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Operation Ecuador, Phase I

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Operation Ecuador, Phase I
« en: 06 de Mayo de 2009, 19:07:01 pm »
Y seguimos poniendo escenarios, este esta basado en la marina española.

Harpoon Scenario: Operation Ecuador, Phase I
by Angel "Silver_Dragon" Francisco

This scenario is based on the ecuador operation conducted by the Spanish navy in the decolonization of Equatorial Guinea, after an attempted coup d'etat failed in Cologne. In that operation, embarked staff, troops, equipment and civilians of the former colony in two military transport for the homeland, the operation proceeded without incident.

I added a "what if" in the coup d'etat has been successful, and several contingents of the navy and the Soviet air force, taking advantage of the situation, have been deployed in the area, from the Congo. Of course, the Spaniards did not know this and there being bound in an attempt to rescue personnel before the situation deteriorates to a critical point. Spain navy (SN) vs Soviet and Revel Forces (SRF)

This scenario is the first phase of Operation ecuador, the player must reach the Spanish port target without incident. More operations are needed to finish.

Location: Gulf of Guinea, 15 march 1969.

Environment; Light rain, one layers, 20% scatered start 4000 to 4500, wind speed 8 knots from 270º, 70% ground 65% air Day visibility

SN Operational situation: A few days ago, there was a coup d'etat in our colony of guinea Equatoria, the staff has ordered that the Navy conduct a landing on the capital of the colony and docking at the port to pick up all personnel civil and military were deployed in the colony. Latest reports indicate that the riots in the capital are widespread and the Spanish community is moving towards point of reunion escorted by units of the Civil Guard and regular troops not related to the coup.

SN Tactical situation, the task force ecuador is 80 miles southwest of the island of Bioko. Our troops have found two suspicious patrol torpedo boats entering the port of Bata on the mainland of Cologne do not have markings that identify, and its crew is African, the riots have worsened, the civil guard in the neighborhood Spanish in the city have been several attempts to quell looting and attacks on opponents from Spain and the coup d'etat. Our forces can not reach the port to be evacuated, it must wait for our contingent to reach the outskirts of the port to attempt a rescue. The putschists have threatened to storm the neighborhood if not paid in 48 hours.

SN Forces: CA C-21 Canarias, APA TA-11 Aragon (Ex-Noble), AKA T-21 Castilla (Ex-Achernar), FF F-41 Vicente Yáñez Pinzón, FFL F-61 Atrevida, AO A-11 Teide, 160 Btl Naval infantry aboard T-11 and T-21

SN Orders: Travel to the port of Bata, protect the attack transports.

SN victory conditions:
Decisive: 2 transport undamaged and reach port of Bata.
Tactical: 2 transport damaged <50% Damaged and reach port of Bata.

SRF Operational situation: A new state has been rid of the oppressive yoke of a colonial state. Its rulers have been in contact with a delegation from our country to seek economic and military aid against possible retaliation by their former masters. To the Politburo approved an emergency deployment of our forces to defend the new state. The cruise light Svedlov goes full speed toward the port of Bada to support our new friends in an attempt to defeat the last pockets of enemy resistance. The KGB has informed us that a strike force consisting of a Heavy Cruiser and several transport attack other ships of war, targeting the area with intentions unknown.

SRF Tactical situation: Cruise Svedlov and his bodyguard near the border with Gabon due north in an attempt to intercept the force of relief. Some three hours, two allied patrol torpedo boats docked in the port of Bada, these were ordered to protect the coast against any attempt at invasion. In addition to these forces, several fighters and bombers are available to attack the surface once detected. We also have a maritime patrol plane and its function is to detect any underwater threat that tries to hinder our operations. If his forces are capable of destroying or damaged, it will be easy to capture any remaining ground forces in the area.

SRF Forces: CL Svedlov, DD Pr56 Kotlin, FF Pr50 Riga. In Batá port 2 Pr183 P-8. In Pointe Noire (off map) 4 Mig-17, 4 Il-28, 1 Be-12

SRF Orders: must sink or put out of action the Spanish rescue force, the key objectives of this operation are troop transport ships. As a secondary objective, you must destroy the enemy heavy cruiser

SRF victory conditions:
Decisive: 2 transport and CA sunk or death in the water.
Tactical: 2 transport sunk or death in the water.
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