI versions
• to FleetCommandCC for tech support
• to Luftwolf for continued doctrine consulting

Links de descarga
SUBSIM: aqui
CADC: aqui
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