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Goblin Fury

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Goblin Fury
« en: 07 de Mayo de 2009, 14:52:05 pm »
A este ritmo me hago un libro  XD


Harpoon Scenario: Goblin Fury
by Angel "Silver_Dragon" Francisco

Location: North Korea, south of yalu river, 16 november 1950.

Environment; Clear, two layers, 80% Broken start 5000 to 8000, 30% scatered star 12000 to 12500, wind speed 11 knots from 1200º, 50% ground 40% air full night visibility

Operational situation: The situation in the Korean War has become desperate in recent months, from a theoretical situation of almost victory by the forces of the UN against North Korea, has been changed to a full withdrawal to the former border between the two conflicting statements, the number of Chinese forces who relayed the Yalu river to the front of combat has become untenable, if the UN does not act quickly, the scene of the strength of Pusan at the beginning of the war can become a reality again. The General Douglas MacArthur had suggested the use of nuclear weapons against China and thus the foundation to root reinforcements to the North Koreans, the plan was rejected and was withdrawn from the Macarthur command. In this "What would happen if" a squadron of SAC is derived by orders of General Curtis LeMay, sent the 7th bomber wing of strategic bombers B-36B to the Kadena Air Base in Japan. These bombers smashed Chinese air bases and key strategic points along the border.

SAC Tactical situation: Air Force trying to destabilize the communist forces ashore as quickly as possible in an attempt to slow their advance and prevent the arrival of troops and equipment reserve to the front. A major handicap for this is the large number of Mig-15 fighters operating from the border china. The F-86 Saber trying to achieve air superiority as quickly as possible. Has been ordered to destroy the B-36 bases in Manchuria to disrupt its air power.

SAC Forces: Flight C, 4 B-36B w/26 M118 Demolition bombs, 2 B-36B w/ 3 F-85A Goblin Parasite Fighter

SAC Orders: Its mission is to bomb the air base Antung with a high-altitude bombing to avoid defenses. The priority objectives are the airstrip, hangars and control tower. The F-86 would have created a safe corridor for 50 nautical miles to the target, however, wait for enemy fighter activity in the area, protect their bombers at all costs..

SAC victory conditions:
Decisive: Runway and rodadure tracks is not operational. Control tower and hangars, severely damaged more than 50% damage.
Tactical: Runway is not operational. Control tower with more than 50% damage.

KPAF Tactical situation: U.S. Air Force continued to attack our brave pilots on what remains of our motherland. Intelligence has informed us that big bombers have been deployed at several bases to attack our enemy air bases. As commander in chief of the air base should be protected by all means attack the enemy fighters and bombers. Prevent is damaged so that our pilots indeed glory of heaven to those capitalist dogs.

KPAF Forces: 12 Mig-15, 6 KS-19 100mm AAA guns, 6 M1939 37mm Gun

KPAF Orders: Demolish any bomber who succeeded to the base, preventing the airstrip and the buildings are severely damaged. If there are fighters in the area, attack or destroy, but it is secondary, the bombers are more impor

KPAF victory conditions:
Decisive: > 50% of enemy bombers destroyed. Airbase safe, runway and control tower <25% damage.
Tactical: runway and control tower <25% damage.

Setup: SAC bomber deploy 100Nm 200º to 125º arc south from Antung airbase. 2 Mig-15 over base, 4 has Alert+5 rest +10 Alert.

Antung Airbase:
Runway: Class II runway.
service taxiway: 3 sections.
Hangars: 2 Large targets, Light Armour 100DP
Maintenance building: 1 Medium target, no armour 50DP
Control Tower: 1 Small target, no armour 20DP
CGI radar: P-8 Knife Rest A
Air Defense: 6 KS-19 100mm AAA guns and 6 M1939 37mm Gun, all with FC radar

House rule:

F-85 goblin.
The XF-85 was a parasite fighter for the B-36 bomber in an attempt to give air to escort bombers on their bombing missions over enemy territory. These aircraft could be launched and collected using a trapeze housed inside the cave bomb bomber, according to estimates, a B-36 bomber could carry three F-85 Goblin in it. Due to there are not many data, I invented the following operations.

Launch and pick up: shift 3 minutes, the two planes have to fly along one and the same speed to make the collection. A check should be performed with a 15% failure, if so, the F-85 received minor damage and should be removed because it can not dock at the bomber. The bomber is not damaged, but the trapeze is damaged.

Rearming and refueling: You can refresh and refuel an aircraft in the same way could be done on land, this is totally speculative, but allows the player to defend a certain point and not to lose support for the fighters once used, each B -36 have two refills of the machine guns for armament of the aircraft. No repairs are allowed on damaged equipment, but if you can collect.

Damage: If the bomber suffered heavy damage, the deployment system and collection of the trapezoid are unused, which can not launch or pick any F-85 during the remainder of the game.
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