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Raid on Badin

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Raid on Badin
« en: 05 de Mayo de 2009, 20:22:03 pm »
Otro mas, a la espera de la traduccion

Harpoon Scenario: Raid on Badin
by Angel "Silver_Dragon" Francisco

This scenario recreates the events of the Indian camberra bombing raid in the Kashmir war between India and Pakistan in 1965.

Location: Badin, Pakistan, 21 September 1965.

Operational Situation: The war between pakistan and india is in full swing. Forces the two countries, Pakistani Air Force (PAF) and india air force (IAF) are fighting for control and strategic air superiority on the border between the two countries. There have been casualties, but none of the two combatants are reluctant to withdraw.

Tactical Situation. IAF bombers have crossed the border to attack key points to your defense of PAF. FAP interceptors are on alert in an attempt to prevent such incursions

Environment; clear sky, one layers, 30% scatered start 7000 to 8000, wind speed 20 knots from 190º, 80% ground 70% air Day visibility

IAF Forces: 6 Canberra B(I).Mk.58s 16 Sqn Rattlers. 2 armed with 2x19/68mm rocket launchers in wings and 4x20mm cannons in bomb bay, 2 armed with 2x4000Lb Bomb in bomb bay, 2 armed with 6x1000Lb Bombs in bomb bay.
All with Veterans pilots

IAF Orders: Target and destroy Badin Radar Domes, escape to base after bomb raid complete.

IAF victory conditions:
Decisive: 1 Badin Radar Destroyer or >50% damaged
Tactical: 2 Badin Radar <50% Damaged

PAF Forces: Badin Radar 2x Concrete Radar Radome with AN/FPS6. 2xAAA Btl 4xM42 40mm Gun at 2Nm around Badin radar, 4 F-86 Sabre armed with 2 Aim-9B, 2 200 USG drop tanks in PAF Mautipur AB

PAF Orders: Scramble to intercept and destroy all enemy aircraft with invade national territory.

PAC victory conditions:
Decisive: No Badin Radar Damaged, All enemy aircraft routed or destroyed
Tactical: Badin Radar <50% Damaged, All aircraft survive and enemy unit take 25% losses

Setup: IAF Forces enter in the combat zone an North East Corner of the map, PAF intercept forces has in +5 Alert, combat zone has a 100x100 Nm Box, PAF Mautipur AB has 280º 60Nm Badin radar, F-86 only has takeoff if enemy forces has detected by radar.
Historic situation: 1 Canberra B(I).Mk.58s armed with guns has used by decoy, ascend to 10000ft and turn NW to 80Nm an north to target for intercept decoy. The others travel across montains at low altitud to evade enemy radar detection, the East dome has destroy and all bomber return home.
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